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My Running Essentials

It’s getting to be that time of year where I can finally go outside for runs! For most of the year, I have no choice but to stick to the treadmill. I’m always amazed when I see people running outside during the winter, if I tried that I would fall flat on my face! I haven’t been running for long but last year I ran my first 5k and I’m now pretty obsessed. Since then I’ve found some must-have items for this hobby!

1. Headphones

I actually own this exact pair and love them. I’m not a headphone snob so they might not be the best out there, but they work for me. Obviously, my initial love for them comes from the fact that they are pink and zebra print, two of my favourite things! I love headphones like this for the noise cancellation though. I’ll generally wear these if I’m on the treadmill in our building, or if I go to the gym and need to block out all of the outside music and chatter.

2. Yur Buds

This is another item that I own the exact pair of. I had a blue pair before, which I lost, so I ended up picking up the purple, because of purple. It’s rare that I get set on replacing an item with the exact same item, but I had to with these. This is the first ever earbud that I have EVER found to actually stay in my ear. I usually can’t get them to stay in for walking, forget about even trying when I’m going on a run! These are great to use for times that I don’t want the over-the-head ones on. When I’m running outside I like to be able to hear more background noise, like if a vehicle is coming or if someone is running up behind me to kill me. Those are good things to be aware of. What’s great about this brand is that they are actually made for women’s ears. They are smaller and have a “twist and lock” technology that keeps them in place. Huge recommendation if you struggle with earbuds as well!

3. Fun Clothes

I’m fairly fashion obsessed and that doesn’t go away with fitness clothing. The two pairs above are both by Fabletics (referral link) and are ones that I own. I have found that I like my pants to be high compression, I just find it easier and more comfortable with running. I also need capri length, full length just seems to bother me! Aside from that, I just want them to be fun. I always like to have fun with my fashion choices so why should my workout clothes be any different? Sometimes it even gives me some added motivation just because I really want to wear the crazy patterns!

4. Cooling Towel

I’m not sure which brand I have, but I’m so excited to put this to use this year. We discovered these at the end of summer last year. We were at an exhibition and some guys had a table set up with these. The deal is that it’s a dry towel, you get it wet and then flick it around a bit and it instantly cools. How awesome is that for after a hot run or even just a hot day? It doesn’t matter the temperature of water that you use, the towel will still cool. I will definitely be bringing some extra water to use with this! 

5. Hydration Pack

Water is easy when I’m on a treadmill because I can just keep water beside me. It gets a bit more difficult when I’m running outside or participating in a 5k. I don’t want to carry anything in my hands so that forces me to go without. There have been hydration stations during the 5k’s, but usually only one and not always when I need it! I was able to find one of these for a decent price at Marshall’s and I knew I had to have it. It doesn’t give a huge amount of water but it’s light and works well. Plus some is better than none! There is also a little pocket that I could put keys in, or if you have a small phone, if I had one.

6. Flip Belt

I have a Note which is a rather large phone. After buying my hydration belt I started doing some research to find a way to carry it with me while running. I started hearing about the FlipBelt. They have a newer version with a zipper, but I got their original one. It’s just a fabric belt that you pull up over your hips. There are pockets in it to hold your phone, keys, money, whatever you may need! It actually fits my phone which is great. It’s comfortable, you barely even notice it is there. They also now have flat water bottles that you can buy to fit inside of them!

7. Comfy Shoes

I don’t own these shoes, but they are the epitome of what I look for in shoes. In fact, I might just buy them yet but am waiting for a little bit longer before I cave. Skechers have become my favourite brand for running shoes. They have memory foam soles and are so comfortable. I feel the same way about gym shoes as I do workout clothes, the more fun the better. The ones I use at the gym right now are almost two years old, so they have had their time, plus they are a bit more basic.

Do you use any of these products while running? What are your essentials?

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