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Don’t Push My Buttons

There are two details that will always make a shirt catch my eye: lace, and buttons down the back. I can’t help but fall in love with shirts with those two details. I get so tempted by them, even if I’m 100% sure that the colour would be terrible on me.

A couple of months ago I was browsing through Enclothe Boutique’s Facebook group and came upon a shirt that was going to be available for sale soon. The “Don’t Push My Buttons Lacey Pullover” was everything that my dreams are made of. The first detail that stood out to me was the lace. The mixed texture and pattern of it gave a bit of an antiqued vibe, which is right up my alley.

The second detail I noticed was the mineral wash fabric. It was a stunning colour and the wash gave it some added depth.

I was in love. There is no other way to put it. It wasn’t available yet so, after admiring it for some time, I moved on and continued with my day. I couldn’t stop thinking about the shirt though and I kept going back to look at the picture.

So, here’s the deal with Enclothe. Every other Friday (with a few exceptions) there is a sale. New merchandise is added to the Facebook group prior to this and customers who belong to the group get the first crack at them on sale day. The group is very organized with all pieces being added to an album for easy viewing. All the important details are added like the sizes available, prices, brands etc. You can also ask questions if you’re unsure about the fit or style.

A direct link to the website will be posted on each corresponding picture once the sale launches. All you have to do is follow the link, add the item to your cart, and you are ready to purchase! The benefit to this is that you don’t have to sit and wait for an invoice to be sent, but on the flip side, items are not saved in your cart so there is potential that it may sell out before you have a chance to buy it. Every item does have limited inventory, but there is the potential that more can be brought in if there is enough of a demand.

Now, for the fun part: bundles. Ever fall in love with multiple items on a website, but have to narrow down your choices because of the final total? Only every day, right? The best part about bundles is that you don’t have to do any work, all you do is add the items you want to the cart and you will automatically receive a discount. If you purchase a mini bundle (2-3 items) you receive 10% off, and a large bundle (4+ items) will get you 20% off! PLUS, you receive free shipping for any order $100+.

So, back to my story. We are now at sale day, and once again I find myself staring at a picture of this top, along with a few others. The link goes up, the sale is live. I open it in a new tab, while I continue debating a purchase, and that’s when I see the buttons. Lace AND a button back. Oh, and the brand is Easel! That’s three strikes against my willpower. I debate between one or four items since the price of four items with the 20% discount is mighty tempting, but finally, settled on purchasing just the one.

Let me tell you, this top is amazing. It’s 100% cotton, which is actually not very common. I’ve got enough polyester in my closet to do me for awhile. The fit isn’t as perfect as I had hoped, it fits great in the arms and shoulder area, but it’s a bit big in the body. Sizing down would have been iffy in the arms, so I’m glad I stuck with my regular size. It’s a bit of a thicker material, almost sweatshirt-like, which just adds to the comfort level. This is going to get a ton of wear from me!

Easel is a rising star in my book of brands. I have a couple other items from them and they really capture the “boho-adjacent” style that I’m starting to love. They have flowy, soft fabrics and beautiful details with lace. Perfect for someone who isn’t quite ready for the full-fledged boho, but just wants to dabble a bit. I’m definitely going to look out for more from this brand!

Make sure you join the Facebook group. Not only do you get a preview of the items, but you get to vote and have a say in what gets brought in! It’s also a great community where customers reveal their hauls and do ‘FSOT’ (for sale or trade) where you can offload an item that didn’t work for you, or maybe grab something you missed out on! You’ll get the inside scoop and meet some great ladies.

What I’m crushing on right now:
Fabulous Floral Blouse
In Line Feather Blouse
Layer Cake Pullover

What are your favourite details on a top? Do you love lace and buttons like I do?

Enclothe Boutique’s next launch will be TODAY (Friday the 26th) at 10am pst. There are a few sneak peeks already posted in the Facebook group, and there are some cute items! I can’t wait to see what else is offered.

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