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My FitBox Life Saskatoon Winter 2017

My FitBox Life (affiliate link) is a quarterly Canadian fitness subscription box. Each season they send out boxes containing full-sized, premium items. These will range from beauty, health and lifestyle items.

The signature box is $54, or they also offer some city-specific boxes for $59. The cities that are currently being offered are Calgary, Edmonton (where the box is based out of), Saskatoon and Vancouver. All boxes contain the same items, but the city boxes also include offerings for local businesses and fitness passes.

All boxes ship free within Canada, or $10 to the US.

The Goods

FitBox Life Saskatoon Winter 2017

Gaiam Pink Fuchsia Yoga Strap ($13.99)–Shows what I know about yoga, I always thought a yoga strap was some new fandangled way to carry around your yoga mat. This 6′ yoga strap is to help you get deeper with your stretching and helps to improve your flexibility. It’s 100% cotton and you can just hand wash and lay flat to dry. I obviously haven’t used one of these before, but I can appreciate the benefits of it. I’ve tried to get into yoga and just really can’t, but I can see myself using this at home for stretching. Plus, it’s pink. #win

FitBox Life Saskatoon Winter 2017

Urban Body Organics Ease Cleanse Mood Mist ($20.00)–This is a Vancouver based company that creates eco-friendly, all natural body care items. They take their inspiration from the wilderness in worldwide locations. This product contains a blend of lavender, frankincense, pine and geranium. It can be used to help calm the mind and grounding the spirit. You just shake the bottle, spritz it around you and feel the benefits! Lavender is known for it’s calming and relaxing effects and can promote a better sleep. Frankincense encourages well-being, peace and tranquillity. It also works to get rid of negative thoughts. Pine can help alleviate anxiety and nervous tension, and finally, geranium calms the nerves and helps purify the air. Oh, and to keep the product organic and free of parabens or chemicals, it also consists of Vodka!

I’m pretty excited about this item, I’ve been getting more curious about the various benefits of essential oils and this is a great starting point. I can see why they included this one because mental health is just as important as your physical health. Hopefully, this will help people feel a bit more zen in the new year!

FitBox Life Saskatoon Winter 2017

New Moon Tea Co Relax and Renew Organic Tea Blend ($6.00)–This is another BC based company. It started out as a small tea stand at a farmers market and has since grown into a full-fledged business. They use only quality ingredients for the tea which will benefit the body. This particular tea is an Organic herbal blend of Lavender, Lemon Balm, Chamomile and Corn Flowers. It’s calming, relieves stress, reduces anxiety and calms the mind, body and soul. This is basically the tea version of the above Mood Mist! Other than my morning class of chocolate milk, it’s very rare that I drink anything other than water. Ian has already claimed this as his own. It’s nice when he can benefit from these boxes!


SoLo Lemon Lift Bar ($2.50)–Yet another BC based company! This one comes from the Okanagan Valley. There is A LOT of information on this website. These bars have a slow release of carbs, protein and fibre which provides a lower glycemic response than other energy bars. I don’t have a ton of knowledge about all this stuff, but I believe this means rather than the high from a sugar rush that a lot of other energy bars give you, this will spread it out more so that your energy will last longer and you will avoid a blood sugar spike. These bars are also gluten-free, so that’s a benefit if you are Celiac or have chosen a GF lifestyle.

Okay, so I love lemon. I have lemon slices in my water, I use lemon juice as a salad dressing and added into my smoothies instead of juice and I also use Lemon Pepper seasoning any chance I get. My husband even adds it to my bacon! They probably couldn’t have picked a better flavour (for me) to include in this box. What’s interesting is that along with creamy yogurt and citrus flavour, there are also sweet hints of cranberries. I haven’t tried this bar yet, but I’m excited to on one of those days that I need an extra energy boost.

FitBox Life Saskatoon Winter 2017

Healthy Cricket: Cricket and Plant Based Protein ($4.00)–Oh, crickets. I ate a salt & vinegar flavoured cricket once and it was an interesting (and somewhat crunchy) experience. This company is still quite new, only being established since March of 2016. The founder started doing some research on ingredients in different proteins and discovered that crickets have the highest form of protein per 100 grams. Even higher than all those high-protein foods that are commonly eaten. This is a Canadian made product, using naturally sourced ingredients and a Canadian Cricket Farm. I didn’t even know such a thing existed. The business itself is based out of Edmonton.

