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Fabletics August 2014

Fabletics (referral link for Canada) is a monthly fitness clothing subscription that is co-founded by Kate Hudson. They offer bottoms, tops, sports bras and various accessories from sizes XS (4)-XXL (18-20). Prices vary per item and you can either buy single items or an entire outfit. They release new outfits on the first of every month. You have the option to buy as much as you want or if there’s nothing that appeals to you then you can ‘skip’ the month by the 5th. If you forget to skip, and you don’t make a purchase, then you will be charged $49.95 and receive a credit to use in the future.

I’m finally getting my August review done! These were more items that were purchased through Jen over at Ramblings of the Suburban Mom as Fabletics does not ship to Canada yet. Last I heard they were going to start shipping to Canada in September, but that hasn’t happened yet. I was hoping it would be on the first as there was a number of items released that I was in love with, but there still isn’t an exact date stated yet. So here is my August review!

andrea backstop frontandrea backstop back

Norwalk Tank in Inkwell & Mulberry, Salar legging in Mulberry Stripe, Infinity Scarf in Dark Plum & Mulberry

I bought this top in purple last month and absolutely love it, so when I saw this outfit and colours I knew I needed it. This top is a relaxed fit with a built-in bra. There is a drawstring on the bottom so you can adjust the bottom. I left it loose and low on my hips.

The Salar Legging is a maximum compression legging. chafe-resistant, moisture release technology, four-way stretch and has a hidden pocket in the waistband.  I love the bottoms that have a pocket because it’s a great place to keep my iPod. This is my first pair of leggings that I purchased, I have always bought shorts or capris before. These are so comfortable and I love the colour. The waistband stays in place great as well.

The infinity scarf was a nice added bonus. I don’t think I would ever wear it while working out but if I need to do some errands after working out it’s great to throw on to look a bit less like a mess!

andrea flower1 andrea stretching

Versital T in Black, Salar Capri in Pink Lava, Sevan Sports Bra in Mulberry

The Versital T is a relaxed fit with ultra breathable fabric, and it is super soft. This is a great top for either working out or when you just want a casual black shirt to wear. It’s extremely comfortable and a great length.

The Salar Capri is a maximum compression capri, with a chafe-resistant design, moisture release technology, four-way stretch and a hidden pocket in the waistband. I love, love, love this pattern. As soon as I saw these pants I knew they had to be mine. It’s a great combination of all my favourite colours and such a fun design!

You can’t really see the sports bra but it’s a light support bra in Mulberry. It’s not great for working out as it doesn’t offer enough support, but would be great for some light activity like yoga. It’s seamless and has a chafe-resistant design.

andrea fountain back andrea fountain

Tempe Sweatshirt, Salar Capri in Pink Lava, Sevan Sports Bra in Mulberry

These two pieces were what solidified the fact that I needed to order this month. I love the ombre colour on this top. It’s a  french terry fabric with raglan sleeves and an open, raw, neckline. I usually only work out in tank tops so I’m not sure if I will ever wear this in the gym. I know I will still get a lot of wear out of it though, as it’s a great comfortable shirt. I will wear it a lot when I’m relaxing around home, and also when I’m running out somewhere.

The capri and sports bra are the same as the previous outfit.

andrea roller blades blu front

andrea roller blades blue back

Twist Tee in Cobalt, Salar Capri in Multi-stripe, Koia Sports Bra in Cobalt

This Twist Tee is made from a soft, Prima cotton, with a twisted open back detail and a shirttail hem. I love the longer length of this top, as well as the back detail. Having an open back like this is a great bonus for me. When I work out hard and am working up a sweat, it’s great to have any help you can at keeping cool.

These Capri’s are the same style as the above two outfits, but with a pink and blue stripe down the side of the leg on both sides. I love how this is a simple design and easy to pair with many different tops.

This Koia Sports Bra is wonderful. It’s a great colour and super comfortable. It offers medium support and has a great open back detail. This goes perfectly with the open back tops that I have. It also has a great cut.

andrea roller blades back andrea roller blades front

Aventura Tank in Mulberry, Salar Capri in Multi-stripe, Koia Sports Bra in Cobalt

The Aventura Tank has a relaxed fit, curved hem and dropped armhole. I’m really loving this Mulberry colour that they came out with this month, it’s a great shade. This is another top that I really like the length of and really like the loose fit. It’s a great, soft, fabric and is great to work out in.

The Capri’s and Sports Bra are the same as the previous outfit.

It was a lot of fun to take this set of pictures. I hadn’t been on my Rollerblade’s for a bit too long but was quick to get back into it. It made me realize just how much I had previously missed this and made for some less awkward feeling pictures!

andrea mountains 1 andrea mountains 2

Miri Tank in High-Intensity Print, Gaviota Capri in Black, Koia Sports Bra in Grey and Mint

This Miri Tank is a fitted top with moisture-wicking fabric, four-way stretch, and it is extremely soft. I have a pair of Capri’s that can be seen in my July review that are the same print. I love the colours and print, and the style of the back is just awesome. It’s unique to all the other tops I have. I also love that I can pair it with a number of different coloured bottoms, depending on how crazy I want to get.

The Gaviota Capri is a maximum compression, that is smooth, chafe-resistant, moisture wicking with a hidden pocket. It’s hard to tell in the pictures but it also has mesh panels on the legs, which is a great added detail.

The Koia Sports Bra is the same as the rollerblading pictures except in a different colour.

andrea mint mountains side

Forward Tee in Mint, Gaviota Capri in Black, Koia Sports bra in Grey/Mint

I have this exact shirt in purple and love it. I had decided to not use the purple top for working out, and I’m unsure if I will use this one. I do like this as a nice casual top. It’s a relaxed fit with a shirttail hem. It’s a great fit and the perfect length.

The bottoms and sports bra are the same as the above outfit, but you can see the mesh panels on the pants a bit better here. Also, mountains!

This was a fairly large order and I was happy with everything. The fits, prints, and colours were all perfect for me. I’ve already used a lot of these pieces for working out, and know they will be staples. Now to wait for them to start shipping to Canada!

4 thoughts on “Fabletics August 2014”

  1. You look super cute! I’m shaped a lot like you and have been wondering how fabletics is with sizing. Would you mind sharing your sizes before I order?


    1. Thank you! I get size large for all tops and sports bras and XL for bottoms and have never had an issue with the fit. I’d say their large is a fairly solid 10 and bottoms 12. Their size chart says different but I think it’s because of the maximum compression that the pants fit a bit smaller.


  2. Hey thank you for posting pictures of that Salar pink lava leggings, I usually skip the month but I forgot this month and was having trouble picking an outfit to compensate. I’ve got thighs just like yours, and I wasn’t sure that those leggings would be flattering but wow!!! You look really amazing in the leggings (and in the other pictures too!)


    1. Thank you for the compliment! I love the Salar Pink Lava leggings, the print is so fun and so many tops go with them, I hope they work out for you! I feel like most Fabletics bottoms are so flattering because of their fit, I always feel confident in them :).


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