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Flex it Pink Mystery Bag 2016

Flex it Pink was started by two moms to empower, educate, support and encourage other women with their health & fitness. They sell apparel and regularly hold virtual 5k’s, which is how I found out about them in the first place. They also have workouts posted on their website, some recipes and a very active Instagram community. Most recently they added a subscription box where on alternate months you will either receive a virtual run packet, or a t-shirt/tank top + goodies.

I’ve been keeping my eye on this site for a while and have been tempted to try out the subscription box. I haven’t made the jump yet, but when I saw that they were doing a mystery bag for Black Friday I knew I had to finally make my first purchase!

I can’t find my email now with the pricing, but I believe it was $27 for a $50 value. You could include your top size and request either t-shirt or tank. Knowing that I would get at least one top made the decision to buy super easy, I’ve been needing some new workout tanks! I was a bit iffy on sizing but went with XL because it’s better loose fitting than tight.

The Goods


Everything arrived in this Flex it Pink drawstring canvas bag. You can cinch the top of it and wear it as a backpack. I won’t use this a ton, but I can see it being handy when camping or going for a workout.


Inside the bag was a really nice, encouraging card. I love when companies take the time to hand write you a note, it makes the whole experience a lot more personal. Also included was a recipe for Pumpkin Donuts. Not something that I will make, but a nice holiday addition!

img_2988 img_2989

Love this water bottle! It’s a bit of a cheap plastic feel and isn’t my favourite type of water bottle, but I could see myself using it in a pinch. Mostly just because it’s bright pink and cute. The wristband isn’t something I’d ever use/wear, but it was a nice extra.


There is a burnout version of this tank on the website for $15, but this is a bit of a thicker material, almost like a thin sweatshirt with the texture on the inside. I really like the fit of this one and it’s super comfy. Plus, I love pink!


This tank is just kind of meh, it definitely fits smaller than the others so I probably wouldn’t wear it to work out at this time but it could be comfy for around the house or to sleep in.


This one is currently listed on the website for $18. I’ve really come to enjoy running so this is a great tank for me. I love how vibrant the colours are against the charcoal grey. It also fits great.


While I was taking pictures I noticed the tag area. It says “Size eXtra-LOVED” and “May increase awesomeness and strength when worn. Please do not wash until drenched in sweat. Powered by Women”. LOVE this. It’s another one of those added details that may seem small, but just shows how they want to focus on empowering women and loving who you are, whatever size that may be.

Final Thoughts

I am SO glad that I decided to buy a mystery bag, I kind of wish I had gotten two! The two tanks were a total win, and the third will get moderate use. I’m really excited that they are all colours that I can wear, I can’t really do any yellow/green or pastels. I’m definitely glad that I sized up on these tanks, and now that I know my size I will likely purchase more from them in the future.

If you’re a female who is into fitness I definitely recommend checking out their website or Instagram. It’s a very inspiring and encouraging community.

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