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About Fabletics

***Update: is my Canadian referral link! If you chose to sign up I would really appreciate if you use this! They are officially shipping to Canada!!! We don’t have nearly the selection that they do in the States but I’m sure that will get better over time. Either way, it’s still a great company. Shipping is also only $5 which is so good. Let me know if you have any questions, I have lots of experience with their different items. If you purchase within 24 hours of signing up you also get an outfit for half price (most outfits coming out to $25). I’ve heard that if you don’t use it right away you can always contact them and they will put it through for you, even after the 24 hours.***

Fabletics is an athletic wear company for females which was co-founded by Kate Hudson.

One thing I most struggled with when I started working out was finding outfits. I’m on a budget and Lululemon, Nike, Under Armor just aren’t affordable for me. I didn’t like the idea of going to these stores and trying items on, and when I did, I found a lot of inconsistency in the sizing and styles. For this reason, I was thrilled when I discovered Fabletics. You can buy an entire outfit for only $50, and it’s great quality! The downside? They only shipped to the US. I contacted one of my favourite bloggers and asked if she would be willing to put in an order for me. She was more than willing to do so, and in fact, she put in many large orders for me. I instantly fell in love with the clothes. They fit me perfect, the styles were great and I loved the colours, I was instantly sold. I was very excited to hear the news that Fabletics would be shipping to Canada come September.

It’s very important to understand just how Fabletics works. This is not your typical athletic retailer, this is a subscription VIP service. When you first sign up you fill out a little survey about yourself. This allows Fabletics to suggest outfits that are best suited to you. This is the first thing I love about Fabletics. They put the outfits together for you. The outfit will consist of either 2 or 3 pieces. Most often it is bottoms, a top and a sports bra. Sometimes it may be a jacket or even an accessory like a scarf or hair tie. If you don’t like any of the pre-made outfits you have the option to also buy single pieces, though you do save money when you buy the outfit. They also sell other accessories like socks, water bottles, yoga mats.

When you make your first purchase you have the option to go through as a regular purchase, or to become a VIP. If you chose VIP you do get a discounted price. It’s so important to understand the VIP program if you chose to do that. On the 1st of every month, Fabletics will release new styles. You have five days to either purchase an outfit or choose to ‘skip’ the month. If you do neither then you will be charged for that month. The charge in the States is $49.99, I believe, I’m not sure yet if Canada will be the same. That charge will then turn into a credit that you can use at any time. If you aren’t sure by the 5th if you are wanting to make a purchase, go ahead and skip, you are still able to make a purchase later in the month if you chose to. There is no limit to how much you can buy, or how many months in a row you can skip. Once styles sell out, they are typically gone for good in order to make room for more styles. On the rare occasion, they will bring back the most popular styles.

The reason I want to stress how the VIP program works is that a lot of people don’t understand it. If you look on their Facebook page there are so many complaints. There are threats to go to the Better Business Bureau, accusations of credit card fraud etc. The fact is, you signed up for this. If you skip before the 5th you will have no issues. If you are familiar with the shoe company JustFab (who I have dealt with in the past) you will have noticed that it is the same format. I have never had an issue skipping a month in JustFab so I have never been unexpectedly charged. If you do forget, it’s your own fault, not Fabletics.

I am a huge fan of Fabletics. Their clothing is soft, comfortable, and definitely takes a beating. I really appreciate the fact that it is machine washable and dryable. This is a huge bonus for me because I really don’t want to hang dry all of my work-out clothes. I’m still waiting for more details as to when the Canadian chapter of this brand will go live, as well as pricing and shipping information, but I will update this post as soon as I know anything more. I definitely recommend that if you are in the market for some new athletic wear that you give Fabletics a chance!

If you’re curious to see a bit more about Fabletics you can check out my July review here. I will also have my August review coming soon. If you want to know more information, when I have it, please check back here as this is where I will update it. You can also message me (either by email:, or on Facebook).

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