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Frock Box

Frock Box is a Canadian (yay!) clothing and accessory subscription service. They recently followed me on Instagram and I instantly started pouring over their website and social media to find out more about them, then I knew I had to review them. They have four different subscription options. Keep reading to find out more about the company, and what they offer!

The Company

Frock Box was created by two friends from St. Albert, AB. One was a former fashion buyer, the other a graphic designer/social media guru. A few weeks later, the website and company was created! The four current options are:

Frock Box Jewel includes a handmade piece of jewellery or accessory by a Canadian designer for $29.95 a month. 
Frock Box Gold includes 2-3 handpicked items for a complete outfit for $49.95 a month.
Frock Box Platinum includes 4-5 handpicked clothing and accessory items to build an amazing wardrobe for $94.95 a month.
Frock Box Favorites includes 5 hand-picked items, that are each individually priced. You can try them on at home, keep what you want and return the rest. The monthly styling fee is $24.95 a month and you will then be billed for what you keep, minus the styling fee. All of the items must be shipped back within 5 days of delivery or you will be charged for the entire box, if you keep all items you will get 25% off. 

I just want to make a side-note and say that Frock Box Favorites is a new feature since I first looked at their site. It’s the same as Stitch Fix which only ships to the US. It’s really neat to see them bring this to Canada and I’m curious to see their price points and items they get. I guess I’ll have to try that next! It’s really nice to see a Canadian company playing around with these types of subscriptions, as someone who has been purchasing from American sites like this for a few years, it’s a nice change!

Boxes ship via Canada Post from Edmonton, Alberta on a monthly basis, you need to sign up by the 31st to receive the next month’s box. They offer sizes XS-3XL, they say they want to make sure they have something for everyBODY. Some items are made locally (St. Albert, AB) and some they get from the US/China.

Subscriptions are automatically renewed on a monthly basis, but it’s easy to go under your account and either skip or cancel the following month. If you do not skip or cancelled you will be charged on the 6th of the month.

If something doesn’t work out for you in any of these boxes you can return the entire box within 5 days of delivery for a refund, minus a $9 restocking fee, or you can exchange. If you chose to do this, they will skip next months charge and send you a new box. The cost of sending your order back is up to you.

Getting Started

The first thing you need to do is decide which box you want to try out. I decided to try the Platinum Box because I wanted to get a good idea of the value of the items. After making your choice you have a short survey to fill out. They ask questions about your body, colouring, preferred styles, and give you a section to fill out more information. I included things about styles I don’t like, colours I can’t wear etc. I also sent them a link to my Pinterest style board so they could get a visual on the types of styles I like. So, let’s take a look at what I got!

The Goods


First up are these earrings. Rishshells has handmade jewellery created right in Alberta, Canada. These are super pretty. They look smooth, but they are actually jagged and bumpy and I like how they reflect colour. She has a ton of awesome pieces on Etsy. I really like that they included a handmade item from a local business, it’s nice to see companies help each other out.


These are fleece lined leggings and are incredibly soft, and the fleece doesn’t add any extra thickness which is super nice. Funny story about them though. I actually have them in four other colours, but not black. I also recently got rid of my go-to pair of black leggings because I got tired of constantly pulling them up (yay weight loss!). Now for the issue with this specific pair, as well as the four other pairs I have. They are one size fits all, unfortunately, one size doesn’t *quite* fit all. I’ve got a bit too much “junk in the trunk” as some might say and they are indecently and uncomfortably low rise. I do give them credit to them for picking something that I have already picked out for myself though, and something I’m actually in need of. I will be holding on to them, and hope that by the end of the year they will fit. It will be great to have fleece lined leggings on the days it’s -50C out! For now, though, I will spare you having to see them on me, but trust me, it’s not pleasant!

andysweater andysweaterb

I’ve already worn this sweater to work and I love it. It’s an incredibly soft knit and uber comfortable. I also like that it’s predominantly black and just feels wintery. The pattern goes throughout the back and front with the sleeves being plain. This will be easy to match with a large variety of styles and colours of tops and bottoms. The length is great, and it’s not so bulky that it adds weight to you, which is very important to me. This is a welcome addition to my wardrobe! If the leggings fit, this would have been a great outfit!

At first, I was happy to see what I thought was just a basic black tank. Even though it’s not something I normally want to receive in a box like this, it’s something that I can definitely use. Unfortunately, that’s not what this was. Is it a tunic? Is it a dress? I have no idea. I’m guessing it’s supposed to be a tunic because I didn’t check dresses off as a style I want to receive. Unfortunately, this is a dress on me as it’s down to my knees. That’s one of the issues with being short is that I prefer longer tops over tunics because then they are actually the right length. Either way, this is not a flattering look on me. It’s a bit too clingy and tight on the bottom area. I also loathe these pockets. They never sit right and just add extra bulk right on the hips. For someone who has hips, it’s definitely not a welcome addition. It’s also a bit too open in the neck and back area for me, hence the scarf. It also shows some of my bra under my arms which is a no-go for me. All around, this item is just a no.

When I first pulled this out of the box I had mixed feelings. I’m not a huge fan of the dolman sleeves or stripes. So the main two components of the top are features I dislike. I do like the loose fit, and since I can make this a bit slouchy the length isn’t as bad as the black tunic/dress hybrid. Anyway, I decided to try the top with a belt and ended up realizing that I had a matching purse. I don’t dislike it as much once styled, but it’s one of those pieces that I might eventually wear just because it’s there, but not something that I’d wake up in the morning wanting to wear. Plus, it kind of makes me look pregnant in pictures which is just no bueno.

Final Thoughts

I’m happy to have found a Canadian clothing subscription box and I’m definitely curious about their Frock Box Favorites box and I’m hoping to try that soon, as well as trying another Platinum box. This box definitely didn’t hit it out of the park for me though. The biggest reason I like to try these boxes is to get unique additions to my wardrobe from brands that I don’t have easy access to in Saskatoon. The sweater and leggings were definitely items that I was happy to see, but the other two pieces are just a bit more basic than I would like to see in these types of boxes. I also am a huge fan of colour so to only have neutrals was a bit disappointing, though to their credit it is winter so colour can be more difficult to come by. The black item also didn’t feel very seasonally appropriate since it’s a racerback tank and quite a thin fabric, it’s more something I would expect to see in summer.

I think that as they grow they will definitely have more clothing options, and I’d like to see them extend their style profile to get a better idea of what people are looking for. I think that if I had added more details I could have avoided these issues, and they may not have had enough items that would work for me at this time. I’ll definitely be giving them another shot in the next could of months and will report back!

3 thoughts on “Frock Box”

  1. Firstly, such a huge accomplishment on your weight loss – you look amazing! Thanks so much for the review of Frock Box, we’re really proud that we’re able to be dressing women across the country. We totally understand that sometimes we’ll miss the mark – every fit is a bit different and everyone has specific preferences which is why we make sure to offer return and exchange options as you mentioned. Our focus is really around building (and sending!) full outfits to take the guess work out of it. Our outfit builders include some basics at first to help build a strong and cohesive wardrobe that will translate well and easily with your other pieces. We have noted your file of your comments so we can make sure to work hard to send you what works best for you and your body! xoxo


    1. Thank you so much! I’m excited to try a second box, I can’t imagine the challenge you face trying to pick items that everyone likes. I’ve seen some amazing pieces on reviews and I’m sure this next one will be awesome!


  2. I’ve been interested in this box! I recently tried Magnolia and Co. Which is Canadian as well, but you don’t have the option to send the clothes back, which is a bummer. Thanks for the review!


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