I can see that there are a ton of benefits from using Crickets as a source of protein, the information is well laid out on their website. I just feel so many different emotions about the whole idea. It gives me the heebie-jeebies. I feel intrigued, yet totally grossed out. I’ve got to say though, that’s why I like boxes like this. This is not a product that I ever would have thought to buy for myself, but it’s something that has piqued my interest. I’m probably going to try it out in a smoothie, but I’m going to have to work up to it first. On the plus side, in my head I totally picture this package being filled with a bunch of ground up cricket pieces, but thank goodness, that is not the case.

FitBox Life Saskatoon Winter 2017

Sue’s Jerky: Original Spice Blend Jerky ($3.99)–Oh man, I love jerky. This jerky is nitrate and preservative-free. They offer a variety of flavours for both pork and beef jerky. This jerky made it’s first appearance in Vancouver way back in 1986 and is hand prepared in Richmond BC. This jerky was a bit chewier than I expected but it did have a really nice flavouring.

FitBox Life Saskatoon Winter 2017FitBox Life Saskatoon Winter 2017

True Life Fitness Apparel Blaire Leggings ($53.14)–First, apologies for the weird angle on the first picture. It’s not the best weather for pictures outside so we have to make do with what we have. For this picture, it meant a slight upward angle on the stairwell. Now for the leggings. If I wasn’t already loving this box, this would have made me a true believer. I’m SO pumped to see something like this in a box. Normally you just get a coupon, that isn’t really a good deal whatsoever. These are 73% polyester and 27% spandex with a cropped length that hits mid-calf. They can be machine washed and washed in the dryer. This is a huge must for me with workout clothes, with the amount I have I definitely can’t hang dry it all! It also has a zipper pocket in the back. This isn’t my favourite placement, I love the hidden waistband pocket because it’s handy for my iPod, but I can work with the back pocket too.

This pattern is also something I would pick out myself, so that’s a total win. I did stress a bit over picking my size because it’s hard to know with these sometimes, but the large fits me great (I’m a 10/12ish). I was a bit worried about it being see-through because of all the white, but no issue with that. They are also a bit higher-waisted which is something I look for in my workout bottoms. Oh, and SO soft!

This company is based out of Edmonton and was created by a woman who was tired of spending a ton on work out attire, and just likes to be outside and be active! The company also donates $2 from every purchase to the organization “Women Win” which will financially help women get involved with sports all over the world.

There is a story along with these bottoms. I knew that they released the list of items before it was sent, so I went to look. I noticed that they had added options to select your top size, bottom size and foot size. I hadn’t done this when I subscribed so I sent them an email about it and let them know my size. It turns out that an email had been sent out a week before, which I then found in my junk mail. This is of no fault of theirs though, that’s just my email. On the plus side though, I had a response within 30 minutes of sending that email and it was all sorted out! I was very impressed with the customer service.

tl;dr: I love these pants and My FitBox Life customer service is great.

RYU: Athlete Member Card ($25.00)–This is actually something that anyone can sign up for and it’s free. You get a $25 discount on a $50 purchase, training tips, store news, nutrition ideas, recipes and more. Also, if you sign up and your size changes within a year (either from gaining muscle or losing fat), you can return it and receive 50% off a replacement item. They offer the same 50% off deal if you wear through an item within a year. Products are manufactured in Canada, US, China and Vietnam and this is a BC based company.

This is why I loved getting pants in this box, these types of deals don’t interest me as much. I do really like the size & damage offer that they have though. That’s great for a company to do that and it’s a perfect way to keep customers. I’ve actually purchased from this company in the past but didn’t really love the fit of the items. I found the sports bras didn’t offer enough support and the bottoms were a bit too low rise for my liking. I do have a gym bag from them that I’ve been using for about 2 years now, so that was a great purchase.



