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Frock Box Favorites

I recently tried out the new Canadian mystery clothing box subscription Frock Box. While I loved one item, the box was mostly a bust for me. They recently released a new option where you can try on items, keep what you want and return the rest. This is a highly appealing format because you don’t end up being stuck with items you don’t want or like!

If you want to learn more about the other box options and see what I received last time, you can look at my review here. Today we are just focusing on Frock Box Favorites.

When you first sign up for Frock Box you are prompted to fill out information about yourself. You tell them your size, hair colour, job, preferences, and activities you do on weekends, and items you would like to receive. I do want to add that they ask for your birthday and say in brackets “We love birthday surprises!” Well, this month was my birthday and there was no surprise, so don’t get too excited by that. I’m not quite sure why they include that if they don’t include any kind of extra goodie.

With Frock Box Favorites you are then charged a $24.95 styling fee. They will pick out 5 items based on the information that you gave them. You have 5 days to try on items and decide what you want to keep. You then put everything else back into the bag, slap on the included return label, and simply put it into a mailbox or bring it to the post office. If you do not do this within the 5 days you will be charged for every item.

They will deduct the cost of the styling fee from any item you decide to keep. This means that if you keep a $50 item, you would only be charged $25.05+GST, this box comes from Alberta so I’m guessing you don’t have to worry about other taxes that your province may have. If you keep all 5 items you do receive a 25% discount. Most boxes have a total value of approximately $200, which means if you kept every item it would only cost you around $150, minus the styling fee which you already paid!

Alright, so let’s take a look at what they sent me! I was a bit pressed for time since I got this box midweek, and then the weekend was busy with birthday activities so you are stuck with unstyled mannequin pictures this time around.

The Goods

Frock Box Favorites

High Low Aztec Sweater–Cost to keep: $49.00

This sweater is really soft, and I do like the high-low look on sweaters, especially if they are long enough to wear with leggings. I was a bit sad to find that it was just way too tight in the shoulders, though I then realized why that was.

Frock Box Favorites

My invoice says large, and this tag that Frock Box attached says large, but the tag on the actual item says that it’s a medium. I would say that this is definitely a medium for how it fits in the shoulders, and that explains why it doesn’t fit. I may have been tempted to keep it if it was actually large because I think it would have been fairly comfortable, but since it’s the wrong size and doesn’t fit, there is no chance that I can keep it.

Frock Box Favorites

Burgundy Slouchy Cardigan–Cost to keep: $49.00

I don’t care for this at all. I said on my preference that I don’t like plain or basic items and this definitely falls into that category. It also has dolman sleeves, which is another thing I said no to. It is a nice colour, but that’s about it. It also does nothing for me so this will be getting returned.

Frock Box FavoritesFrock Box Favorites

Black Tunic with Crochet Detail & Buttons–Cost to keep: $39.00

This top is definitely more my style. It’s looser fitting and would look great with boots and leggings. I really like the crochet detail and buttons, but I almost wish that it wasn’t also on the sleeves because it almost feels like too much. This is one that I might end up keeping, the price is good especially since I’ve already paid about half of it with the styling fee and I can definitely see myself wearing it.

EDIT: I did decide to keep this item. I packaged up the items I was returning and brought them to the post office yesterday, making this final sale. I went to put this on today and one of the front buttons fell off. I have emailed Frock Box to see what my options are and will report back once I hear. 

Frock Box Favorites Frock Box Favorites

Charcoal Wrap with Plaid Detail–Cost to keep: $49.00

I love plaid so I do love the concept behind this. I love cardigans that have the “waterfall” style with the front and the plaid inside is a nice added detail to an otherwise basic cardigan. What I don’t like is that the plaid part isn’t actually attached to the front, as shown in picture two. I really don’t understand why it is that way. It’s also tight in my arms. It was almost tempting to keep, but with those two factors, I just can’t justify it.

Frock Box Favorites

Aztec Print Comfy Joggers–Cost to keep: $49.00

I do give them kudos for sizing me up on these and noting that they fit small, but I didn’t even bother trying these on. I went through a stage where I liked the printed loose fitting pants, but I’m well past that. I had bought a number of pairs for about $20 from a Canadian clothing chain a few years ago, and they have since been sold/donated. I didn’t wear them too often and prefer to keep my patterns on the top half of me. I also did not check off to receive bottoms because the fit is always tough for me. I also stated that fact in my preferences so it’s frustrating that even though that was in two different places, it was clearly ignored.

Final Thoughts

I like the concept behind this. I like that they subtract the styling fee if I keep anything, that they include a return label, and that they give a discount for keeping everything. The one item that went by my style preferences was definitely a win and if the charcoal cardigan had fit better in the arms I likely would have ended up keeping that item as well. I was disappointed to see items that went against my profile with being plain/basic, dolman sleeves, pants which I said “no” to in two separate places, and a clearly miss-sized item even though it took me all of a second to see that it was actually a medium. It’s frustrating to see little mistakes like that because that makes it so that I have no choice but to return items. Even if there were one or two items that had small issues (like the plaid cardigan) I likely would have kept them all to take advantage of the discount (had my budget allowed for that). I’m not a huge fan of most items costing $50 each, but $150 to keep 5 items is definitely better pricing. And SO nice to not have to deal with the exchange rate or a high shipping cost to get it!

I’ll definitely use this service again, though it won’t be a regular monthly thing. I’m really happy to see them bringing this option to Canada and hope that they are able to grow and work through simple mistakes as seen in my box. I do think that they included a good variety of items and styles in my box, I would just like to see more that go along with my style preferences. It is nice that you only really need one item to work in order to get your money worth, definitely less of a risk than the other options out there!

4 thoughts on “Frock Box Favorites”

  1. Well…this one wasn’t very successful, was it? Too bad because they definitely had some potential. I loved the plaid lining in the cardigan too…until I saw it wasn’t attached. Hopefully they can learn to read labels and check buttons before shipping things out!


  2. Hello fellow Saskatoonian! Thanks for this review. It answers the questions I had about the Favorites subscription, which were 1. Do they send you “outfits” with this choice as promised in the Gold & Platinum boxes and 2. Is it still as inexpensive as the Platinum option if you choose to keep the five items. No on both counts. ????


    1. I’m glad this answered your questions! The Favorites Box is definitely more for individual pieces and a bit more variety. I also have a review of the Platinum box and found it to be a lot more on the basic side, but easier to mix and match with item you may already own and with each other.


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