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Mox•ie Mystery

Hi, my name is Andrea and I have an addiction to mysterious packages. I’m not talking the anthrax kind of mysterious, I’m talking the fun “ooh what could it be” mystery. I’m sure 78% of the people reading this post will be able to relate to this feeling. I used to be completely addicted to Golden Tote, and loved receiving amazing clothes in the mail, at an amazing price. Eventually, I was no longer impressed by them and ended that relationship about a year ago now. A void was then left in my life. I was forced to find clothes for myself, and I did pretty well. There was still something missing though. Something that only a mystery box of clothing could fill. Well, I’m finally finding ways to fill that void.

I love shopping, and I love unique clothes. Even more than that, I love a good deal. When I find out about a site that can offer me all of that, I jump on the chance to try it. I’ve recently come upon a few different sites that offer this. I will be review two different mystery clothing companies. The second one will be coming later this month.

Today, we are going to talk about Mox•ie Style (affiliate link). As with all the other great shopping deals, I found out about this website on a Facebook group that I’m in.

They say that if you have Mox•ie you are strong, brave, spunky, confident and daring.

I’ve always loved the word moxie. You often hear it in old movies, I don’t know why it doesn’t get used anymore.

Obviously, a name isn’t enough to make me buy from a company though, so what drew me in?

I started off by looking at the boutique. There were some cute items but nothing that I was dying to have. The prices were good though, and there were a lot of brands that I was familiar with from all of my favourite online boutiques.

Next, I looked at the Mox•ie Mystery bags. The first thing I noticed is probably the feature that instantly sets them apart from all the others out there, the bag. When you get to the Mox•ie Mystery screen you are shown a number of bags with different designs on them. You get to choose what bag you want your mystery to come in. Their stock has changed from when I first bought since they have their Fall Transition items out now.

d w

The items that you receive in your Mox•ie Mystery bag may be from the online boutique, something from the warehouse, or may come from their brick and mortar store. They will never just send you reject items that they can’t seem to sell. These are all current, on-trend, items. There is a small box where you can put some style notes, and even request some items that you’ve seen in the boutique.

There are a few different pricing tiers. The initial price is dependent on the bag that you chose to purchase.

The first tier (the price stated under a bag) gets you the bag and two pieces of clothing.
You add $19.00 to get the bag, and three pieces of clothing.
You add $80.00 to get the bag, and six pieces of clothing.

Along with choosing the bag and the tier, you also have a choice of the type of clothing you want to receive. You can select just tops, tops and dresses, tops and bottoms, or anything goes. I chose just tops for this go-around.

I had this sent to my friend’s US mailbox and since I spent over $69, shipping was free. Something important to note is that they do have promos from time to time. It can either be discount codes off purchases or free shipping. Guess what Canada, they include us in that! It’s extremely rare for a company to offer free shipping to Canada, so this is a huge deal!

Okay, that’s all the information you need to know at the moment, let’s get into the contents of my two bags. I bought at a time that there was a 50% off everything code, so I went with a 6 item bag, and 2 item bag for $84.00. Talk about a great deal. There was no way I could pass it up.


I knew right away which bag I HAD to have. I see a zebra, and I need it. I had actually ordered the black version of this bag but received this beige colour. I definitely would have used the black more, but I’ll still use this one, so I didn’t bother contacting them about it. I’m really bad with technical fabric terms, but this one has more of a soft felt feel.


There wasn’t a second bag that really jumped out at me, so I went with this Paris bag. This is made out of a different material, it’s more smooth feeling. Like I said, bad with fabrics!


Both bags have a zipper closure, with an inside zipper pocket. The inside is also a vinyl type fabric so it would be easy to wipe out if needed.

Before I show any items, I’m going to throw out a disclaimer. Normally Ian would take my outfit photos, but he wasn’t able to in the time that I wanted them done. I was left to my own accord with a tripod and timer. Yikes. I apologize right now for awkward pictures and that I’m not able to show as much detail as I would normally like to. I generally also style the pieces more than I was able to here. Give me some credit, it was a hot 30C day! I promise you, next time I will do better!

IMG_0987 IMG_0999

Birds! This top is by LeLis which is a brand that I’m a huge fan of. This top fits smaller than I’m used to with this brand, but I’m obsessed. Once I lose a little more weight it will be perfect. It’s got a small pocket on the chest as well, which is a cute added detail.

IMG_1000 IMG_1002

This anchor top is also by LeLis and fits more like I’m used to with them. I’m generally under the impression that I can size down on them, but the bird top threw that thought out the window. I’m not huge on anchors but fell in love with this top once I saw the back. It’s got red and white stripes, which are colours that I always related to all things sailor, so it really suits the style of the top. I also like that it’s longer in the back, it would be cute paired with some leggings.

IMG_1012 IMG_1027

First, we had birds, now we have dogs! This THML top is a bit short and boxy, but it’s workable. I usually wear a tank under shirts anyway so I can do that for some added length. Even though it’s a bit boxy, it still fits quite well. I feel free to move around in it and come on, you have to admit this is pretty freakin’ cute! I like that it has the black around the neckline, I think it would have been too much white for me otherwise.


This top by Pink Owl is everything. If a top is blue, there is a 75% chance that I will like it. If it’s this shade of blue, that goes up to 95%. I really like the sleeve length and am always a fan of tops with the roll tab option. It’s soft, fits great and I like the white design. This will be a great top for any season because of the weight of it, and the colours.


I swear this top looks more flattering in real life than in this picture. This is another one by LeLis, and I’m actually wearing it as I type this. I like that it’s not just a plain tank, the colour blocking really adds something to it. It’s loose, comfortable, soft. Everything a girl could want in a tank. I really like that I got so many items from one of my favourite brands, I hadn’t even told them that!


This is a grey-blue dolman cardigan. It’s super lightweight and slightly sheer. I like how it’s a bit slimming, and decently long in the back. I do like that it’s a bit more of a neutral colour, it will be much easier to match with tops and bottoms. This will be great for just throwing over any outfit that just needs a little extra something.

IMG_1043 IMG_1046

As you can see in the third picture, I just can’t. This top is not good for me. It’s by Comme Toi, which does have some cute stuff. I do really like the colour on this, and I don’t have any navy tops, but this isn’t working for me. It makes me look a lot wider than I actually am, and there is just way too much fabric. I shouldn’t be able to hold my arms out straight while holding my top! I’m also not a huge fan of tops that are see-through around the neck area, I just don’t like my bra straps showing quite so plainly.

IMG_1049 IMG_1051

This was the second top that just didn’t work for me. One reason is the bra straps, just like in the top above. The other reason is that it’s just kind of ill-fitting on me. It’s quite short, but also wide and loose. It’s a weird combination of a lot of things. I think someone with a different body shape could wear this well, just not me. I also don’t like that the stripes have a bit of a wave in the front.

Final Thoughts

I’m really happy with my order, overall. Only two items don’t work for me, and I really like all the others. They followed my requests, which was mainly just avoiding certain colours. If I had asked for bra-friendly pieces, I don’t think I would have received the last two.

Mox•ie is still new so I’m sure you can expect to see it evolve over time. In fact, they have already started doing this. Mox•ie has a Facebook Trading Group, and you definitely need to join it if you found this post even remotely interesting. This is where all the good stuff happens.

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