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Canada Screams for Ice Cream & a Giveaway!

A number of months ago I was enjoying a nice, relaxing Saturday at home. I had just dished myself a few scoops of ice cream (purchased from Sobeys, of course) and I was excited to settle in and enjoy it. I did a combination of Strawberry and Oreo since that was much easier than having to pick between the two.

I was just about to find my groove on the couch when the phone rang. I got up to answer it (yes, we still have a landline), placing the bowl of ice cream on my laptop, which had been sitting beside me. It was a gentleman who was rather concerned about my computer. He said they were getting notifications of various errors and that he would help me fix it. How nice of him! He explained how we were going to go ahead and do this, at which time I asked him if he was trying to scam me. He assured me that he wasn’t.

This man then started to rattle off a long code consisting of numbers and letters. In the meantime, I’m standing there staring at my bowl of ice cream, which is starting to look a little bit soft. Once he finishes he asks me to log onto my computer and he will tell me where to put this code.

Well, now we have a bit of an issue. I clearly cannot open my laptop while my bowl of ice cream is sitting on it, and I let him know about this conundrum I was facing. I started to explain how I mixed flavours, and which kinds are my favourites. Not to make him feel left out, I asked him what his favourite ice cream was too. He started to sound a bit impatient and tried to get me back on track:

“Ma’am, I am trying to talk to you about your computer.” 

Yes, but I want to talk about ice cream! Needless to say, he hung up on me. He did not want to talk about ice cream.

So, how about you and I have a little chat about ice cream?

Sobeys Inc. is celebrating Canada 150 by giving back to communities in Western Canada, and they are using ice cream to do it!

On Saturday, June 24th you can visit your local Sobeys and Safeway stores in Western Canada and get a little treat for you and your family! A $2 donation will get you an ice cream treat, with all money raised being donated to a local youth-based charity.

Sobeys Inc. will also match all donations made, to a total of $100,000.

There will be a variety of treats available, including their maple flavoured ice cream bar, what’s more Canadian than that?

All money raised in Saskatoon will be donated to EGADZ, which is a youth centre located in downtown. It’s a community-based organization and they have programs set up for children, youth & their families. I have a friend that works with them and I know they are doing a lot to make a huge difference in the lives of many individuals and families in Saskatoon.

The Canada Screams for Ice Cream event on June 24th also marks the launch of Sobeys Inc.’s Kids Paying-it-Forward program. This program will provide 150 kids from the participating charities with a $500 gift card that they can donate to a community group that has helped their friends, neighbours or family.

That’s a total of $75,000 being donated to various charities across Western Canada. This is on top of what will be raised and matched by selling the ice cream bars!

The Kids Paying-it-Forward program is such a great idea. What a great opportunity for children to be able to thank an organization that has helped them or someone they know.

You can find out more information about Canada Screams for Ice Cream campaign, the Kids Paying-it-Forward program and find participating Sobeys and Safeway locations by visiting: www.sobeys.com and www.safeway.ca.

You can also visit www.treatyourcommunity.com for more information!

Don’t forget to share pictures of you and your friends & family enjoying your ice cream bar! You can tag Sobeys on social media (@Sobeys) and use #TreatYourCommunity to get the message out!

Let’s raise some money for EGADZ on June 24th, Saskatoon!

Sobeys Inc. was also gracious enough to send me a $50 Sobeys gift card to give away to one lucky reader! This gift card can be used at any Sobeys location across Canada. Enter now!

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17 thoughts on “Canada Screams for Ice Cream & a Giveaway!”

  1. I love love love rainbow ice-cream flavour or tiger (orange & black licorice) – some of my best childhood memories are made of these flavours believe it or not. The rainbow one reminds me of a unicorn but OH so delicious

    Thanks @andisattic.net for the lovely chance


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