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A Bird’s Eye View

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As far as animals go, birds have never been on my “love” list. I will admit, there are some that are quite pretty. They have gorgeous, striking colours and effortlessly glide through the sky, or flitter from flower to flower.

The keyword there is “some”.

You also have some that will dive bomb towards you if you fringe on their turf. Some that will steal your food right out of your hand. Or even some that will hang out right above your tent and incessantly “caw” in the early hours of the morning when all you want to do is sleep. Yes, all the above are based on real-life experiences that I have personally had, or witnessed.

Birds can be vicious creatures.

That being said, I love what birds symbolize.

Picture this: you’re lying in bed and your window is open with the sun is streaming in. You can feel a slight breeze coming in which counters perfectly with the warm, but slightly crisp, air. You’re waking from your slumber feeling completely rested and content, with not a worry in the world.

Outside you can hear the odd vehicle drive by. Someone is mowing their lawn (because they gotta get their work on) and then you hear it. The birds chirping. It’s a lovely song; one sung much better than the crow’s inextinguishable cawing.

This is the time of year that you need to relish in if you are located somewhere that experiences very distinct seasons. Sometimes it feels like winter is never going to end. You keep holding onto that hope though because you know that the inevitable is coming.

The time when birds are chirping outside your window and flowers are in full bloom. The days are longer, brighter, sunnier. There is an undeniable hope in the air before the looming winter comes back to play its dirty mind tricks with us.

It’s that time here now. We have made it through our incessantly cold winters that feel neverending, and the warm weather is here to stay..for now. This means it’s time for running outside, evening walks, garage sales, countless festivals, vacations and trips to discover new places and have new experiences.

It’s the time of year where it truly feels like the world is alive.

Outfit details: Shirt by Le Lis
Leggings by Fabletics
Sandals by Sanuk
Purse by Moda Luxe

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