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Mogathon 2015

On Sunday, June 14th, I ran the 5K in Mogathon. Moga Mobile, which is the exclusive retailer for Fido in the Midwest region, is the major sponsor of the run. This is an annual run that was created in Saskatoon, for Saskatoon people.

Mogathon has all sorts of events for all sorts of people! The offer a 30K and a 30K relay. There is also a 21.1K, 10K and 5K. Finally, they have a 2K, which is a great option for those with kids, or maybe those who want to be included but aren’t quite ready for a longer distance. If you aren’t wanting to go any distance, there is also a No-K Beer run! You can relax in the beer garden, listen to music from a live band and cheer people on! A nice bonus is that all proceeds from the beer garden go to prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment.

All races also included a swag bag, which included a hat, pen, a few other odds and ends and a couple of coupons, a t-shirt and a post-race BBQ.


The shirt is quite nice. Brainsport contributed quite a bit to making this run happen, which is why they are on the shirt. The top is very light and airy, which is definitely what I look for in a top for running.

My race started at nine so we got up at about 7:30am and were out the door shortly after 8:00am. We were able to access parking right near the race this time because the race routes were set mostly around the river, rather than on the roadways. I had some time to stretch beforehand, and take a look at what was going on. It was a lot less crowded than the last race was, and there didn’t seem to be as many tents.


They still had a bag drop and massage tent as well as a volunteer area with coffee and Tim Hortons. They also had a whole area for kids, which was fun to see. There was a bouncy castle, face painting and balloon animals.

bouncey house  ba1ba2

To the back, there was a fenced area with tables and chairs, a tent, and a stage that was being set up. This is where we would later have our post-race BBQ hosted by Country Style Barbecue and listen to some live music.

The weather was concerning me a bit. There were dark clouds and the temperature was holding fairly steady at about 8C (46F), it was windy, cloudy and once in a while started to drizzle. I was really hoping that the rain would hold out just a bit longer!

I was way less nervous this time. It seemed like more people were there just to have fun, and again there was a wide variety of ages and fitness levels. The race started promptly and we were off. The start of the race was a dirt trail at Diefenbaker Park. I was a bit nervous right at this point because I’m not used to running on anything other than the treadmill or pavement. I ran the 1st kilometre without needing to stop, but it got harder after that.


We hit a little bit of pavement, but then it switched back to the dirt path. Also hills. Yikes. I am definitely not used to hills. I rarely use the incline on the treadmill, and the time I’ve spent running outside has been on pretty flat land. This was a lot of up and down, though felt like more up than anything.

Just after the 3K mark we finally hit the road again. This was a nice change to be back on pavement. We then had our first, and only, water station. This was definitely a lot of fun. The volunteers there were dressed up and playing Shania Twain! It was hard to drink the water while still trying to run, but I didn’t want to lose any time. I kept pushing myself more and more. By this point, my one foot was tingling and numb. I had a bad blister on the bottom of my foot all week, even to the point that I had been limping a bit the day before the race. To have that pain, plus it tingling was a bit worrisome!

Once again, I was able to run the last bit and cross the finish line at full speed! As I crossed the line the announcer read off my bib number and name, which I thought was a neat addition. I was also greeted and high-fived by a gorilla! One downside here was that no one seemed to want to give out medals! There were about four or five volunteers standing just behind the gorilla, but none really made a move to hand out the medal. I loved how at Sask Marathon someone instantly approached you and put a medal around your neck. Instead, I had to approach someone and reach for it myself.


Ian was there to greet me at the finish line while I got in line for my post race snacks. There was bananas, honeydew/cantaloupe, oranges, grapes and CANDY. They had blue whales and dinosaurs. I was happy to see that they had little cups to put the candy in, but I would have appreciated something to put the fruit on! I was only able to take a small amount because I couldn’t carry too much.

Thankfully, I was starting to get feeling back into my foot. The blistered area was hurting a bit more but at least I could feel it! We went into the fenced area where there was water, salads, and some giant hot dogs. I only had a hot dog, but it was good! Ian had some sides and he liked them. I would have liked to maybe see a burger option, and a side dish besides the two salads, but I don’t really have any complaints. Between that and the post-race food, we were well taken care of.

I really enjoyed participating in this run, and will definitely do it again next year. I think I preferred the route that we did for Saskatchewan Marathon, but that’s because it was easier. I definitely struggled on this one, but that isn’t really a bad thing. I need to push myself, and I definitely did here. I also proved to myself that I can do it. Post-race, this one definitely wins. It was great to relax a bit and have some good food. Plus, candy. That’s always a win in my book.

The final results? I finished in 41 minutes and 15 seconds! This is 20 seconds faster than my last run. Given the change in terrain, as well as the wind, I’m super happy with these results! I decided about halfway through the run that I would be happy just to be in the same time ballpark as I was in the Saskatchewan Marathon. Overall I was the 117th person to cross the finish line out of 176. I was also the 20th out of 26 in my age category. Since I’m *slightly* obsessed with stats, I was curious how the percentage compared. During the Saskatchewan Marathon, 75% of people were faster than me, whereas this time around only 66% were faster! In my age category, I went from 86% to 77%. This is probably one of few times that I’m happy to see the percentage go down!

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