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Dream Day 2016

First, there was Melody Runs Through It, followed shortly after by Conservation Runs Through It. Brighton Community has been getting their name out all year through different events. If you have read the previous posts you will already know that Brighton is going to be Saskatoon’s newest community featuring wetlands, an outdoor amphitheatre and much more.

Just this month, Brighton had its official launch with Dream Day 2016. This was an all ages event that featured their parade of homes, live music, food, games and the famous Banjo Bowl. 

Ian and I got started our visit at the information centre. This is where you will learn all there is to know about this new community. You can see maps, computer rendered drawings, learn about the businesses that will be developing int he community and even get a virtual reality experience of the future Brighton. 

Dream Day 2016

At this time we were given a passport for the parade of homes. As we visited each home we received a stamp, after you collected all 10 stamps you would get a coupon for $5 off a food truck of your choice. I was pretty excited to see what these houses had to offer! 

Dream Day 2016

One word to sum up my thoughts: Wow. These are some beautiful homes. Great open concepts on the main level, ample counter space in the kitchens, and don’t even get me started on the en-suites and walk-in closets. Seeing all of these houses definitely finalized my future home wish list.

Dream Day 2016

There were (I think) 13 houses in total that we could view since Dream had multiple houses to show the difference between the basic and premium options. Every house had two floors, plus a basement. By the time we had looked at all the houses, we were definitely ready to be done with stairs and find some flat ground. Thank goodness that halfway through we found a house that was handing out beverages and candy! 

If you want to visit the information centre and see the parade of homes they are open Monday-Thursday 5pm-9pm and Saturday, Sunday & holidays 12pm-5pm.

Dream Day 2016

Next, we went over to the field where all the other activities were happening.

Dream Day 2016Dream Day 2016

Absofunkinlutely, a local band, was playing music while kids played in bouncy castles and got their faces painted. There were multiple food trucks as well as beer gardens for the adults. They even had some games for the grown-ups like Janga and what seemed like a life-size beer pong game.

Dream Day 2016

Since this was an official launch of the community, it only made sense to also have a ribbon cutting! The mayor, Don Atchinson, was there to give a short speech and then to cut the ribbon. It was nice that they kept it all short and sweet and kept right on with the festivities after. 

Dream Day 2016

Soon after that, it was time for the Banjo Bowl! It was the traditional follow up to the Labour Day Classic where the Winnipeg Blue Bombers play against the Saskatchewan Roughriders. There were multiple huge screens to show the game and the sound was great quality. Gainer the gopher was there and two hall-of-famers from the Roughriders even showed up to take some pictures and watch the game.

Dream Day 2016

This was a great event to launch the new community. It got people off all ages and demographics out to enjoy the football game, have some food and most importantly, learn more about Brighton and see the beautiful houses.

Dream Day 2016

I highly recommend going and taking a look at the parade of homes for yourself. Brighton has also already started having some free community classes like Salsa dancing and cooking. I think that’s just a sign of what’s to come with this new, great community! 

I would say Dream Day 2016 seemed like a huge hit and I will be dreaming about these beautiful houses for weeks to come!


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