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Skivvy Style Box

I think we all know by now that I love mystery clothing boxes. It truly is an addiction, though a bit of a dangerous one since you never know just how close the company will pay attention to your style preferences. As it is with many boxes I find out about, I heard of Skivvy Style Box through a Facebook group and it seems to be the newest clothing box on the market. The customers who had tried it seemed really ecstatic and I was drawn to a lot of the items that I was seeing, so obviously I had to try it out, you know, so I could report back to all of you!

Skivvy has two types of boxes: a clothing box, and an intimates box. I’m not going to go into much detail about the intimates box since I didn’t try it but there are three different size boxes and can contain panties, loungewear, layering pieces and accessories.

There are also three different sizes for the style box, which is what I did try. You pick the size of box you want and fill in sizing information and state your preferences. The number of items in the boxes do range depending on the type of pieces you want. If you want all tops you might get more pieces, but if you want dresses or outwear you would likely receive fewer. All boxes are available in sizes XS-3XL. The options are:

The Mini Box contains 2-5 items for $59.00. 

The Small Box contains 4-6 items for $129.00.

The Super-Sized Box contains 6-9 items for $229.00.

I ordered a Mini Box in size large, and was SUPER particular with my preferences. I’m not kidding when I say super. I actually had to email in my preferences because they didn’t fit into the space provided. I was worried that I was being too limiting but Julie (the lady behind Skivvy) actually really appreciated the detailed list!

I was super impressed right off the bat! Once I opened the box it felt as though I was receiving a gift! There were two accessories (one didn’t make the picture apparently) and the clothes were nicely folded and tied together with a festive bow that could easily double as a scarf! Since I received this box mid-December I love that it’s tied together with a Christmasy bow. Little details like this totally add to the overall experience!

The Goods

So first up is two accessories. I missed getting a picture of one, and unfortunately, this post would have been delayed if I had waited for a picture. While I ordered the clothing box, she also included a pair of underwear! They are a black and white striped boy short style, and I’m actually wearing them as I write this (sorry, TMI?), so by the time I wash them and get a picture..yeah, it’s not happening. Plus a picture of underwear that has been worn just seems weird. I will say that I love them though, they are stretchy which is nice and really comfortable.

The second accessory was a pair of boot socks! At first, I was super excited to have received these, but I’m still debating whether or not to try them on. I have bigger calves so often things like this are too tight. I also don’t often wear higher boots, my go-to pair is about mid-shin height and so these socks would be too tall. I do love this style though, it’s super cute to have these poking out of boots! You can see them in the photo above, but I couldn’t actually find them at official picture time. They are in my closet somewhere, I’m sure you know how that can be!

Skivvy Style Box

Now for my first top! This is by Twenty Second, which is a brand I really like. I own one other thing by them and have loved a lot of others that I’ve seen. Their fabric is super soft and comfortable. Now for the interesting part. In my preferences, I mentioned that stripes can be tough because sometimes they just make me look wide, but sometimes they can be okay. Super vague right? Like how is someone else to determine whether or not certain stripes would be acceptable for me? Well, Julie said that she took a leap with this item, but thought I would like it because of the buttons on the bottom hem. Good call Julie! She interpreted my statement properly because I love this top. If it didn’t have the buttons I don’t think it would be for me because it just isn’t interesting enough otherwise. I like the length because I can wear it with leggings and it’s stretchy enough that it fits well over my hips. I still feel *slightly* self-conscious in this and may try to get rid of a few more pounds (or inches) before I wear it out in public, but that’s just for my own comfort level.

Skivvy Style Box

Next up is this top by Bo Bel which is a brand I actually haven’t heard of before. I gotta say, this was a perfect pick for me. I mentioned in my preferences that I like polka dots, and Julie delivered! The body is grey and the sleeves are navy. I actually really love that the sleeves are navy, I find that black seems to be used way more often. This top is super soft, and I love that it has a bit of a looser fit to it, though not great for the leggings I was wearing here since you can see the line of the waistband. Again, it’s another top with a great length. I had mentioned that I like longer tops, but not tunic length because those usually look like an awkward length dress on me. These can easily be worn with leggings or jeans.

Skivvy Style Box Skivvy Style Box

Finally, my absolute favourite. This top is by Le Lis which is probably one of my favourite brands and once again I am reminded why. First, the colour is gorgeous. I don’t have much in this colour and I must say, I do love how it looks on me! The sleeves are an incredibly soft knit and the body is a polyester. I love the contrasting fabrics and that the design on the body isn’t too busy. Once again, we see that it’s a longer length that I can wear with leggings. I like that it has the hi-lo hemline. If it was just straight across there is no way that it would have fit over my hips, which I had mentioned as a problem area for me.

I feel like I don’t really need to give my final thoughts, but I will anyway. This is probably the best mystery clothing box that I have ever gotten. I felt excited by every single item and could tell that Julie really paid attention to all of my preferences as I was looking at the pieces and trying them on. Everything fits perfect with styles and colours that I can wear. This is the box that costs $59.00, how amazing of a deal is that? I definitely feel like the value is there. Since I got all tops I got more items so you may not receive the exact amount as I did.

I feel the need to add that this company is run by one woman. This woman has a family and a full-time job aside from this. I don’t know about you, but I find this impressive. The turn around for an order averages around 2-3 weeks right now and you can tell that she really cares about what her customers want and doing this job properly.

You can check out the Facebook group where you can see reveals of what others are getting, and see sneak peeks of some items that may be showing up in boxes. There are also coupon codes posted from time to time! Again, I highly recommend this box. If you decide to give it a try there is a box at checkout where you can enter who referred you, I would be forever grateful if you put ‘Andi’s Attic’ down for that! It’s that type of gesture that helps me to keep bringing reviews like this!

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  1. Absolutely love seeing g this Glowing review of Skivvy Style Box!! I am one of her many supporters and love how she truly listens and cares to each one of her “ladies”! I never worry when ordering from Julie at Skivvy because I know she will listen to my wants and don’t wants, and that each box will be perfect!!


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