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Kicking off the New Year

I can’t help but wonder how we are already into the first week of a new year. It feels like it was just yesterday that Ian and I were sitting at our favourite restaurant ringing in 2015, and now here we are, one year later. I’ve already shared my bucket list for 2016 with you, and I’m pretty determined to make each one come true. It seems to be the norm this time of year to spend time reflecting on what you have (and have not) accomplished and to set up new goals and resolutions for yourself. It’s also the norm to forget about all of this within the first month. It’s okay for your priorities to change and evolve, but it’s important to also focus on those things you really want to accomplish. It can be tough sometimes with how busy life can get, but there are some easy ways to keep your goals in mind and make sure you have a successful 2016.

You need to sit down and decide just how attainable your goals are. I have made the decision not to set a yearly goal for myself that I know won’t happen. I would love to go hang gliding in Ireland. Is that realistic for this year? Definitely not. It may happen one day down the road but I’m not going to put it on my list if I know it won’t happen. If I was suddenly given the chance to do that this year I would take the opportunity and I would see it as a bonus. Is it possible for me to reach my goal weight? Yes. It will take a lot of work and determination and even though I didn’t reach that goal in 2015, it is completely doable. If you have items on your list that are more of a “pipe dream” maybe see about moving them to a separate list of things you hope to do one day. It can be really disheartening if you check back on your list throughout the year and realize you are nowhere near checking anything off. If you put those smaller, attainable goals on your list you will likely feel as though you’re having a great year and really accomplishing things! It’s great to feel that way because you ARE accomplishing things!

It’s easy enough to come up with attainable goals, but how are you going to accomplish these? What change are you going to make in order to be able to check an item off your list? I want to attend at least 5 new fitness classes. My plan to accomplish this is that I will sign up for a leisure pass so that I have access to the Civic Centers and can attend their drop-in classes. They have spin, yoga, and a whole bunch of other classes that I don’t even know how to describe! This is an attainable goal that will take a plan to accomplish. I will rarely put an item on my bucket list without having somewhat of an idea of how to get it checked off. Plans might not always work out, schedules may change or some big life event may come up that throws a wrench in everything. Don’t look at that as a lost opportunity, you can always change your plans or even roll it over into the next year. All is not lost as long as you TRY.

You have attainable goals and a plan of attack. Now you have to make it happen. I have to go and sign up for the aforementioned leisure pass and I have to set time aside in my week to go to these fitness classes. It’s the only way I will be able to check that item off my list. Things don’t always come easy. I have a lot of blogging goals and I have to work for those. I can’t just write a post once a month and expect my readership to go up or to be able to grow my blog. Who is going to keep checking back if I don’t keep this updated? Life is rarely easy but that is a huge part of what makes it so interesting. Don’t turn your back on that. Embrace it. Hard work can be scary and intimidating but you will rarely regret it. Work towards your goals and you will grow so much as a person.

I keep my list on my blog and I reference it throughout the year as a reminder. I may realize after a couple of months that I don’t care about one specific item anymore, or I may see one that I had completely forgotten about. Sometimes I might even get a brainwave for how I can make an item on my list come true! If you don’t have a blog there are still other ways you can keep track of your list. You might want a physical list that you can put up on your wall or keep in your purse or wallet. Every time you see or feel it, it may remind you of what you wrote down. Or maybe you’re a bit of a day planner geek (totally guilty of this!) and want to write your list in there. You can even break it up and write certain items in the specific month that they would be relevant. Bonus? It’s totally satisfying to actually be able to draw a line through one of those goals once you’ve accomplished it.

Maybe a list isn’t enough for you. Sometimes pictures have more of an effect than words do. If you’re more of a visual person then a vision board may be perfect for you! Just buy a bulletin board and start pinning pictures on it. It can be pictures of a country you might want to visit, or healthy food if you want to eat better. There are always pictures out there that symbolize what goal you want to reach. Put this board somewhere that you will see it. Hang it up in your bedroom if you want to wake up and see it every day, or a room that you spend a lot of time in if you want a constant reminder of what you are working towards. If you’re more of an electronic person you can even easily create one of these boards on Pinterest! Remember, this board is for you so it doesn’t matter if your friend comes over and can tell exactly what the theme is, all that matters is that it inspires you and keeps you working towards that goal!

“Life is what happens when you’re busy
making other plans.”-John Lennon

I’m sure most of you are familiar with this quote in some form or another. I love having a list of goals. I find that I stay a lot more focused throughout the year and quite frankly, I do more. I’m going into 2016 with a lot more determination then I felt in 2015. I feel determined to make some big changes in my life and I know that I will grow a lot as a person. I’m not afraid of the unexpected though and you shouldn’t be either. Don’t stay so focused on the goals that you miss out on something else great. Maybe you have an entire plan set on how you will accomplish something, don’t say no to another opportunity just to get this one thing off your list. Be open to unexpected change and those crazy curve balls that life loves to throw at you. Take them as a sign that something better might just be coming along.

What do you plan on accomplishing in 2016? Do you have ideas of how you can stay focused and have a successful 2016?

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