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Surfset YYC

I like having yearly bucket lists for myself. I find this helps me feel like I’m accomplishing something over the course of 12 months. One item on the list for this year was to try out at least 5 new types of fitness. I am happy to say, I just hit that magic number 5! In case you are curious, the first four were Orangetheory Fitness, aerial hoop, spin and acro yoga. What was number five? Surfing.

Surfset YYC

Okay, so not *actually* surfing. I’m not crazy enough to try that. I don’t live near any bodies of water that would have good surf, and my inability to swim would certainly hinder that as well. I’m talking about one of the newest crazes, surf fitness. From these classes, you will get lean muscle building, balance & core training, and aerobic fat burning, all on a custom-made, unstable surfboard.

I’ve been seeing articles online about these new studios where you work out (indoors on flat land) on an unstable surfboard. Saskatoon has yet to get these but Ian and I had some holidays planned, which included a couple days in Calgary, and I realized that they HAD to have a studio that offered this. I did some research and a short time later I was booked in at Surfset YYC for their Surfer 101 class.

Surfset YYC

I was happy that it worked out for me to attend the 101 class. They have a number of different types of classes available, including some that are yoga-inspired, have fast-paced cardio, use TRX, weights and kettlebells and more. They also offer barre and boxing classes. I loved the sound of the classes involving TRX and other weights, but having never done this before I knew that it was better for me to start small.

Surfset YYC

Ian and I got to the studio a bit early and took a little look around the front area. They have a number of items for sale including clothing, accessories and supplements. I was hoping to purchase something to rep over here in Saskatoon, unfortunately, there weren’t really any tank tops that were relevant to me since I don’t like plain ones, and I don’t do barre. I wish they had some branded tanks!

Surfset YYC

Not only does Surfset YYC have fitness classes, they also have weight loss coaching, holistic counselling, a 6-week slim down challenge, supplement information and body fat % measured. I love when studios really focus on being healthy overall rather than just the workout.

Surfset YYC

I loved a lot of the added decorative details like the wood panelling, the decorations and using old pipes for hanging rods and light fixtures. The whole place had a very beachy vibe and I loved it! It also gave me some decorating ideas for our future house!

Surfset YYCSurfset YYC

After looking around the front area I went to the back of the studio where the lockers and bathrooms were. The lockers were small and had their own keys on one of those stretchy coil bands. This is great because you can either put it on your arm or even around a water bottle or something if you wanted. There was also a bit of a seating area and a tap that had some lemon wedges in a cup beside for you to add to your water as well as fruit set out that you could eat. This is a great addition because it’s important to eat something before and after a workout. I used to workout in the mornings without eating anything first, but now that I’ve been doing a more intense workout at OTF I always make sure I have an apple beforehand. I get a bit too lightheaded and have a tough time with the workout if I skip eating. Overall it looked like a great area to sit and relax while you wait for your class to start!

Surfset YYC

Soon enough it was time to start the workout! As we walked into the room with all the surfboards the instructor, Jon, came over right away to greet us and introduce himself. I find that it’s super important to have a good impression of your instructor and it was great how welcoming and friendly he was. I’m often a bit apprehensive when going to a new place so it put me at ease and I felt ready to begin the workout.

Surfset YYC

Everyone grabbed a surfboard and sat down while we waited for the class to start. Right away I could feel that it was going to be a bit of a challenge since I don’t have the best balance and I could tell just how shaky I was going to be.


I was familiar with a lot of the moves we did during the 45-minute class thanks to Orangetheory Fitness, but let me tell you: it’s a whole new ballgame when you’re doing this on a surfboard. Burpees, lunges, squats, frog jumps. Doing all of these while trying to hold your balance is a whole new kind of workout.


There was also some surf-inspired moves added in like paddling out to a wave, kicking with your legs, and going into a cobra after ducking under a wave. There was an awesome mixture of aerobic work, yoga type moves and using our own body weight. I was definitely working up a sweat during this workout! Thank goodness they supply sweat towels, I definitely needed it. It got more difficult as time went on because the more sweaty I got, the more my hands were slipping on the board. It’s a good thing there is some grip on the board, I definitely needed it!

As the class went on I could feel my balance getting better and better. I was shaking less and I was able to find my centre of balance on the board a lot quicker. Trust me though, that doesn’t make the workout easier!

IMG_0786We finished off the class with some stretching and were all given a lemon-grass wet cloth to cool off with. I was hot and sweaty at that point and really appreciated that. Then it was time to hit the shower! Normally I go home and shower after a workout, but we were camping and going out for lunch right after. Thankfully they had a couple of bathrooms with showers, and nice ones at that. They even have dispensers for shampoo, conditioner and soap so I didn’t have to use my own. IMG_0733

I loved everything about this experience. Jon was a great instructor, he was encouraging throughout the whole class and really upbeat. I would sign up in a second if we had this available in Saskatoon. There is a nice mixture of classes available and the nutrition focus is a great benefit as well. They are covering all their bases and doing it in style.

Make sure you give it a try if you have a Surfset class near you. The drop in price for this particular location was $20 but there are a ton of different package deals depending on what you are looking for. Trust me, it’s worth a visit!

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