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Candy October 2016

Second Canadian candy subscription box this week! Seems like a rather suiting theme for Halloween week. This box keeps it simple with their name, being called Candy. This is another one I found through Instagram and they sure kept teasing us for some time before finally launching. They posted so many tantalizing pictures of different candy that I just knew this box was either going to be a complete hit or a complete fail. There wasn’t going to be any in between with this inaugural box.  I was sent this box for review purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% honest.

Let’s get down to the details. Boxes cost $29.95 a month with an additional shipping charge of $11.95, they only ship to Canada at this time. Each box will contain 3+ pounds of 6-7 different types of candy. They are currently offering 10% off for life, and you can get a slight discount by purchasing 3 or 6-month options. Each box will include a variety of sweet, spicy, salty and sour candies.

Candy October 2016

I love seeing handwritten notes like this. They don’t have to be personal to me, they don’t have to have my name, but just the fact that they took the time and effort to actually write something out always goes a long way in my books. Plus, pink.

I may have gotten a wee bit giddy with the first look when I opened it. Right off the bat, I saw blue, peach, and salt water taffy. Three of my favourite things. I couldn’t wait to dig in more.

The Goods

Candy October 2016

Taffy Town Salt Water Taffy Mix–Taffy Town has spent over 100 years making the best gourmet Salt Water Taffy in the world! Their whipping process and 24-hour conditioning ensure a soft texture that melts in your mouth. So. Flippin’. Excited. I love this stuff. I used to have a pretty decent stockpile of it because my grocery store was selling them by the bag-full, but the new location I started going to doesn’t have it. My only worry is that I don’t know what flavour these are, the one black one scares me a bit, and a few that look like they could be coffee flavoured. But really, SALT WATER TAFFY!

Candy October 2016

Albanese Red Raspberry Gummy Bears–Treat yourself to the berry best. The Red Raspberry Gummy Bears are almost too cute to eat! But don’t let their cuteness stop you. Okay, first saltwater taffy and now we have raspberry flavoured gummy bears. Seriously, RASPBERRY and GUMMY BEARS. Best of both worlds right here. Can you tell that this box excites me? Raspberry is one of my favourite flavours so this is a total win.

Candy October 2016

Albanese Peach Rings–Just peachy! Our Gummy Peach Rings are bursting with bright, fresh peach flavour. If I had to choose between peach and raspberry..well, I wouldn’t. Peach anything is amazing, and I love peach rings. Total win!

Candy October 2016

Sour Pumpkins–Halloween is upon us and these very sour black and orange soft pumpkins will put in a ghoulish mood. They are so good, it’s scary. Thankfully the black here is more of a grape flavour than a black flavour. Thank goodness for that. Since this was October’s box it made complete sense to include something Halloween related and I’m glad they chose these!

Candy October 2016

Hot Tamales–Get Fired Up! Fire up your taste buds with the bold and daring taste of HOT TAMALES, chewy cinnamon-flavoured candies. I’m glad they mixed it up a bit and didn’t just include the standard sweet and sour gummy candies. This is a great addition and a classic treat. I’m excited to eat these!

Candy October 2016

Sour Power Berry/Blue Belts–If you love sour candy like we do, then these tangy blue belts are just what your taste buds desire. Each belt is covered in sour sugar that will deliver a swift punch to the palate in every bite. Disclaimer: I don’t generally find candy sour. I’m pretty much immune to that, I could eat Warheads all day and not react to them. These, on the other hand, I actually found them to be a bit sour. I was really excited about that. They are also soft and have a very tasty berry flavour.

Candy October 2016

Jelly Belly Very Cherry–Real cherry juice from concentrate is used to give this classic bean that true to life flavour. Nothing tastes closer to the real thing. The gourmet bean. Cherry is probably the one candy flavour that I don’t totally love. I haven’t tasted these yet to see cherry-ish they are, but I’ll probably still give them a try. Jelly Belly is a great brand though and it’s nice to see them included.

Final Thoughts

I didn’t take a picture, but there was also a sheet of paper with all the product descriptions. Included on that were nutrition information and ingredients. I think this is a great addition since the bags don’t have that information, and some people may have dietary specifications or allergies that they need to be careful with. Personally, I really don’t want to look at this nutrition information, I just want to eat the candy and not think about the calories.

I think my favourite thing on that sheet was the part that had different candy facts and trivia. My favourite was that eating more candy at one sitting causes fewer cavities than spacing it out through the day because of the amount of saliva produced to help neutralize the acids.

I really enjoyed the whole experience of this box. The selection of candy was great, I loved that they used salt water taffy as a bit of a filler as it really helped fill up the box. Little things like the note that was included and even having a few different colours for the bags themselves helped with the overall experience as well.

I do feel as though the box is worth the cost. The shipping is a bit more expensive but this box was HEAVY, and let’s face it, shipping in Canada is not cheap. I have no doubt that they are not making money off the shipping cost, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they were even kicking in some money to put towards it.

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