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Let’s Taco ‘Bout It, Saskatoon

A few weeks ago I made tacos for supper..on a Wednesday. There was something inherently wrong with that and it has bothered me ever since. Thankfully, on Tuesday, June 13th, I was able to correct this wrong in a big way.

In February a tweet went out that caused quite a stir across Saskatoon, it alluded to the possibility of a Taco Bell opening, something that had only been dreamed about at this point. The potential location was mentioned, the corner of 8th Street and Arlington Avenue, and everyone began to watch. Slowly, the building began to take form and soon enough it became official.

Saskatoon was getting their first Taco Bell. In fact, Saskatchewan was getting their first Taco Bell.

This is a big deal. Previously residents would have to make a 5+ hour trek in order to get their fix, depending on whether they felt like heading east or west. Now, It’s right in our city. Even better, Ian and I were invited to participate in the VIP Launch event.

Taco Bell is redefining themselves, and Saskatoon gets to appreciate the results of this with our first Taco Bell. While staying true to their Californian heritage they are simplifying and modernizing the whole experience.

The outside of the restaurant has a very sleek, monochromatic look. Instantly you get a sense of the modern and simple look that they are aiming for. Walking inside is no different. You’re greeted by the same simple colours, but with one feature wall standing out thanks to its bold, striking colours. This mural features the skylines of Saskatoon and Los Angeles, paying homage to California, the birthplace of Taco Bell.

The kitchen has an open layout with glass windows giving you a look into the food prep area. Everything is clean and fresh and you can watch the staff as they make your meal. There are even stools facing the kitchen so you can have dinner and a show, all in one!

They had purple balloons set up for this celebration and a DJ who was playing some great tunes. People started to arrive and there was a real upbeat atmosphere.

Staff handed out Nachos and Cheese to guests. The chips were crisp and cheese was delicious, this was a great appetizer! The staff were all very friendly and you could tell that everyone was excited to be there!

The kitchen officially opened, and the line up was quick to grow. The staff took orders seamlessly and the kitchen got to work.

The digital menu is easy to read and gives you a clear idea of what’s available. There are so many tasty sounding options! Also featured on it is three Freezes options: Mountain Dew, Pepsi, and Crush Cream Soda. These frozen drinks are a first for Canada!

I took some time to look at the menu, and I finally settled on the Doritos Loco Taco, fries, a Cream Soda Freeze and a Churro for dessert. Ian ordered the Mexican Pizza, Fries Supreme, a pop and a Churro.

I grabbed a table while Ian waited for the food. There ended up being some type of glitch and my food came up, but Ian’s was missing. Ian let one of the ladies behind the counter know that half our order was missing. She went to one of the men in the food line and mentioned this to him. He quickly put together Ian’s missing meal and it didn’t seem to cause any type of interference or delay with anyone else.

Mistakes happen, what matters is how it’s dealt with. This group handled it seamlessly and you can really tell that everyone was working together as a team. This is so great to see!

This was a great event to introduce Taco Bell to Saskatoon. The place was packed, the lineup consistently moved quickly and everyone was loving their food.

There were even some Saskatchewan sports celebrities in attendance. Evan Fiala and Gage Ramsay of the Saskatoon Blades were there to visit with fans. They were helping the Taco Bell staff by taking trays of food out to the sitting customers.

Hosts of the 620 CKRM show SportsCage, Rod Pedersen and Luc Mullinder, were also there to enjoy a meal.

Thank you Taco Bell Saskatoon for the invitation and treating us to an amazing supper. We can’t wait to come back for round two!

Tuesday’s event may have been invitation only, but don’t worry Saskatoon, you don’t have to wait long to get your own taste of this amazing food!

Taco Bell officially opens on Thursday, June 15th, at 10:30 am. You can see full details here, but there will be exclusive swag for the first 100 people in line, a DJ and some of the Saskatoon Blades.

Uno Mas is right, Taco Bell.

*There are some dairy free and gluten free options on the menu, visit Taco Bell‘s official website to find out more about the food available. 

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