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My FitBox Life: Saskatoon Spring 2017

My FitBox Life (affiliate link) is a quarterly Canadian fitness subscription box. Each season they send out boxes containing full-sized, premium items. These will range from beauty, health and lifestyle items.

The signature box is $54, or they also offer some city-specific boxes for $59. The cities that are currently being offered are Calgary, Edmonton (where the box is based out of), Saskatoon and Vancouver. All boxes contain the same items, but the city boxes also include offerings for local businesses and fitness passes.

All boxes ship free within Canada, or $10 to the US.

I like that they put a design on the outside of the box. it has a very Spring feel with the flowers and pastel shades. I was a bit let down with the first look, the box just looked really empty and lacking. I think the Winter box had some bigger items, which made it feel more full. I knew that they would include a lot of items though, so I was excited to dig in!

The Goods

Nomadix Hand Towel–This absorbent towel is made from 100% recycled plastic materials. It’s quick-dry, antimicrobial and can easily be packed. I do have one small towel that I keep in my gym bag, but I don’t generally use it. I probably should since I definitely sweat when I run, but it’s just another thing to keep track of. That being said, I definitely will find a use for this towel. It’ll be great to take on trips, and especially camping during the summer. They had a few different patterns, and while this wouldn’t have been my first choice I do really like the colour combination. I also love that it has two different sides!

Noyau Coffee Scrub (Montreal)–This scrub is made from fine coffee grounds and all natural ingredients. You wet your face, rub the scrub in circular motions, let sit and then rinse off with warm water. What I found most interesting was that they “upcycle” the coffee grounds. This means that the grounds have already been used for coffee and this is an alternative use for the grounds rather than being tossed in the garbage. The scrubs also consists of extra-virgin organic coconut oil, organic raw sugar, organic cold-pressed sweet almond oil, pure vanilla extract, Mediterranean sea salt and essential oils. The two scent options were coconut vanilla (which I received) or grapefruit cypress.

Ponytail Mail 3 Pack Hair Tie Set (Toronto)–This type of hair tie started to become popular shortly before I chopped off my hair. They don’t get tangled and don’t cause any breakage. They also help alleviate the risk of that dreaded ponytail bump you get after having your hair pulled back. The company has a shop where you can buy hair ties, as well as a subscription service where they will send you some monthly. My hair is still too short to pull back, but I’m working on growing it out and will hold on to these until I can. This makes total sense to include in a fitness box since no one needs their hair getting in the way of a good workout!

Gaiam Restore Foot Massager (Ontario)–This massager is ideal for feet, legs, arms, and hands as the texture stimulates blood flow. You just roll it under your feet or over sore muscles and feel the soothing stimulation. I can see this being really handy after a day full of walking or after a long run. My shoes have great cushion, but even then they definitely get sore! I’m doing a few 5k’s this year, plus my regular weekly runs so my feet can use a bit of extra love!

KIND Snacks Oats & Honey Clusters–This snack includes 5 super grains, sweet honey, and toasted coconut. I’ve seen KIND bars before but I haven’t seen snacks like this. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to eat them. Oats give me nothing but issues, and I’m not a fan of coconut. A snack like this is right up Ian’s alley though so he will be getting this. I don’t expect to hear any complaints from him!

Bounce Energy Bar–This energy bar is packed with protein and is nutrient rich. The flavour is Cacao Orange, which combines whey protein, cacao nibs, sunflower seeds and a dash of citrus. It’s gluten free, wheat free, GM free, has 9g of protein, 3g of fibre and contains nothing artificial. I can see this being a really great snack to have post-workout.

Taste of Nature Ginger Bar–This snack bar is non-GMO project verified, gluten-free, organic, Kosher and vegan. I don’t actually see ginger as an option anywhere on the website, this was another item that went to Ian.

