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Vegan Leather & Robots

One of my favourite things about going out on the weekend is being able to play around with different styles. I’ve had two pieces hanging in my closet for some time, but I hadn’t yet figured out how to wear them. Last week I realized that they would be great together, and would make the perfect Saturday night outfit!
andrea outfitandrea shoesbracelet necklace robots

The Shirt

I received this “A Bot to Love Top” as part of my ModCloth Stylish Surprise near the end of last year. It was one of my favourite items, but I wasn’t too impressed with the fit. It’s very straight up and down and so it is a bit tight on my hips and stomach, but I am happy with how the top half fits. I also just love the print. I’m basically guaranteed to love any prints that are a bit quirky and this robot print falls right into that category.

The Skirt

Early last year Popbasic released their Ashbury collection, which included this vegan leather skirt. I loved it right at first glance but just didn’t like the idea of it for my body type. After I lost some weight last year I kept thinking about this skirt. I was having HUGE regret about having passed up the chance to purchase it. At the end of last year, I contacted Popbasic to see if they happened to have any extras. I was so excited to find out that they had one in my size!

Because of how the skirt fits me, I knew I needed a top that I could tuck in. When I first received it in the mail I tried on all types of shirts, but just couldn’t find the right one. Last week, just out of the blue, I realized that I needed to pair these pieces together.

The Shoes

The outfit isn’t truly ‘me’ if it doesn’t have some colour in it. I bought these shoes a few years ago and they are still one of my favourite pairs. They are the only Guess shoes that I own, and I bought them at a discounted brand name store. I love the mixture of colours, textures, and prints on them. They are great to use for an extra pop of colour with an otherwise neutral outfit.

The Accessories

Since we were going to Pink Cadillacs (50’s diner) it only made sense to use my record purse. The pink pulls together with the shoes, and it goes with the style of the outfit and the atmosphere that we were entering. I loved the pop of blue on the glasses as an extra little bit of colour.

Since my glasses and shoes were so bright, I decided to stay more classic with my jewellery. I love this bracelet, though I don’t remember where I got it from. I like how it adds a bit of a glam vibe to the outfit and the black/silver combination is so easy to work with.

Going with the colouring of the bracelet, I knew I wanted a silver and black necklace. I also knew that I wanted it to be a longer chain because of the neckline on the shirt. I have a number of older pieces that I’ve gotten from either garage sales or from a seller that I used to know. The locket that I chose is one of those pieces and it was just what this outfit needed for completion.

The Night

This outfit pulled together perfectly and we had an awesome night. There was amazing food, some fun karaoke, and a great visit with some good friends. All in all, a very successful outing!



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