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When I was young I had a huge obsession with temporary tattoos. There was just something about having a picture on your body. That exciting moment of holding it against your skin, wetting it, sometimes even using your own saliva if you had to (you know you have done that), peeling away the back and having a vibrant picture left behind.

I think my favourites were the Spice Girls tattoos and then later the tongue tattoo candy. Anyone remember those?

There was also that disappointing moment when the tattoo would maybe slide a bit during application, and the picture would be a bit wonky, or you didn’t use enough water and it didn’t come off properly. It always seemed like a waste but it instantly made you want to buy more.

I eventually graduated into real tattoos and now have two of them, both on my back. I plan on eventually getting at least one more, I’m just faced with that tough decision of what I want to get, and where I want to put it.

Getting a tattoo is not something to take lightly. It’s a permanent way to express your passions, loves, desires, or even your pain. I think everyone knows someone who has gotten a tattoo and soon ended up regretting it. There is always the option of having it removed, but that is not cheap to do. And who really wants to have to do that?

Finding the perfect design for a tattoo can be tricky. I was extremely lucky that for my more intricate tattoo the artist was able to take the picture in my head and turn it into something beautiful. It isn’t always that easy though. It can take a long time to find a tattoo artist that you trust, and know will do a good job.

What happens if you aren’t sure what you want? What if you like the idea of a tattoo more than actually having one? Those are both important questions to ask. Now an even bigger question: what if you could give a tattoo a test run before having it permanently applied? I don’t mean the method of taking a pen or sharpie and drawing a picture on yourself, that doesn’t work well for anyone. I mean a professionally drawn tattoo, just like what you might want to get permanently applied.

A Calgary based company, TattooYou.com, came up with an easy solution to this problem. High quality, temporary tattoos that are designed by talented tattoo artists from across the world.

TattooYou.com is a small, start-up business that was launched in February of 2014. The idea behind the company is to reinvent the temporary tattoo with the best imagery and style of the permanent art form.

I think something that we can all agree on is that temporary tattoos look just that, temporary. The colours are usually too bright and vibrant and the designs are cheesy, or just plain bad. All tattoos on TattooYou.com reflect contemporary and traditional forms and therefore look real. This means that you can have a chance to try out a tattoo or a design without having to commit to the permanency of an actual tattoo.

I was really excited when I was given the opportunity to receive some tattoos and do a review.

There were a few key factors I was looking for in these tattoos. Current and relevant design, easy application, good colouring, and longevity.

There are currently 57 tattoos available and each one is right on trend. They have colour, black/grey, and gold & silver tattoos. I love that they are including the gold & silver metallic tattoos because those seem to be raging in popularity right now. They also have all sorts of shapes and sizes of tattoos.

Below are some of my other favourites from the website. If you click the picture it will bring you directly to that tattoo on the website. Prices start at $5 with free shipping anywhere in North America, or $2 international. These designs are amazing and I highly recommend picking some up!

One thing temporary tattoos have always had going for them is the ease of application. You can even see the shape through the paper for easier placement. You press it firmly on the skin and wet it thoroughly. After 30 seconds you slowly and carefully remove the backing, gently rinse the image with water and allow to air dry.

I was very curious to see how the colour of the tattoo compared to the colour of an actual tattoo. I decided the best way to do that was to try a colour tattoo right beside my own tattoo, that has a bit of colour in it.

The one wing of the butterfly got a bit missed up, but that was my (actually my husbands) own fault. It just didn’t get wet enough and then it moved a bit. I was really happy with the colour of the tattoo. It’s beautifully designed and the colour is amazing. It stands out, but not in a way that it looks fake. You can find this tattoo here and you can get two of them for only $6!

I tried a second tattoo on my front and it was much easier to apply it myself compared to the one on my back. I just held the cloth on it for about 30 seconds and slowly removed the paper backing. It was easy and it looks great. You can find this “Amor” tattoo here, and you get 2 for $5. After putting this tattoo on I started thinking that this would be a great tattoo to get. I like that the tattoo hasn’t had any of the cracking that I often got with temporary tattoos and the design is consistent throughout. It does have the same feel as other temporary tattoos when I touch it, but it doesn’t have the same shiny look.

I sweat a lot since I workout 6 days a week, and that also means that I also shower a lot. I’m really impressed with how well the tattoos are holding up and definitely notice an improvement between these and those Spice Girl tattoos that I once loved. I’ve had the tattoos on for a few days and in that time have had a couple of workouts & showers. The tattoos still look just like when I first put them on. There is no visible fading or cracking. The texture of the temporary tattoo has even gone away and I can’t tell the difference between it and my skin.

Just like any temporary tattoo, these can be removed using baby or olive oil, rubbing alcohol, cold cream etc. I did rub mine a bit with a towel to see if any of it would rub off from just water, and it did not.

Overall I’m extremely impressed with these tattoos on all levels. The designs, colouring, longevity, it’s all right on the mark. They will be adding new designs as time goes on, and even gives you the option to submit a design! If you’re a creative person this could be an amazing way to get your work out there, one-day people could be wearing your designs!

TattooYou.com accepts credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express) or PayPal. With prices starting at $5, and free shipping within North America, you really can’t go wrong. Whether you want to give some sizes and designs a test run, buy a gift for a friend, or even just shock some people in your life a bit of a shock, you will not regret this purchase!

**Disclaimer: Andi’s Attic received these tattoos free of charge in exchange for featuring them on my blog and social media. The review reflects my personal thoughts and honest opinion on the product and I was not further compensated.

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