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Candy November 2016

Candy is a monthly Canadian subscription box that will send you 3+ pounds of 6-7 different types of candy. Boxes cost $29.95 a month with an additional shipping charge of $11.95. You can get a slight discount by purchasing 3 or 6-month options. Each box will include a variety of sweet, spicy, salty and sour candies.

Seriously, the first look of this box is just a whole bunch of happiness. I could see a lot that I liked the look of. I couldn’t wait to dig in and see what was all included!

The Goods

Candy November 2016

Starburst Original–Starburst Originals are unbelievably juicy. Pop one in your mouth and unleash the awesomeness. You’ll be hit with a burst of delicious fruit flavour that will leave you wanting more. Last month they had a bunch of loose Salt Water Taffy so I was happy to see the box littered with another packaged candy,, it definitely adds something! The red and pink versions are the best with these, you can’t go wrong with the originals. I do wish they would have done Superfruit Starburst, just because those are the best flavour ever, but they are unavailable in Canada.

Candy November 2016

Sunkist Orange Jelly Belly Jelly Beans–The refreshing flavour of juicy orange in a chewy, sweet jelly bean! These jelly beans are as true to the fruit as can be and use real orange juice from orange puree. The gourmet bean. So if these are from real orange juice, that means I can eat them all in one sitting and not feel guilty..right? These are soft and fresh and definitely have a very accurate orange flavour. Last month they included cherry, I definitely won’t complain if they feature a different flavour every month!

Candy November 2016

Albanese Chocolate Mini Pretzels–Crispy milk chocolate mini pretzels are crunchy, salty and sweet. Each bite-sized pretzel twist is dipped in delectable milk chocolate for a tiny treat with huge chocolate flavour. First, I have to say that it is SO nice to see a box include something milk chocolate rather than dark. Bonus points for that. Second, yum. I love pretzels and I love chocolate. The combination is the perfect balance between sweet and salty. Big win!

Candy November 2016

Allan Sour Grape Slices–Sour Grape Slices are a sweet treat with a fruity grape flavour sprinkled with a sugar coating. These yummy candy grape slices taste just like grapes, but with a sour punch! Mmm, really tasty. These have a good grape flavour, but nothing too intense. I’m also more or less immune to sour so I found these to be sweeter, but that’s nothing negative towards them.

Candy November 2016

Warheads Sour Chewy Cubes–Warheads Sour Chewy Cubes are a tangy treat, with just the right amount of sour and sweet. These soft cubes pack a delightfully sour punch with a rainbow of tarty, tasty flavours! Like most candies, the blue one is definitely the best. Warheads, in the hard form, were my favourite candy for many years and the gummy version is just as good! They are definitely a bit less sour, but just as tasty.

Candy November 2016

Allan Mini Sour Cherry Slices–These are the perfect way to enjoy a burst of sweet cherry flavour. Each is packed with tangy sweet and sour cherry flavour, then dusted with sweet sugar for a unique cherry candy experience. I’m not a huge cherry fan, but these are definitely tasty. I don’t find the cherry flavour to be too overwhelming and it’s a tasty balance between sweet and sour.

Candy November 2016

Vidal Watermelon Slices–From Spain, these bright watermelon slices are sanded with sugar, with the scrumptious flavour of watermelon. Your mouth will be watering at the thought of this delicious Spanish candy. Love that they included an international candy! These are juicier than the other gummies and the watermelon flavour is so good. This was a great item to include!

Final Thoughts

Seriously, go sign up for this subscription. The variety of candy is great and you get so much for the price that you pay. This would make a great Christmas gift, or could be a fun way to get some unique stocking stuffers! All the bags are resealable, so you don’t have to eat everything at once and it all stays fresh. It also all comes fresh and not like it’s been sitting in a warehouse for months waiting to get sent out.

They also include a product list sheet that has descriptions of all the snacks and full nutrition information. This month they also included some trivia about candy, like what month Canadians buy the most candy. Answer: December.

They also sent out a survey (I actually just received it as I am writing this!) asking some questions about this box so that they can continue to better serve their customers. This shows that they really care what the customers think.

I couldn’t recommend this box enough!

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