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La Boîte à Bonbons October 2016

La Boîte à Bonbons. Or translated into English, The Candy Box. Doesn’t it sound way more impressive in French? I frequently check out the #canadiansubscriptionbox tag on Instagram so that I can find out about any new subscription boxes that may be coming up. This is how I found out about this box based out of Quebec. The downside is that most of what they write on their Instagram is in French, and their website doesn’t seem to have an English version. My knowledge of the language is limited to what I learned until approximately grade 10, but thankfully with one right click on the webpage, a click on “translate to English”, and voila! I could find my way around.

Each month you will send 1kg (2.2 pounds) of candy based on your box selection, you have the choice of sour, sweet, or a mix of the two. Boxes cost $25 each, with free shipping to Ontario & Quebec and $5 to the rest of Canada. They do not ship out of the country at this time.

They had a sale a while back for a half-price box and I instantly jumped on the chance to buy it and review it on here. As healthy as I try to be I do love my candy, especially gummy candy. I went with a mixed box since I love both sweet and sour candy. As you can probably imagine, this was one heavy box!

La Boîte à BonbonsLa Boîte à Bonbons

I like that “mixed” actually meant two sour and two sweet. The coke bottles are a pretty standard classic and the other three are great candies that I wouldn’t necessarily pick out for myself when I’m at the candy store.

I’m rather immune to sour so I wasn’t surprised to find the first two more sweet. The coloured dots all had very different flavours and the blue one was the best. The rings have an apple flavour and were incredibly delicious. There seem to be a few different versions of coke bottles, and these were one of the better ones. Lastly, the berries were just beyond amazing and had a great flavour.

Seriously, you just need to buy this box and try the candy.

They are individually packaged and everything tasted fresh. They can be sealed which is great because then I don’t feel as though I HAVE to eat the whole bag in one sitting, even though I pretty much did. Oops!

Final Thoughts

This isn’t going to be a monthly box for me because I’m not sure if I really need that much candy, but I would definitely buy again. Value wise these types of boxes are tough for me. You will likely get a better deal if you go to Costco and buy this candy in bulk, or maybe even if you go get a selection from Bulk Barn. The convenience of getting a box like this in the mail is great, and it sure beats going to 7-Eleven and paying .10 cents a gummy.

I really liked that my box shipped pretty soon after I purchased. It gets frustrating sometimes to buy a box and then wait over a month until you see anything for it.

You have to email to cancel your subscription, which can sometimes be a hassle. I sent an email on a Saturday morning about wanting to cancel it for the time being and received a response within approximately half an hour. I definitely appreciated such a quick response, and on a weekend to boot!

The candy was fresh, and not pictured was a handwritten note. It was in French but I’m thinking the general idea was thanking me for my purchase etc. I love touches like this because it makes it more personal and it feels as though my purchase really is appreciated.

This box was a great experience and I definitely recommend checking them out!

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