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Slim Fast 14 Days To Slim Day 1-3

The first three days of the Slim Fast two-week challenge is complete. I will be doing regular detailed posts on how my experience with this program is going, typically in three-day increments. If you aren’t sure what this challenge is about, feel free to check out my introduction post here.


Monday was day one of this challenge. I was nervous starting the day. I didn’t know what to expect from this. I got up in the morning and went to the gym first thing. Like I said in the introduction post, I won’t be changing up my gym routine at all. Slim Fast recommends 30 minutes of light-medium exercise, I’m sticking to my hour of intense cardio.

When I got home (after showering and getting dressed etc.) I had a chocolate shake. I was actually really impressed with the flavour. I’ve always heard horrible things about shakes like this. It had a great, strong, chocolate flavour. It was also very thick. It actually reminds me a lot of the Neilson milkshakes, which I love. It didn’t have any weird after taste either. I felt satisfied and full after drinking the shake. I was also really happy with the convenience of it.  A normal morning for me is at the gym for 5:30, home just after 6:30, showering/getting ready until around 7. From 7-8 I am making/eating breakfast and then preparing my lunch for work. It’s so nice to just grab a bottle from the fridge, sit down and enjoy watching the news. It’s nice to relax a bit after the gym and not feel as rushed.

My food for during the day will be pretty standard throughout the weeks. Cantaloupe for my morning snack, meal bar for lunch along with a can of peaches, and then for the afternoon snack I am having carrots and tomatoes. Honestly, I don’t know if that makes 3 100 calorie snacks. I know the peaches are 100 calories because they say on the packaging. I’m not going to be so concerned with calories that I’m measuring out my fruit and veggies. I figure it’s close enough, and it makes me satisfied enough. I had packed a Special K snack bar in case I got hungry enough but I never needed it. I’m also sticking with my usual water intake which is approximately 6.5 litres a day. It’s usual for me to pack my 5 water bottles for during work time.

Between the cantaloupe and morning shake, I was fine until lunch. Fruit as a morning snack is nothing new to me, but normally it would disappear so fast, and then I would end up munching on junk food the rest of the morning. Now, I make the cantaloupe last as long as it needs to and I don’t feel the need to be constantly eating. I credit this partly to the shake keeping me full, but I think a lot of it is a mindset change. My goal is to get out of my snacking habit and be better at controlling what I eat. Having a set schedule as to what I am allowing myself to eat seems to be really working mentally.

I had the cookie dough meal bar for lunch along with my can of peaches. The meal bar had a good flavour, it was sweet which is great for my sweet tooth. I had thrown it into the fridge along with my lunch kit so I found it to be a little bit hard, but that was my own fault.

For my afternoon snack, I had my baby carrots and grape tomatoes. The nice thing about this as a snack is that it is low calorie, and I can take my time eating it.

By the time we had supper, I was definitely feeling hungry, but we also didn’t eat until a bit after 6:30. Normally we are eating by 6 at the latest. Had we eaten at our normal time, I don’t think I would have felt hunger. For supper, we went with chicken, which Ian breaded himself, broccoli & cheese rice and veggies. I know for a fact this meal was over the 500 calories they want us to stick to. As stated before though, I’m not going to count every calorie (I’m not going to go crazy either though). I’m going to stick to my balanced meals and eating light throughout the day.

Overall, I was really happy with how day one went. I never once felt as though I was hungry or doing without. I’m definitely at times craving junk food (especially chips) but if I made it through one day, I can make it through 13 more. I CAN do this and I WILL see results.


The rest of my days are likely going to have much less as an explanation as they will be very similar to Monday. For breakfast, I tried the Strawberry shake and was again impressed. The flavour probably could have been a bit more prevalent but it still had a great taste, and again, no bad aftertaste.

My daytime eating was the same as Monday, except I tried the Chocolate Brownie meal bar. I thought ahead this time and did not put it in the fridge. It was much easier to eat this time around as it wasn’t so hard. Again, I didn’t feel hungry at all throughout the day and it was easy for me to stick to my plan.

For supper, we had some cream corn, pork rib loins and some homemade shredded hashbrowns. I was actually surprised when I heard how low-calorie pork is! I think we will definitely incorporate that into more meals over these next two weeks (especially since we can get it so cheap). This was a delicious, filling, meal once again. Good thing my husband can put together some good meals!

The evening was a little bit tougher as the desire to snack started to come up. It wasn’t that I was hungry at all, I just wanted to be eating something. I was good though and didn’t do any extra snacking. All in all, it was a successful second day.


Wednesday went the same as the previous two days. When I got up in the morning I noticed that I could put my belt on a bit tighter than I normally do. I’m not sure whether I should get too excited about that yet or not.

Again the day consisted of the same old. I had a chocolate shake for breakfast and a brownie bar for lunch, and the same snacks.  The afternoon though was a bit different today. I actually didn’t finish my afternoon snack. I had some tomatoes and a few carrots, but I had no need to finish them. I was full and I had zero desire to eat anything more at that time.

For supper, I made a casserole type dish. I used gluten-free pasta, alfredo sauce, peas and tuna. It isn’t the most appealing looking but it tasted good. From what I figured it was around the 500 calorie mark.

I’m still surprised at how easy I’m finding it to have gone cold turkey with snacking. I almost feel like this can’t be true. I’ve tried this in the past and always end up caving and having junk. Why is this time so different? Trust me though, I’m not complaining! I’m actually looking forward to the next 11 days and continuing this adventure! These few days have also made me realize that I really need to add more colour to my food as well! Next week I’m on less of a budget than I was this week so I look forward to playing around with some meals a bit more.

**It is now 2018 and I have some new thoughts. Click here to read my two tips on how to pick a diet that’s right for you, and find out what I have decided to follow.**

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