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OOTD Moxie Style

How is it that it’s the middle of November and I’m still able to take pictures outside? This is still Saskatchewan, right? Normally it’s too cold and there is a nice layer of snow by now so this is certainly a nice treat! I haven’t done any clothing pictures lately so it’s definitely time to get one up, especially since I know my days are numbered for the outdoor ones! *Edit, now that this has gone live, it has, of course, snowed. I knew it was too good to be true!*

You hear me talk about Moxie quite a bit (at least once a month lately) but I haven’t done many posts actually showing items from them. My budget has been keeping me in check, but I did recently(ish) place an order with them.

My Scavenger Hunt team had come in second place during a recent challenge and so we had won a discount of their new accessory box. I had also been seeing a TON of cute spoilers of items they had been getting in for their mystery clothing box, so I obviously needed to order.

If you’re new to the whole Moxie thing please take a look at this post. They are an online boutique and have a ton going on! That’s definitely the best place to learn the ins and outs.

I’m not showing everything I got, that may come in future posts, but these pieces were definitely a highlight for me!

Let’s start with the sweater modelled in a slightly awkward position, maybe one day I’ll figure out how to pose! I had turquoise pinned on my Pinterest board and mentioned that it was my favourite, they clearly paid attention to that. For as much as I love the colour, I don’t actually own a lot in this shade. It’s great to add a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral outfit. I’ve also paired it with a purple tank top when I wore it previously and the colours look great together. I really like the curved hem at the bottom because it feels as though it’s really slimming compared to having the straight edge. There is lighter threading throughout which adds a bit of depth to it and less mono-colour.

sweater and necklacebird

This necklace was one of my jewellery pieces in the four-item luxury accessory box that I ordered. First, it’s turquoise and matches the cardigan. It’s so awesome that they not only included my favourite colour a couple times but also gave me pieces I can wear together. Colour aside, I’m basically entirely obsessed with everything else about it too. I love the brass look that’s under the turquoise, it’s the perfect length, and the bird is super cute and the perfect size. With the way the colouring is done, it feels like it has a bit of a vintage feel to it. I definitely would have bought this had I seen it in a store, so this was a great combination pick!

A second item I received in the accessory box was the navy Street Level purse. Again, great item! It’s a great size, not too big and not too small. I don’t have any other purses this color..or at least not this specific shade. I like that it is navy, but not so dark that it looks black. It’s also got a zipper close which is a bonus, I have enough that either have a magnetic snap closure or no closure at all! I also like the basic look of it, there aren’t any pockets or bling on the outside so it’s good to use to accompany other statement pieces.

I’ll show some more of what I got in another post on another day, but I’ve been really impressed with the mystery orders that Moxie sends out. They seem to really pay attention to the customers’ style and follow their Pinterest board. These are items that I would have bought on my own if I actually liked going and finding my own clothes. Thank goodness I have people to do that for me!

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