Jugo Juice Freebie Smoothie/Cold Pressed Juice–Jugo Juice seems to be a Canadian smoothie bar with juices, food etc. They have locations across Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, and BC. Do you see the issue? Saskatchewan (and a few other provinces) are not an option. This was the one thing that I found to be disappointing with this box. This has happened to me a few times when I’ve ordered a box from the US, but I kind of expect it a bit. It’s a bit of a different story when I order a box that’s specific to the city/Province that I live in.

Nomadic Wife 10% Off “Feast of Spring” Online Cookbook (Edmonton)–This cookbook consists of recipes that are specific to Spring ingredients, which means that the prices are cheaper and it’s healthier. It also focuses on wasting less and planning better. Personally, I prefer to find my recipes online and write them down in my own recipe book. I’m a bit of a picky eater and so I like to pick and choose my meals. I have never found a cookbook that I like more than one or two recipes from, which just doesn’t make it worth it. I do like that they are helping to promote someone from their home city though!

**All of the above items were in the Signature box as well as the city-specific boxes. The below items are exclusive to the Saskatoon box**  

Herc’s Nutrition Free Smoothie–Herc’s is a locally owned nutrition & supplement store. I don’t know a ton about them, but I have seen them around quite a bit. I believe they have a couple of locations and they are often out at different events as sponsors. I’ve really never gotten into supplements or anything, so I haven’t actually been to a store. This coupon is for $9 off a purchase of $60+ and a free protein milkshake with any purchase.

Fit 4 Food $45 Meal Credit–I haven’t heard of this company before. They offer meal assessments and even grocery store sessions to help you pick the best foods. I can see a lot of people benefiting from this since proper diet is so integral to being healthy.

Move N Soar 2 Class Pass–I haven’t tried a class here before, but I have looked into it. They offer a wide variety of classes from Zumba, conditioning and Aerial fitness. I’m most interested in POUND, which is a cardio jam session using lightly weighted drumsticks. Google it if you are confused, it looks like a fun workout! I’ve actually received a class pass before through something else, though I never ended up using it. Generally, you sign up for sessions, but many classes do take drop-ins. The only caveat is that a class may still be full just from the general sign-ups and it doesn’t seem like you can sign up for one drop in class online. I don’t really want to show up for a class with the off chance that there may be room for me. It says on their website “Promotional or Free Passes Limited to a maximum of 2 Free Classes per person per calendar year.  Please bring in passes at the time of booking your free class(es).  Thank you for your understanding.” I just wish they made it easier and more clear for how to use this pass. 

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed this box, but it didn’t “wow” me like last quarter did. There are a few reasons for this. Last time the pants really stood out to me, and it seemed like more of a big ticket item. I can’t really pinpoint what a comparable item would be this time, though I suppose it might be the towel.

The last box also contained items/brands from within Canada. It was fun to discover new Canadian brands. With the Canadian dollar being as bad as it is, and the economic push to “shop local” it felt more special for it to be focused on small Canadian companies rather than American or worldwide ones. I hope they continue to put more of a focus on this down the road.

As mentioned on the product, it was also frustrating to receive a Jugo Juice coupon when they do not exist in Saskatchewan, and other provinces. It would have been nice to see ours substituted for a place like Orange Julius or Booster Juice.

The Saskatoon box cost $5 more dollars than the regular signature box, and I’m thinking about making the switch. I haven’t used any of the passes last quarter, and I won’t use any from this quarter. It’s disappointing that 2/3 involve spending more money in order to get value from them. I think that part of the issue is that Saskatoon doesn’t have as many fitness studios or health stores as the bigger centres like Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver, so ultimately it may be more difficult for them to find businesses. I’d love to see a bit more of a variety included, and maybe even some products rather than just coupons for $$ off.

My summary above may not be the most positive, but don’t get me wrong: I love this box and can’t wait to see what’s included for summer. Speaking of which, the summer box is currently available for pre-sale and you need to go sign up, right now.

There really isn’t another box like this in Canada and they really are doing a great job of supplying country-wide fitness enthusiasts with some great products!

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