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Popbasic Isla Collection

Popbasic (referral link) is a site that releases monthly clothing collections. These collections consist of a variety of items from dresses to skirts and tops, and always include an accessory like jewellery, a belt, or scarf. Prices can range from $50-$100USD with free shipping worldwide. Individual pieces are also occasionally released throughout the month, anything from a top to a necklace or clutch.

This is the second Popbasic collection that I have purchased and the first that worked for me. I did purchase an individual piece from a past collection which can be seen in my Vegan Leather & Robots post, and I absolutely loved it. Before I get too into the Isla collection I want to take a minute to talk about the customer service and community within Popbasic.


The Company

I have been extremely impressed with customer service that I have received. I have sent a few Facebook messages with questions about fit in the past, and have gotten very quick responses, even in the evening! When I first bought the previous collection I had decided to size down. I soon regretted that decision and sent a quick message about changing it to the size up. Maddy was extremely accommodating and said she would change that for me. Unfortunately, when I received that outfit it was actually the smaller size. I messaged her regarding this and again received a quick response. She told me to just pass that along, issued me a credit note, and sent me the size up! I was able to gift the smaller size to a friend that was extremely deserving and really I was really happy to be able to do that. Unfortunately the size up didn’t work out either, but again I was able to gift the pieces to people who were very deserving.

One of my favourite things about Popbasic is the customer involvement and transparency of the company. There are YouTube videos giving us an inside look into the daily happenings, as well as the life of the owner. There are also many times that pieces are posted on Facebook and fans are asked what their opinions are of the item or colours they would like to see, or whether they like the gold or silver better. The Isla collection is a great example of that, as a few changes were made on it after an original picture was shared on Facebook. There has been a book club, a pen pal program and there is a candy exchange currently in the works! On Friday’s she even sends out a bouquet of flowers to a lucky Facebook fan! It’s things like this that really set this company apart from all the others out there.

I wrote about this on my Thursday Thoughts a couple of weeks ago, but just before this collection was released they posted on Facebook asking for people to go onto Polyvore and style the outfit. A few stylings would then be featured on the website along with the collection. My styling was lucky enough to be chosen, and then I found out that it was also included on the styling card that was sent out! I’m super proud of this as styling and fashion have become a huge passion of mine and I feel as though I really accomplished something with this!


Enough about the company, let’s get to the Isla collection!


I was instantly drawn to this outfit by the blue of the skirt. I knew I had to have it, and it was even better that I had some credits to put towards the outfit!


Basic Black Tee–I wasn’t overly excited about receiving a basic black top, but I love this. I really like the neckline, it’s the perfect v-neck. I love v-necks, but they are often too open, or just too low and are therefore not the most practical for me. The top also fits perfectly. It has a bit of a stretch to it and is extremely soft. This is definitely going to be one of my go-to basic tops!

Cobalt Dream Maxi Skirt–I was a bit concerned about the skirt. I knew I had to have it, but maxi anything is usually just bad news for me. I’m 5’4 and so most are just too long and drag on the floor. This skirt is the perfect length for me. I like that it doesn’t drag on the ground because I don’t have to worry about lifting it up as I walk, it getting dirty, or even worse, tripping over it as I walk. I was also a bit concerned about the lining because that’s frequently been a trouble area for me. A past clothing subscription service that I purchased from caused me a lot of grief with their liners just being too tight.


Vantage Point Necklace–This is a really nice gold necklace with five movable triangles. It’s an adjustable necklace, and I love that I have the option for it to sit higher or lower.

Also included was the second necklace, with the small circle. I believe that this was for ordering on the first day. This necklace is also adjustable, and I love how they look together!


It went from being -40C at the start of last week to hovering around the freezing mark within a matter of days. The puddles are forming, the air feels like spring, and the sun is shining and giving off actual heat. I am SO ready for the warmth, and I definitely had Spring in my mind with this styling.

I got this jacket last spring from Golden Tote and it’s been a huge staple for me during the warmer months. With the sweatshirt sleeves, it’s perfect for the cooler days in Spring, or once the sun goes down in Summer.

I also love the contrast of the colour of the purse with the blue of the skirt. I purchased this Nila Anthony purse from Ruche. A girl on one of my Facebook groups had posted a picture of this purse, and I instantly knew that I needed it. It has tiny black bikes on it and it’s a complete fluke that I ended up with it. It was on sale, and I wasn’t able to buy it at that time. It disappeared and I thought I had completely missed out on getting it. All of a sudden I found it again and was able to snatch it up! I was super happy about this, and it’s one of my favourites. It will be great for Spring for an added touch of colour!


I purchased this Vero Moda jacket last year from a local boutique, Tonic. I love the military style of it, and I thought the gold detailing would go great with the necklace.

I paired it with this cognac coloured Steve Madden clutch that I purchased off a Facebook group. It has gold studding, and I love the combination of the cognac and cobalt.

Obviously, I had to coordinate my shoes with the outfit as well, and so I went with these cognac Rebel sandals that I purchased back in the day from Little Black Bag. They have a slight heal and wrap around the ankle. I love that style with the longer skirts, and can’t wait until the snow is gone and it’s dry enough to wear this outfit outside!

I decided to mix up the styling a bit with a different top. With this being a basic skirt it’s so easy to add some interest with minimal accessories and a patterned shirt. I bought this 19 Cooper top off a Facebook group. I was obsessed with it right from the moment that I saw it, and I was really happy to be able to track it down. Who could say no to a bird shirt?!

I have an obsession with floppy hats right now and recently snagged this one on sale from Sosie. Red and blue is my favourite colour combination, so it only made sense to pair these pieces together.

Final Thoughts

As a whole, this collection is super cute and stylish. The pieces fit perfectly and are extremely well made. What I love most about this though, is that the pieces are just as great separate. The black top will easily work with a variety of outfits, even with something just as simple as paired with jeans, sneakers, and a cute jacket.

The skirt also has so many options! I feel like I could wear this every day and completely change up the style of it. I’m so happy I purchased this collection!

If you didn’t purchase this outfit but are now wishing you had, the collection is still available in all sizes. This collection is $75USD with free shipping worldwide. If you haven’t purchased from Popbasic yet, you can use this link and we both get a $15 credit!

The March collection will be released on Wednesday the 18th. We don’t have any spoilers yet, from what I’ve seen, but we do know the collection is called Ariel! I can’t wait to see spoilers as I’m sure the outfit will be amazing.

4 thoughts on “Popbasic Isla Collection”

  1. Love that your outfit got picked – looks awesome!
    And this collection was great – I was too worried that the skirt would be too short on me!
    Renee C.


    1. It’s definitely a tough length! I did like that I was able to either wear it closer to my hips, or higher at my waist, the length still worked. Definitely a fine line between it being a maxi, midi, or just awkward for people though!


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