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Getting Pampered with Hand & Stone

Life got a bit crazy, very fast. If you’ve been around here for awhile you have probably heard mention about us listing our condo for sale. Well, we listed it and five days later we had an offer. We countered, they accepted, and that’s it. Our first home together sold on July 3rd, with conditions being lifted on July 11th. The buyer gets possession on August 7th.

Yikes. That is SOON.

Thankfully, it looks as though we have found a house! We still have to go through the home inspection, but as long as everything checks out we will be homeowners! We still have a whole bunch of packing to do, plus the actual moving, so the hard work is definitely not over.

Needless to say, there hasn’t been a ton of time to relax lately. We had to deal with showings of our current home, paperwork with that, searching for a new home, more paperwork and now, the actual move.

As if moving didn’t make our summer busy enough, I also have a ton of other exciting things coming up. August consists of a Brad Paisley concert, I’m running in a 5k and I’ll be participating in Easter Seals Drop Zone (I still have $85 left to raise, click that link if you want to learn more and find out how to donate!).

When Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa reached out to me about a complimentary facial I knew I had to say yes. Taking some time to relax and be pampered is the perfect way to decompress when all of this is going on.

Since I was going to be there anyway, I decided to also book in for a 50-minute introductory massage. My body has been taking a bit of a beating lately. I’ve been doing a lot of running & weights, plus all the packing, cleaning & moving. My full-time job also has me sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day, which definitely isn’t the nicest to my back.  A massage seemed like a much-needed addition to a morning of being pampered.

Introductory prices for the massage and facial are both $59.95 and the hot stone massage is $79.95. Massages are performed by RMT’s so you might even be eligible for a bit of a refund through your health insurance, I made sure to claim mine!

I was warmly greeted by Kolton when I arrived. He seemed genuinely happy to be there, which is a great start to the overall experience. There is nothing worse than walking into a business when you are ready to be pampered and being greeted by a negative Nellie.

Kolton explained the initial paperwork to me. There are a number of extras that you can opt into for an additional cost, some add additional time and some don’t. They also take pertinent information for the massage like any sore spots you have, if you’ve had any injuries, and so on.

For the facial, they ask you what products you use, if you’ve had any direct sun in the past 48 hours, any sensitivities/allergies etc. I believe you only need to fill this information out once and it will be kept on file for future visits.

I’ve had two massages before, one at a swanky hotel in Pasadena, CA and a second by an RMT in Saskatoon. I definitely noticed a difference between the two, one was more focused on general relaxation and the other was more focused on adjustments.

I would say that my massage at Hand & Stone was more geared towards the adjustments, but visually it definitely had the spa experience. There was soft music playing, low lighting and general spa presentation throughout the room.

Michael was my massage therapist and he started off by reviewing my paperwork and asking if there are any areas I wanted to focus on. That was an easy question, definitely my back. A full 50 minutes were spent working on my back, shoulders and neck area. There were a few areas that Michael noticed were off and so he worked on aligning and moving things around. There were some technical explanations, but you’ll have to go for yourself to hear those!

Please note, this is my personal experience. I think if I had said I just wanted a general, relaxing massage, I believe that’s what I would have gotten. I made it known that I wanted to focus on my back, that I’ve been packing and moving things, that I sit at a desk all day etc. Basically – I got the massage that I asked for and wanted.

Michael also filled out a card for me so that I could see the areas that he focused on, what he noticed with them, and he even gave me some easy exercises that I could do while at work to help alleviate any back issues.

Totally happy with my massage experience!

After my massage, I was given some time to put on a robe and slippers before being taken to another room for my facial.

Chantel was in the next room waiting to provide me with this service. She left the room while I changed into a towel type thing that went under my arms. This was so that I could easily enjoy the hand/arm/shoulder massage that went with the facial.

Seriously, totally getting spoiled!

They have a variety of facials available, all performed by certified Estheticians, and can be tailored for women, men and teens.

I can’t give too many specifics about the facial, mostly because I don’t know what all of the layers were. There were a number of different creams that were used. Some were left on for a longer period of time, others were wiped off fairly quick. She also used hot towels a couple of times which felt SO nice.

She also performed an extraction, which is about as fun as it sounds. It helped get rid of some blackheads and whiteheads. This was optional as some people aren’t able to handle the discomfort of it. It definitely wasn’t the most pleasant feeling, but she did check through to make sure that I was doing okay.

While the creams were sitting on my face Chantel gave me a mini massage. It was a nice addition and really helped the whole experience. I liked that you aren’t just laying there doing nothing while the facial does its thing.

The Facts: 

-It’s important to note that Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa is membership based. After your introductory service, you can opt to be charged on a monthly basis. You can then come in and receive a service each month for a discounted amount. If you can’t come in one month the charge will stay as credit and you can receive two services the following month.

-You can also choose between a massage or a facial so you could alternate months if you wanted! You are not tied into a contract so you can take advantage of your member pricing for as long or as short as you feel the need.

-As a member, you can bring friends and family at member pricing, up to four times a year per person. They even have a massage room with two tables so you can enjoy being pampered together.

-The stated time for your massage and facial is the HANDS ON time. It does not include the time you spend changing your clothes or the time spent on your consultation beforehand.

What’s neat is that this Stonebridge location is the first one in Canada outside of Ontario. I love when it feels as though our small city is getting some special treatment.

Seriously, this whole morning was just the break from reality that I needed. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. Every room was clean and perfectly set up, you can tell they put a lot of care and thought into presentation.

I can definitely see myself going back next time I need a little bit of pampering. With the way August is shaping up, I will definitely have earned it!

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