Ryde YXE: 5 Ryde Package ($75)–Saskatoon had three spin studios open up around the same time, Ryde YXE being the first. It’s actually fairly close to where I live, and easily within walking distance which is a nice bonus. I’ve actually been there twice already, once because your first class is free and a second time during Broadway Fit Fest, which was an event that they organized as a fundraiser for The Drop Zone. Let me tell you, I want to love spin, but I kind of really hate it. It’s a great work out that totally kicks my butt and I feel great after, but I also really struggle with it and trying to get into the beat of all the ups and downs etc. The two times I have been there the instructors have been super great though, very encouraging and thankfully very helpful getting the bikes set up and your feet hooked in! I’m definitely going to use this pass because I have positive feelings towards the company itself, I can walk there, it’s a great workout, and it’s free. I just might complain non-stop in my head before, during and after each class.

I don’t *love* that you need to use them all within 30 days. This is something that I’d probably do once a week on the weekend, so 5 within 30 days is pushing it a bit. I’ll probably wait until I’m sure I have a months worth of available weekends before I take my first class.

FitBox Life Saskatoon Winter 2017

JB Performance: $150 GC ($150)–This gym is run by Josh and Brad (hence the JB) and they offer small group training, personal training, boot camps and even off-season hockey training. They have turf and a weight room available that has everything a person could need. Every client that comes through the doors is given a comprehensive assessment and individualized programs are given. As taken from their site, they focus on: “possible systemic dysfunction, imbalances, mobility restrictions, stability requirements, and movement deficiencies.” I don’t entirely know what all of that means, but it sounds very in-depth. I did have a bit of experience with them during the Broadway Fit Fest when I took part in a mini boot camp. I have to say, those circuits kicked my butt!

I checked out their website to see prices and decide what I would put this amount towards. It can be used towards any regular priced personal training or memberships. For $229 (plus tax) you can get an assessment of joint mobility, stability and movement patterns, a personalized program based on your goals, and 2 personal one-on-one training sessions to go through the program. The full price of that is something that is definitely not a part of my budget, but with the $150 deducted it is totally feasible for me. I think that using it towards that will be great for my goals for getting into better shape and losing weight. I just have to make sure that is included in the “personal training” category.


Freedom Functional Fitness: 5 class pass–A drop in pass is $15 and a 10 visit pass is $120, so that gives you a general idea of what this pass is worth. They offer both personal and group training along with a variety of classes. With 19,000 sqft of space, they have plenty of room for a good mix of everything. They offer a variety of classes perfect for any skill level, from beginner to intermediate and beyond, also including yoga and spin. I’m definitely most interested in their Rip60 class. It’s a body-weight workout using elements from suspension training (TRX). I did some workouts with TRX straps when I belonged to Orangetheory Fitness and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, the current schedule for that class really doesn’t work for me. I might hold onto this one until it’s a bit warmer out so that I can just walk to the gym, I’ll reassess class availability at that time and find one that isn’t too daunting for me!

Final Thoughts

Okay, this box KILLED IT. They definitely have my heart already. Let’s first talk about the items that are also included in the Signature Box. I really like the mix of items that were included. Tea, fitness accessory, snacks. Oh, and CLOTHING! I have no doubt that those items are worth the $54 that the box would cost. It’s also great to see them including items from smaller Canadian companies and not just getting items that you can find by going into Wal-Mart or the mall.

Now for the Saskatoon specific items. I’m really excited to use all three of the passes/gift certificate that I received. It’ll be fun experiencing new gyms and trying some new things. I’m also looking forward to seeing what sorts of new tips and tricks I can learn and implement in my normal gym routine.

This box is definitely geared more towards women, which is made evident by the pants and pink yoga strap. I could definitely see guys still enjoying this box though. Especially if you have a friend, sister, significant other or WHOEVER that wouldn’t mind getting the girl-geared items. I’m more than happy to take duplicates of any of these items!

The Saskatoon box is currently sold out, but you can follow them on social media to see when the pre-sale for the Spring box begins. The Signature Box is still available though, as are the Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver boxes. If you live in one of the cities, definitely opt for that box. It’s well worth the extra few dollars!

Seriously, go buy!

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