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Conservation Runs Through It

Last month Ian and I attended an event called “Melody Runs Through It“. It was put on by Dream Development as part of their campaign to raise awareness about Saskatoon’s newest up-and-coming neighborhood, Brighton. They showcased some local talent and brought attention to one of the key features of Brighton, the outdoor amphitheater. You can learn more about that by reading this post here.

Conservation Runs Through It

Dream Development recently went into a few different schools to talk to various grades about the next part of their campaign, “Conservation Runs Through It”, which focuses on their constructed wetlands.

I wasn’t able to attend this event because it was during the week while I was at work, but they were kind enough to send me their presentation and some pictures so that I could still write about it.

Conservation Runs Through It

They started off talking to the kids about the four different types of wetlands: swamps, bogs, marshes and fens, and the types of habitat and vegetation within those. They also talked about why wetlands are so important. There are various reasons such as reducing floods and droughts since it can store water, reducing erosion and they are important to the food chain as they provide food and shelter for different species.

At this point you may be wondering why this matters in a community in the city. Why do we need wetlands? I know that’s what my thought was. Here’s the deal: cities grow. It’s important to incorporate these constructed wetlands because they are a part of our natural environment.

As taken from Dream’s presentation wetlands in a community provide benefits like:

-Wildlife habitat
-Flood protection
-Soil stabilization
-Groundwater recharge and discharge
-Increase in runoff water quality
-Open Space

Conservation Runs Through ItConservation Runs Through It

Brighton will feature a few different sections of marsh wetland throughout the community. They are the most productive sitting at about 6 feet deep and with vegetation growing in or out of the water. Marshes attract loons, frogs, muskrats and fish. Cattails, coontails and water lilies commonly grow around them.

Now here’s the fun part. Dream Development didn’t just want to talk to the kids, they also wanted to get them involved.

Conservation Runs Through It

There were five different classrooms involved in this competition. Each classroom was given the exact same materials to build their own wetlands. Once they finished, they were able to show off what they came up with. Each student in that class will then receive a thank you gift for participating, and just a hint: it involves water!

Conservation Runs Through ItConservation Runs Through It

I love the unique campaigns that Dream Development is doing for this new community. It’s great that they were able to go into the school and teach the kids about the importance of having wetlands.

Conservation Runs Through It

I mentioned this in my last post, but I also have selfish reasons for being interested in this community and the campaigns they are running. Ian and I will be looking for a house when our mortgage term is up in a little over a year and I’m constantly looking at different options and areas. We are in a prime location right now and it will be hard to give up the easy access to trails by the river, restaurants, grocery stores and shopping. There aren’t many areas in the city that offer what ours does, but Brighton definitely sounds like it will be in the running. The more I hear the more I think this sounds like a great area to hang your proverbial Roughrider hat!

Conservation Runs Through It Conservation Runs Through It

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