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Frock Box Favorites March

Frock Box is a Canadian clothing subscription box. They offer a variety of mystery boxes, which you can read more about here. They also offer a personalized styling service. You pay a fee of $24.95 and they will send you five pieces of clothing. You can try these pieces on from the comfort of your own home, keep what you want and send back anything else using an included return shipping label.

I tried Frock Box Favorites once before and it was pretty much a bust. You can read about my experience with that here. I recently got an email stating that they were offering first-time customers the chance to try it and they were waiving the styling fee. I decided to open up a second account and give them a second chance.

My first conundrum was with the hair colour. The options are “Blonde Bombshell”, “Radiant Redhead” and “Brunette Babe”. Since my hair is currently purple I decided to go with redhead because I decided that was the closest option.

After filling in my sizing information there were some pictures of styled outfits so they can get an idea what you like. I picked two that were jeans, t-shirt and plaid type of styles.

Next up is picking what type of items I would like to have sent to me. I believe I picked tanks, shirts and sweaters. I’m picky about pants and dresses so I tend to stay away from those, and I’m really not in need of any accessories right now.

Next, they want to know what you do on weekends. I picked farmers market, lounging at home and movies. Even though my weekends are often more busy than that, those seemed to be the options that would most line up with my styles.

You then have three options about how safe you want them to play it. Either completely safe, somewhere in the middle, or complete funk. I picked to keep it in the middle, safe but with some funk thrown in. Next is my favourite part, where you get to write as much as you want and tell them what you want. I’m pretty particular and included a lot of information. I’m going to edit out anything relating to my sizing stats because really, you don’t need to know that.

No to: I can’t wear yellow, green, orange or beige. I stay away from pastels and most neutrals. All those are okay as accent colours though. I don’t like/need plain or basic pieces. No fringe, sequence, fur or bedazzling. I’m okay with critter prints, but no animal print (zebra in small doses is acceptable) and no giant animal prints (like a top with a picture of a deer). No graphic tops. No turtlenecks or cowl necks, or dolman sleeves. I’m also short (5’4) so some tunic length tops end up being awkwardly long on me. Nothing cropped or super boxy. 

YES: I love blue, pink and purple the most, but all bright, bold, jewel tones are great. I love all patterns, especially plaid and polka dots. I like added details like lace, studs, buttons, leather, bows. I love longer tops and tops/sweaters that have a bit of a slouchy look. I need pieces to be bra friendly. I usually layer tops over a cami so it’s okay if it’s a bit lower cut or slightly sheer. 

So as you can see, I gave them pretty clear information of what they can, and cannot include. So, let’s see how they did! Unfortunately, it snowed for about 4 days this past week so there are no pictures of these on me. Trust me though, I’m doing you a favour.
Frock Box Favorites March Frock Box Favorites March

Navy Cardigan with Lace Trim–$59

First, ouch to the price tag on this item. I feel like I could probably find something comparable in the $20 price range. It’s soft, but also huge. It’s my usual size but I could easily have gone down one or two sizes. It has short sleeves, but they are still dolman type sleeves which were a no. I do like lace but this particular lace looks and feels cheap. I do like the marled look of this fabric but this was an easy no.

Frock Box Favorites March Frock Box Favorites March

Le Lis Floral Top–$49

I have mixed feelings about this top. The sleeves are really soft and I love the purple colour. Unfortunately, this is a lot of beige which is one of few colours I said I can’t do. Even with the purple neckline, it’s still too much beige by my face. The overall style is definitely in line with what I like, unfortunately, with the beige and price tag, this was also an easy no.

Frock Box Favorites March

Bellamie Tunic in Teal–$44

Well..it’s a nice colour. That’s about the only positive thing I can say. I’m honestly not sure if this is supposed to be a dress or a tunic, but either way, I shouldn’t have gotten it. I did not select dresses, and I said that tunics end up being an awkward length on me. This is also about as plain and basic as it gets. It has pockets on the side which I know some people like, but it just adds width to my hips. I’ll be honest when I say that I don’t think I have ever worn anything that was less flattering for this. It made me look about 50 pounds heavier than I am, it was horrid. Be grateful that I wasn’t able to show you a picture of it on me. Clearly, I was not tempted to take this.

Frock Box Favorites March Frock Box Favorites March

Crochet Shoulder Sleeveless Top in Wine–$39

I like the general idea of this top. It’s a nice colour, nice length and I do like the shark bite hem. Would you consider this bra-friendly though? I mean yes, I can wear a bra with it, but to me, bra-friendly means that the bra doesn’t show. The straps are not hidden on this top. It’s also a pet peeve of mine on tops like this where the tag shows. It would bother me way too much to ever wear it. Unfortunately, it also makes my hips look extra wide. Yet another easy return.

Frock Box Favorites March
Frock Box Favorites March

Le Lis Twist Back Top in Coral–$44

I like Le Lis so I was happy to see the second top from them. I’m kind of obsessed with this top. I wish they had included more stuff like this. The front is basic but the back is what really has me. I can even wear a regular bra with it which is amazing! I’m a bit torn on the colour because it’s pretty light compared to what I normally wear and I’m not sure about it with my skin tone. I’m actually a bit confused why they would send this colour to a “radiant redhead”. The fabric is incredibly soft and it fits great as well. I have two days (from when I’m writing this) to decide if I want to keep this, or not. If it was $30 I think it would be an easy choice, but $44 is pretty steep.

Final Thoughts

If I was to keep all five items I would receive 25% off and the total would be $185.06. If I had paid the styling fee they would minus that amount off the total. I keep wanting to like this company but I think I need to give up. This is my third order with them and there has only been one item that I’ve really loved. This is a very disappointing statistic. It’s nice not having to deal with a crazy shipping charge or the exchange rate but it’s tough when the American companies hit it out of the park for me, and then the Canadian companies do this. I think this service just isn’t for me. I’ve seen other review where the people seem very happy, they just don’t seem to listen to my comments. Maybe it’s because I give too many specific limitations, though they do seem like they should be easy to follow.

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