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Golden Tote-July

Golden Tote (referral link) is probably my new favourite way to shop. There are two different price points, either $49 or $149. Every month they release a selection of new items. You can either choose one item for $49 and receive 1-2 surprise items, or you can choose two items for $149 and receive 4-5 surprise items. You also create a style profile as well as creating notes so that the person picking your items can tailor your tote to your liking. The two ladies behind Golden Tote have a clothing line at Anthropologie called Puella. Recently they came out with another line that is exclusive to Golden Tote called Priddy by Puella. This month also introduced another new line, Cut and Sew by Golden Tote.


Each tote order always gets sent in an actual tote. When I first started ordering Golden Tote back in November, the totes were always the same. The past few months they have been changing the design for each new launch. I love the nautical theme of these totes and it went great with many of the summer styles they had available. Please excuse my awkward posing, I’m still getting used to doing this!

andrea turquoise wall outfit 1 front andrea turquoise wall outfit 1 back


The first item I chose was this Dots & Stripes tee by the brand Comme Toi. I absolutely love everything about this top. I’m a huge fan right now of tops that have a different front and back. Unfortunately, the way the stripes are didn’t really show the best so I have included a picture of a different colour that shows the stripes. I also like how it is longer in the back and front than on the sides. This top is completely my style and was a big selling point for a tote this month.

andrea turquoise wall outfit 2 leaning

This Day at Sea dress, also by Comme Toi, was my second choice. Again, an item I absolutely love. It’s loose fitting and comfortable. Bonus fact? It has pockets! Lately, Golden Tote has been having lots of dresses with pockets and it’s always a huge hit. This is a perfect dress for going out in the summer!

andrea outfit 3 alice in wonderland

This surprise top was part of the new line Cut and Sew. There was a lot of mixed feelings about this top. It’s cut very short and is also a bit tight for me at the bottom. I do like the lace detailing though and the pattern is very cute. It’s not something that I will wear very often but with an extra layer underneath for length, it’s definitely workable. As I continue to lose weight I think I will also come to like the fit more.

andrea outfit 5 front andrea zebra

This dress was another surprise item and is by My Beloved. I don’t own many clothes with green accents so I was quite happy to receive this. The pattern is great and I love the colour combination. It’s a bit tight in the hips right now, but that will change soon (positive thinking). I love dresses that have a looser top and an elastic waist so the style of this is definitely for me.

andrea dress front andrea dress back

This surprise dress is Priddy by Puella. There were four different patterns available in this dress and I was really hoping that I would get this one. I absolutely love this print and don’t have anything like it. The pattern and cut make me feel country so I needed to pair it with a pair of my cowboy boots. Let’s just take a minute now to appreciate the back of this dress. I love the open area and the slouchy back. I can also just throw a blazer or cardigan over top and it’s an appropriate dress to wear to work.andrea hot in pink backandrea hot in pink front andrea hot in pink walking

This pink top was my fourth surprise item and was by the brand Roly Poly. The first time I tried this shirt on, I was not having it. I didn’t like the shape of it whatsoever. I have definitely warmed up to it though. It’s a bit sheer so I had to layer it over a black tank top. I like the loose fit of this top and the interesting details. The arms and top of the back have lace detailing with a tie at the bottom of the shirt. I like how if I want the hem to sit at a certain spot I can either tighten or loosen the tie.

andrea outfit 4 zebra side andrea outfit 4 zebra

This pink Relaxed and Refined blouse by Sis Sis was my third chosen item. You may also recognize this hat from my Her Fashion Box Review. I have nothing bad to say about this top. I love how bright it is. I love the fit, it’s the perfect balance of not tight but not too loose. It’s a bit of a thicker fabric as well which is nice, I don’t have to do any layers with it.

andrea rock wall back andrea rock wall front andrea walks the wall

This Gone Yachting top by Le Sample was my fourth, and final, chosen item. This is a great, lightweight, shirt. It has red stitching at the top as well as a few buttons in the back. I love this extra detailing. Just like the pink shirt above, this top is the perfect fit. It’s loose enough that it is comfortable, but not too much so that it looks sloppy.

You might be wondering why there are no pictures of the other 4 surprise items from my second tote. I had a few issues with my totes this time around. I received 2 of the Priddy dresses and 2 of the Cut & Sew tops, albeit in different patterns and colours, but essentially the same items. There was also 2 other items that were rather an ill-fitting. I contacted customer service regarding this issue. For me, the whole point of Golden Tote is to get different items, try new styles, but when I receive duplicates it really hinders that. Also, there are some styles I know won’t work for me and so I add that to my order notes. Even though Golden Tote is an all or nothing deal they are allowing me to send 4 of the items back and receive new ones. I was extremely grateful for this gesture. I didn’t want to send a full tote back because my chosen items were complete wins. I’m excited to see what new surprises I receive and I will do another post when they come!

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