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Skivvy Style Box 2017

Skivvy Style Box has three types of boxes: a style box, a basic box, and an underwear box. I’ve only tried the style box, but let’s do a quick rundown of the other two.

The underwear box (Booty Call Subscription) is $26 and you will receive 4 pairs a month. You can choose between “classic and comfy”, “sexy and sassy” or you can “mix it up”.

The basics box (Simply Skivvy Mystery Box) is $69 and you will receive 3-5 pieces. For an extra $45 you can supersize your box and receive some extra goodies. You can choose between Lounge Mix, Pajama Party, Workout Mix or Mix it Up.

The clothing box, also known as the Skivvy Style Mystery Box, is what I love. You pick the size of box you want and fill in sizing information and state your preferences. You can also share your Pinterest Page to give a visual representation of your fashion taste. All boxes are available in sizes XS-3XL. The options are:

The Skivvy Style Box consists of 2-4 pieces for $109.00. They will be the makings of ONE outfit based on your preferences.

The Serendipity box contains 3-5 items for $149.00, including a premium denim or outerwear piece.

The Super Size Box contains 6-10 items for $249.00, which doubles your goodies!

I ordered the regular box without any upgrades. I gave a SUPER detailed description of my preferences. Lucky for me, the owner (Julie) actually appreciated that and didn’t just feel instantly annoyed! And I’m not kidding when I say super detailed, it was a couple of paragraphs long.

I love the presentation of the package. One of my favourite things about subscriptions is the feel of getting a gift. Skivvy heightens this feeling by actually wrapping the items in tissue paper and finishing it off with a scarf tied around it.

I specifically requested to receive all tops. Normally Julie would try to put an outfit together in this subscription, but pant sizing is super hit or miss for me and I don’t really wear dresses. Now for a disclaimer, I received this box earlier this year. Things ended up getting crazy with preparing our home to list it for sale, selling it, moving etc and we only just finally got around to taking pictures of the items. So if these items seem a bit summery to you..well, it’s because they are!

Brand: Cable & Gauge This top instantly jumped out at me in the best way possible. First, the colours. I don’t love white, but the other colours are the perfect offset. I love how the purples and blues pop so much, plus this top looks pretty killer with my purple hair. I’m a fan of the cold shoulder trend, but I’m also really picky about it. I don’t want it to be extreme, and I don’t want my bra straps to show. The grommets at the shoulder and bottom of the sleeve are a great added detail and they help keep the arm opening subtle. This was definitely my favourite of the bunch. In fact, you can even see this top on my social media and main blog photos!

Brand: Rain I’m always iffy when it comes to stripes, but I really like this top. The shape of it is quite flattering, and the stripes don’t accentuate anything. Swing tops can be really tough sometimes, but this seems to have a perfect balance that it doesn’t overwhelm me. The top is made more interesting with the lace-up shoulders and shark bite hem. This actually ended up being awesome to wear on Canada Day, and I’ve worn it a few times since.

Brand: Cable & Gauge I was kind of “meh” about this top when I first opened the package, but after wearing it once I developed a love for it. First: the colour is amazing. It’s such a beautiful shade of blue. I’ll be honest if I saw this top on the rack the colour would have drawn me in but the overall style likely would have made me breeze by it. I like the neckline and the embroidered detail is simple, but yet adds a little something extra.

Brand: Pink Rose I’ve had experience with this brand before and there seems to be no consistency with the sizing. Some of their tops run quite small, some run big. This one was a bit small when I first got it, but thanks to some weight loss I am much happier with the fit now. I like that the shirt has a bit of a country vibe, the print reminds me a lot of a handkerchief. I also really like the cross strap at the neckline.

I’ve tried a number of “curated” clothing boxes, and this is my third time getting a Skivvy Style Box. I will say that I have had the best luck with this company. I find that my preferences are actually listened to, which is the biggest factor. All the items fit and they fall into my style but are also things I wouldn’t have necessarily picked out for myself. My favourite things about these boxes are getting items that aren’t my normal go-to pieces and that stretch me a little.

All in all, totally happy with this box and I highly recommend trying it if you want someone to shop for you!

1 thought on “Skivvy Style Box 2017”

  1. This is a fun idea 🙂 I’ve always been one to shop for myself but I have so many friends who would love to have everything just show up to their door. Would be a fun Christmas gift idea 🙂


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