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Fabletics July 2014

Fabletics is a monthly fitness clothing subscription that is co-founded by Kate Hudson. They offer bottoms, tops, sports bras and various accessories from sizes XS (4)-XXL (18-20). Prices vary per item and you can either buy single items or an entire outfit. They release new outfits on the first of every month. You have the option to buy as much as you want or if there’s nothing that appeals to you then you can ‘skip’ the month by the 5th. If you forget to skip, and you don’t make a purchase, then you will be charged $49.95 and receive a credit to use in the future.

When I first started my fitness journey back in January I was going to the gym 5 days a week and didn’t have many outfit options. I didn’t care for a lot of colour and style options that I could find in stores and was shocked at how expensive the clothing was. It was hard to justify. Through reading some blogs I discovered Fabletics. I was quick to sign up but became sad when I found out that they didn’t ship to Canada. I mulled over it for a bit before I e-mailed Jen over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom and asked if she would put in an order for me. She was completely okay with doing so and has put in many orders for me since. Getting these clothes gave me so much motivation to go to the gym. I love the cute styles and great colours. It became so much easier to get up early in the morning and go work out.

Ever since I started buying from Fabletics I have been wanting purple. That was the one colour that they didn’t have anything of and is one of my favourite colours. I was SO happy in June to discover that they were going to be releasing a whole whack of purple items. I was really excited to receive these, and to take pictures of them for this review, even if posing in them was a bit awkward!

andrea colorfull hangingandrea colorful pants

Oula Tank in Purple, Ayni Sports Bra in High-Intensity Print, Lima Capri in High-Intensity Print

I already had this tank top in blue so I knew I would love it. This top is seamless, chafe-resistant and very breathable. It has a great stretch to it and is also very soft. I was so happy that they went with this shade of purple.

I also love that they included purple in the High-Intensity Print. One thing I love about fitness clothing is that anything goes. Any patterns, colours, and any combination of the two works. These Lima Capri’s are maximum compression. They are chafe-resistant and have moisture release technology. A huge bonus with the Lima Capri’s is that there is a hidden pocket in the waistband. I always use my iPod when I work out so when I have a safe, convenient, place to put it, that’s an automatic win. The waist stays in place perfectly and sits a bit higher, which is perfect for my preference.

The Ayni Sports Bra is the same print as the pants. It is medium support and has moister release technology. This is probably one of the most comfortable sports bras I have ever had. It gives great support and doesn’t dig in at all. I have about 5 of these in different colours and definitely intend on getting some more.

andrea stretching blue andrea none time warp

Havana Cover-Up in White, Ayni Sports Bra in High-Intensity Print, Lima Capri in Cereluan.

The Havana Cover Up is a relaxed top with an open back detail. I absolutely love this. Even though it’s just a plain, basic top, it has something special. It is so comfortable and the open back does a great job and helps keep you cool.

In this picture, I am still wearing the same sports bra as the previous picture.

These blue capris are the same style as the Lima Capri in the previous set of pictures. I love the startling contrast between the white and the blue.

andrea jump rope color andrea meant to live

Norwalk Tank in Light Grey and Purple, Rio Run Capri in Purple.

This top is amazing. It is a relaxed fit with a built-in bra. I would say the bra is slightly less than medium support. If I’m going high cardio I definitely need to double up. The grey is a mesh and slightly see-through, though nothing too noticeable. The top also has a drawstring on the bottom which is great so that you can adjust the length, and keep it in place. I love how the grey drapes in the back!

The Rio Run Capri is a maximum compression capri with side mesh panelling and moisture release technology. The one downside to these bottoms is that there is no hidden pocket in the waistband. It does have a back zipper pocket on the outside of the waistband, but that isn’t a convenient place for an iPod. It’s great though if you want somewhere safe to put your keys.  These pants are so comfortable. They have a nice stretch to them and sit in the perfect spot.

The last item I ordered was a purple Forward Tee. It is a relaxed fit with a shirttail hem. As soon as I pulled this top out I knew it wouldn’t be used for working out. It’s a great top for everyday life. It’s very soft and incredibly lightweight. This will definitely be a shirt that I wear regularly!

All of these items cost me a total of $197. For 8 pieces of workout clothing that is an amazing deal. For that price, you would expect quality to suffer, but it doesn’t. All of these items feel like great quality and are really soft and comfortable. Another bonus is that all of these items are machine washable and able to be dried on low. I don’t know about anyone else but I sure don’t have the room, or desire, to hang dry all my workout clothes! I’m definitely eager for September to get here, but I’m glad that in the meantime I can still put in one last order!

A big thank you to my husband for taking and editing these pictures :). He better get used to doing this for me!

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