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Saskatchewan Marathon 2016 & Fitness Update

This past weekend was the 38th Annual Potash Corp Saskatchewan Marathon and the second one that I have taken part in. Last year this was my first EVER 5k and I earned my first medal.  This year it is officially my twelfth 5k. There were over 4000 participants between the full and half marathons and 10k and 5k. My biggest goal going into the race this year was to beat my time from last year, be under 40 minutes, and improve my overall stats.

The 5k started at 8:25 on Sunday morning and Ian and I got there just in time for me to line up with everyone else. I did some quick stretching while I waited and soon we were off.

Even though it was early in the morning it still felt pretty hot already. The sun was out and I was glad for the rare times we had some shade. The route was different this year from last, and I think I liked it better. It seemed to go by much quicker. I ran pretty well right from the get-go but tapered off getting close to the halfway point. I gave myself the goal to run the distance of at least two light poles, and walk one.

As I got close to the finish line I could see that I was getting close to the 40-minute mark, and that really made me push myself. I wanted nothing more than to stop at that point, but with all the people on the sidelines and hearing them cheer, it just gave me that push that I needed to keep going. When runners cross over the finish line the announcer says their name and where they are from, time permitting. It was great to hear “atta girl Andrea” as I crossed over that line! “Atta girl” is right.

Saskatchewan Marathon 5k

I was grateful to get something to drink after that, I grabbed some water from the finish line and Oasis also had a couple tables set up where you could sample some juice and protein shakes. There were food tents set up with bananas, cookies, cheese buns and chocolate milk. Of course, I grabbed one of everything.

Saskatchewan Marathon 5k

So, how did I do? Not as well as I had hoped, but I did accomplish all my goals. I crossed over that finish line at exactly 39 minutes. This isn’t my best time that I’ve done, but I’m always slower outside than I am on the treadmill. This was also only my second run outside this year.  That being said, it’s 2 minutes and 35 seconds faster than last year, which is something to be proud of. Now for my overall stats.

Gender: 145/294 compared to 163/234 (49% vs 69%)

Age category: 26/36 compared to 24/28 (72% vs 85%)

Overall: 284/485 compared to 257/341 (58% vs 75%)

At first glance, the numbers may not seem like much of an improvement. More people crossed the finish line ahead of me, but there were also more people participating. You can see that I did improve my stats when you break it down by percentage.

Saskatchewan Marathon 5k

I was supposed to be running another local 5k in June but they cancelled that one. Thankfully I’ve got a TON of virtual 5k’s coming up, plus I found out about one more in Saskatoon happening in July that I’m going to sign up for.

So, what else has been going on? I didn’t do a fitness update last month because I didn’t have a whole lot to say. I did run one 5k in April, “This Princess Wears Running Shoes”. I’m not sure what my time was on this one because I didn’t time myself. Sometimes it’s nice to just get outside and run 5k without worrying about how fast you’re doing it. I took a short break at one point and just enjoyed the nice weather by the river.

This Princess Wears Running Shoes 5k

I’ve also still been going to Orangetheory Fitness twice a week. I love how much they are pushing me there and I’m still seeing and feeling improvements. I get less winded, I feel stronger and I can tell that some areas are getting more toned. I didn’t have much weight loss these past two months, but I’ve lost body fat and inches. Those are the numbers that really count! There hasn’t been a huge difference in my heart rate numbers from April to now, and some days are better than others.

Orangetheory Fitness Heart Rate

I also signed up for a 6-week session of Aerial Hoop. I will be missing my last class on Saturday, but do I ever have a lot of thoughts on the 5 classes I did attend. This is a sneak peek of a move I learned, but my experience will be getting its own post sometime in the near future.

Aerial Hoop

That’s about all the fitness updates I have at this time. I’ve got a ton of fun activities coming up over the next few months and I’m still trying to focus on my goals. I’ve gotten moderately better at not snacking, and I’m starting to get my healthy eating nailed down a bit more. I’m glad I don’t grow tired of the same foods every day!

For breakfast, I’ve been making some crustless quiche. It’s just egg (with milk), broccoli and mushrooms, put into a muffin tin and baked. It’s super easy and I can get about two weeks worth at once. It’s great to freeze some and not worry about all the food prep every week. I’ve also been having a smoothie each morning, along with two of the quiche muffins. I include banana, yogurt, a small bit of water, spinach and some frozen fruit. My favourite so far has definitely been mixed berries and some lemon. I used to use my Magic Bullet all the time but got bored of it after a few months. Ian won a Nutri-Ninja with Auto IQ (apparently it makes smoothies even healthier) and that has definitely made me re-discover my love for smoothies.

For lunch, I’ve been having lemon pepper chicken, though it may be time to mix that up again soon. My biggest focus is, and will always be, trying to not snack during the day. I get fidgety and restless and really want to eat. I’ve been focusing on having healthier options as well as LESS options so I don’t overdo it. Though I do need to get better at taking my lunchtime walks again!

As I mentioned, I have a lot of fun things coming up these next few months. Yoga, 5k’s, hikes etc. There are going to be some good posts coming and I’m hopeful for some good changes! Below is a sneak peek of a medal that I’ll be earning next. How hilarious is that?

Virtual Pace Series 5k Bad Hair Day

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