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My Balanced Box Summer 2017

My Balanced Box (affiliate link) is a quarterly Canadian fitness subscription box. Each season they send out boxes containing full-sized, premium items. These will range from beauty, health and lifestyle items.

The signature box is $59, or they also offer some city-specific boxes for $64. The cities that are currently being offered are Calgary, Edmonton (where the box is based out of), Saskatoon and Vancouver. All boxes contain the same items, but the city boxes also include offerings for local businesses and fitness passes.

All boxes ship free within Canada, or $10 to the US.

My Fitbox Life went through a rebrand to “My Balanced Box”, just in time for their Summer box to ship out (though they haven’t updated their boxes from Spring yet). As taken from their website:

“My Balanced Box values a balanced lifestyle; an equilibrium between mental and physical health. In order to develop a healthy lifestyle, mental and physical health need to work together- one does not exist in a healthy manner without the other.”

They say that the concept of balance comes from the phrase “everything in moderation“. The idea of “salad for dinner, ice cream for dessert“. All items included in the summer box were with this in mind, finding balance and focusing on both your mental and physical health.

I gotta say, I love this change and I love the reasoning behind it. I want to live a healthy life, and I want to live a happy life. I know that for myself, moderation is key. I will never be willing to give up certain food groups, including candy, and I will always love a lazy Saturday spent in front of the couch. On the flip side, I will always love going for a run or to the gym and eating healthy food. I just need to keep a healthy balance between the two, and I know that I am better off for it, both mentally and physically.

Now, let’s dig into the box!

Zen AF Tote Bag – “AF” is a hugely trending phrase right now, I can see why they included this. Plus “Zen AF” totally fits in with the mental health aspect. I don’t know anything about this tote as far as brand or company, but it feels like it’s a decent quality. Totally perfect for carrying your groceries in or for hitting the pool on a hot day. Personally, I’m really not into the “AF” phrase (more what it stands for) so I won’t be using this bag. I have a friend that will LOVE it though, so it will definitely have a happy home!

UBO Mood Mist Blue Coconut – You just give the bottle a shake and spray the area around you to reset your energy and freshen up your space. This scent 100% smells like summer. I’m not a fan of coconut as a food, but it’s a great scent that really just makes me want to visit Hawaii. They also packaged this in bubble wrap and a box, which I was happy about because the bottle seems to have leaked a bit. It didn’t get on anything though, so I’m glad they thought of that!

My only issue with this is that we received this exact product in their Winter box, except it was “Ease” which was a lavender based scent. I’m not a fan of lavender, so I definitely like Blue Coconut better. I would just hope that with a quarterly box that there wouldn’t be any repeat items within a 4 box period. This company also sells things like yoga mat spray, oils and scrubs, if they wanted to use this brand again they could have mixed the product up. Like I said though, I love this scent so I’m not complaining about receiving it, I just hope that repetitive products don’t become a trend.

Epic Wipes – You know you’re an adult when something like wipes gets you excited. From what I gather, this item is newly available in Canada and is a US based company. The “epic” part of these wipes is that they are 16 times larger than the standard wipe. They are lightweight and natural and are engineered using bamboo so they are 100% biodegradable. This package is pretty thick, and it only contains one wipe. Seriously, just look at their Instagram if you want to see how huge these wipes are. This wipe would totally come in handy after a race, while camping, or even just after a long hike!

SUDSATORIUM Bath Soak – This company is based out of Toronto and has organic, vegan, fair trade, cruelty-free cosmetics. This “Mr Brightside” bath soak is made with vibrant grapefruit and Sicilian lemon, with the citrus oils helping to tone and brighten your skin. The jasmine and coriander also give a scent that will help you relax and “set the mood for all kinds of nude“. You just toss in as much of the soak as you want under running water, and lay back and enjoy. This product is suitable for all skin types. I haven’t opened this yet to smell it, but with grapefruit and lemon, you really can’t go wrong. I can’t wait to soak in the tub and use this!

Patience Fruit Dried Cranberries – These cranberries are home-grown in Quebec. They dry the cranberries out only enough to retain their tenderness. This particular variety was also sweetened with apple juice. They do have a few different types of snacks available, but all are a cranberry base. I like that they included a healthy snack in this box that isn’t just the typical granola bar, or something of that variety. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of cranberries but I’ve already handed them off to Ian, and he was more than happy to accept them.

Nimbleback – This is a 60% off coupon for “The Beam”. It expires September 30th, which gives you a couple of months to decide if you want to use it. Or to remember to use it. This product actually has me pretty interested. You lay back on the bar for 10 minutes a day to reap the benefits.

-It improves circulation and helps increase energy
-Helps calm the mind
-Reduces back tension and strengthens the core
-Relieves stress and opens the chest, neck and shoulders
-Stretches the hips, chest, neck and spine
-Improves balance

The beam itself is latex free, waterproof, sweat resistant, flexible and bendable. My only complaint I have is that it only comes in black. Where are the fun colours like pink or blue?! I’ll definitely be buying this.

Lorna Jane $20 GC – So, from what I can tell, this gift card can only be used at the Australian based website. This website charges $75 shipping for international orders. Needless to say, I will not be using this $20 gift card. I would have much preferred to see them include a gift card for a company based in Canada that doesn’t have exorbitant shipping charges.

Booster Juice – Two free smoothies! I had to laugh a bit when I saw this was included. They included a free smoothie coupon for Jugo Juice in the Spring box, and I lamented a bit about how we don’t have any of those here and that Booster Juice would have been a better option. Well, I guess I got my wish! I will definitely use these. Unlike with the Mood Mist, I don’t mind that there are coupons for free smoothies two boxes in a row. It’s a product that gets used (drank) right away, and who doesn’t love a good smoothie?

All the above items were included in all Summer city and signature boxes. The below are specific to Saskatoon.

Exclusive Wellness – 1 free salt therapy session (seen in the above Booster Juice photo)

Pace Training $150 GC x2
One Yoga 2 free weeks unlimited yoga x2
Polished Beauty $25 GC

The local gift cards that have been included still have yet to really interest me all that much. I do like that they aren’t all just for fitness centres though, it’s nice to see a mix. There are only so many gyms that a person wants to try out! I do hope to continue to see them branch out, Saskatoon has a ton of amazing independent brands with unique products. I’d love to see them partner with those! Even if they were clothing companies, restaurants etc. I am excited to see where they keep going with this though!

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is still one of my favourite subscription boxes at the moment. I really love the name change and their meaning behind it. This month included a great mix of products and I like that they don’t put too much focus on just one type of product. There are a ton of fitness related subscriptions out there, but most seem to include bars and powders more than anything else. I love that this includes healthy living items that target all areas of your life. This is totally what I want in a subscription!

This box is currently sold out, but you can pre-order the Fall box. Make sure you act soon because this box tends to sell out!

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