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Slim Fast 14 Day Challenge Week 1 Results

Day 6 of the Slim Fast 14 Days to Slim challenge is now over. If you’re new to the blog you can read my introduction post here and about my first 3 days here. You can also head on over to Fabricated Press and read about my friends journey with the same challenge.


Thursday, during the day, was about the same as my previous 3 days. Once again, I had my normal breakfast, snacks, lunch and I wasn’t hungry at all throughout the day. I actually skipped one of my snacks again, I didn’t eat the can of peaches because I just wasn’t hungry enough.

For supper, I made Sloppy Joe’s on rice with a garden vegetable mix that consisted of corn, green beans and carrots.


Thursday was yet another day that just seemed to easy. I did have a bit more temptation during the day as when I got to work I realized there was some pizza left over from a meeting the night before. It was from my favorite place, and had my favorite kind. I definitely did consider eating it, even considered skipping all my snacks to allow for that little cheat, but I didn’t. I decided it wasn’t worth it. Once I reach my goal I can have more allowances. Even just after these two weeks I can. I feel though, for the sake of this challenge I need to stick to the plan to a T. And I will do that.


Friday again was about the same. Shake for breakfast, cantaloupe as a morning snack. It’s taking me longer and longer to eat the cantaloupe. I started eating it at probably about 9:30, 10:00 and by noon I still had some left. I actually skipped taking my lunch and ate my meal bar around 1:00. I didn’t take my second snack because I just wasn’t slightly hungry at that time. I did eat my baby carrots and grape tomatoes though.


For my supper, I had some leftovers from our meal on Monday night. The evening was a bit tougher for me. My husband was exhausted and was sleeping when I got home and continued sleeping through the night. I was just relaxing and watching TV. I was tempted to make some popcorn or find something to eat, but I didn’t. I probably could have since I did technically have another snack left, but I knew I would be eating from the situation, not because I was hungry or actually needed food. If I did have something it would have just been giving in to my desire to eat.


Saturday morning I got up and a strawberry shake. I think weekends will likely be my hardest time. Normally we go out for breakfast and have really weird meal times. Often lunch gets skipped. My husband cooked himself a breakfast that is pictured below.


That looks so good. We had thought about breakfast being my one meal but decided we were going to do something for supper instead. So while he enjoyed two of these sandwiches, and two more hashbrowns (darn husband being able to eat what he wants), I had my strawberry shake. Good thing these shakes fill me up.

During the morning I didn’t actually have a snack at all. Ian and I were busy going to garage sales and I didn’t feel hungry at all. I had a cookie dough meal bar for lunch and some cantaloupe in the afternoon for a snack.


This was my delicious supper. We went to Pink Cadillacs and I got the “Chicken Ty Cobb” Burger. It’s a grilled chicken breast, hard-boiled egg, avocado aioli, bacon, lettuce and tomato served on ciabatta bread.  I was really proud of myself with the side. I got the salad with Italian dressing on the side. Typically, when I get a side, it’s Caesar salad. Sometimes, if the option is there, I may get a poutine or mac & cheese. I was sure to make the healthy choice this time around.

I think the hardest part of the day was the time between my snack and supper. I probably should have timed my meals a bit better so that there wasn’t so much space between them. I also didn’t go to the gym but spent a lot of time walking around while we were going to garage sales. I also didn’t drink as much water today as normal, only about 4 litres rather than my usual 6.5. I know that’s still plenty of water though.


Well, it’s the end of week one. I definitely feel as though I am losing weight. My pants are fitting looser and I had to tighten my belt. I have been eating way less and I’m not even hungry. I’m eating healthy, regular meals, and my suppers are full and balanced. Slim Fast says that by following this diet you can lose up to 6 pounds in two weeks. My total amount lost in this one week? 6 pounds! I think my body is likely going into shock from the change in my diet. I went from snacking a lot on junk food, to eat healthy and only as much as was necessary. I feel great and am so proud of myself for making this change, and sticking to it. I can’t wait to see what happens with week two! I don’t expect to lose as much because I expect my body to be in less of a shock from the change.

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