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Melody Runs Through It

The other week Ian and I were driving out to our favourite restaurant, Pink Cadillac’s. Rather than driving through the city, we head towards the highway to avoid some of the lights. As we were driving I looked at my window and started seeing all sorts of signs for Saskatoon’s next community, Brighton. Future home of Motion Fitness, The Keg, and Save on Foods. Featuring wetlands, parks, commercial and much more.

A few days later I received an email regarding an event that was happening at Village Guitar & Amp Co. on 20th Street. Dream Development, the company behind Brighton, was hosting an event called Melody Runs Through It.

Say what?!

A development company hosting a music event. Okay, cool. I can get behind this. My interest was definitely piqued here.

First: a disclaimer. I’ve heard about Village Guitar & Amp Co. and always thought it was just your basic music store. Boy, was I ever wrong. It’s actually a boutique guitar shop that they do repairs at, but it doubles as a space for private rentals. It’s got a ton of open floor, a stage and even a cash bar! The inside is amazing; brick walls, open ceilings, barn doors, guitars lining the walls. The perfect rustic charm.

I had a chance to talk to Brad Zurevinski, the land development manager, a bit before the show started. I was excited to learn more about the Brighton community. Ian and I have about 1.5 years left on our current mortgage term and then we are hoping to be moving from a condo into a house so I wanted information for my own selfish reasons as well. I’ve definitely become *slightly* obsessed with stalking the Saskatoon real estate market and making my must-have list for a new place.

Along with some “impressive numbers” that I stole from their website, Brighton sounds as though it’s going to be a stand-out community within Saskatoon. There is going to be something for all ages and walks of life with a mixture single-detached homes, semi-detached homes and multi-unit housing. There will be options for first-time buyers and some who maybe have a bit more to put towards their home purchase.

Dream Development will be taking care of all front yard landscaping so you don’t have to worry about anything to do with that. I love this. Cosmetically this is going to make a huge difference in the appearance of the community. There are some areas that people STILL haven’t gotten to their lawns, or one house may look great while you have to question the skills of their neighbour. This will make the community look more finished much sooner.

They are also working on parks and commercial space at the same time as the housing. Their goal is to have everything ready simultaneously. Again, love this. There are some areas in Saskatoon that I avoid looking at housing in because they just don’t have the amenities. We live in a great location right now with being near the river and close to a ton of restaurants and grocery stores. It’s going to be hard to leave behind, but we aren’t going to find a house that suits our needs where we are right now. The idea of schools, parks, wetlands and commercial areas all right within your community definitely sounds nice!

They expect completion of the community to occur at about the 10-year mark, but hope people will begin to move in Fall of this year.

Now, for the driving factor for this event: the outdoor amphitheatre. This is going to be located in the neighbourhood core park, which is also right by the school. It will overlook water and green-space. There will be tiered seating and a stage. Each row of the seating will have a grass top so you can stretch out, set out a blanket and just have a nice, relaxing time. There will be outdoor concerts, plays and musicals. The school could even use it for classes if they wanted!

Now, onto the event.


There was some food provided by Milestones, which is still fairly new to the Saskatoon restaurant scene. It took over the location where East Side Mario’s once resided and is from the same parent company. We haven’t been there yet, but it’s been on our radar to try out sometime. There was a dip, fruit, veggies, cheese and some AH-MAZING rib type dish. I don’t know what type of sauce was on there but I’m quite sure I need to get to Milestones as soon as possible to have some more.

Taylor Jade

The night started out with some music by Taylor Jade. Her music is described as “darkened folk songs for rainy days. Melodic guitar intertwined with honest lyrics, haunting and capable of bringing your deeper emotions to surface. Songs to hold hands to.” She sang a few covers, and a few originals and every song was amazing. I’m by no means a music expert so I won’t attempt to get all technical here with describing her voice, but she was great to listen to.

Chad Reynolds

Next up was Chad Reynolds. He performs solo, as well as with a blues/funk and a dance party band. He performs around the city and is working on writing and recording his first solo album. Again, Chad was just a really easy guy to listen to. Oh, and the best part? He also played the harmonica! That’s one of my favourite instruments to listen to.

Sheldon CorbettGent Laird

Then was the main performance, Sheldon Corbett. He is a freelance musician who plays saxophone and keyboard and teaches a wide range of genres. He played the saxophone, Kim Salkeld joined him on piano, Gent Laird on bass (the great sounding upright bass!) and Glenn Ens on the drums. Sheldon has quite the musical resume and I’m surprised that I haven’t heard of him before this. We didn’t get to listen to their whole set because it was already much later than we are normally out on a weeknight but I really enjoyed what I did hear. If I heard about him playing somewhere again I would definitely be interested in going!


This was a great event and truly unique to see a development company holding something like this. Seeing them get involved with the community and promoting local talent and businesses really makes me excited to see what they do within their own future community of Brighton.

There will be more events coming up in the future and I can’t wait to attend them! I’ve already got September 10th marked on my day planner because that is going to be a huge event! Definitely stay tuned for more information on that, and while you’re at it, give them a follow on Facebook!

Melody Runs Through It

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye out on Brighton. And who knows, in a little over a year from now I could be writing blog posts from my new home in that community!

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