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A number of years ago I discovered a mystery clothing company that opened up a whole new world to me. Not only was that my introduction to subscription boxes, it was also my introduction to my love of fashion. Before that discovery, most of my clothes were from second-hand stores or the mall. Online shopping was a rarity and brand names didn’t mean a thing.

Soon after I found out about this company, they created a Facebook page for trading/selling clothes. Along with that came a sense of community. Fast forward a year or two, and that started to change. The magic wore off in most areas, except for that community aspect. Multiple other Facebook groups started to spring up. Groups of woman were chatting about anything and everything, first brought together by our appreciation of fashion and this clothing company.

Fast forward a little further and that brings us to today. Many of these groups have had their time but there are a few that are still very much active. Woman of all ages and all walks of life are brought together by their love of cute clothes and a good deal.

At one point it was focused on just one clothing company, but our options soon started to expand. Entrepreneurial women began starting their own clothing companies. Some have stood the test of time, while others have folded. There is some overlap with the customers, many of which belong to my favourite shopping/enabling Facebook group, but each company has their own niche that allows them to operate in conjunction with one another. Throughout the year some of them even get together for a big blowout to make room for new merchandise!

One thing that these companies all have in common is that they are run by amazing women with great business sense. Oh, and great taste in fashion!

Through my time spent in these groups, I have felt my style transform. I’m learning what my favourite brands are, what fabrics I like the best, and what details to look for. It can be difficult to buy clothes online but it really helps to see the items on different body types. I’ve even (finally) learned what shades of green go with my skin tone, which was a very happy discovery!

Everyone loves cute clothes at affordable prices. That’s why I’ve decided that I need to start sharing some of these companies with you! I’m excited to start sharing my love of fashion more, and it will be starting just in time for the nice weather – which means nice outdoor backgrounds!

I’ve already got some amazing pieces lined up and I can’t wait to share them with you. So, keep an eye out, changes are coming to Andi’s Attic and I couldn’t be more excited!

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