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My Balanced Box Fall 2017

My Balanced Box (affiliate link) is a quarterly Canadian fitness subscription box. Each season they send out boxes containing full-sized, premium items. These will range from beauty, health and lifestyle items.

The signature box is $59, or they also offer some city-specific boxes for $64. The cities that are currently being offered are Calgary, Edmonton (where the box is based out of), Saskatoon and Vancouver. All boxes contain the same items, but the city boxes also include offerings for local businesses and fitness passes.

All boxes ship free within Canada, or $10 to the US.

Please note, this box was previously called “My FitBox Life” but they re-branded in time for the summer box to come out. You can find out more about that change in my review of that box.

Gypsy Soul Organics Yoga Mat Cleaner – This is an eco-clean aromatherapy yoga mat cleaner. It contains purified water, witch hazel and a blend of essential oils. I don’t practice yoga, but I do use my yoga mat for at home workouts. I haven’t had a cleaner before so this will definitely be handy to have.

Scentuals Aromatherapy Roll-on – To use this product you roll it onto your temples, wrists, behind the knees and the inside of your elbows. “Balance” is a mix of Ylang Ylang, Juniper berry and Neroli to relax the mind, relieve tension and uplift the spirit. They say the roll-on is perfect for those who are new to essential oils or have on-the-go lifestyles. It makes sense with a box focused on balance, that they would include an essential oil that promotes balance. Oils aren’t something that I have gotten into, but I have a friend that will appreciate this.

Kiss Me Honey Toasted Coconut Lip Balm – This lip balm has anti-ageing vitamins and antioxidants. I’ve gotten this brand before in another box, though I can’t remember what flavour. I definitely like it though. They are organic and I find they soothe my lips. Definitely a great addition for this time of year! Everything feels so dry right now. Toasted Coconut wouldn’t have been my first choice (they have pineapple!) but it’s still good.

Bodipure Keratin Gloves and Socks – These gloves moisturize skin, soften cuticles, and strengthen nails. This is another good item for this time of year. As dry as my lips get, my feet and hands are worse. They recommend using this before giving yourself a pedicure & manicure. I don’t generally spend the time to do that, but perhaps I will have to!

Earthwater Water Bottle – The caps, labels and bottle of this water are all sourced as local as possible. They also have tea and coffee. This company is in support of the World Food Program. Water definitely isn’t the most interesting thing I have received in a box, but it’s always good to make sure you’re getting enough. We are able to drink tap water here, so that’s generally what I do. I’ll probably save this for our next road trip, or some time when I need to take extra water on the go with me.

Muscle MLK Protein Drink – The protein helps fuel your workout recovery, provide sustained energy and help build strength. They are also gluten-free and can be used pre-workout, post-workout and as a snack. I’m glad I got strawberry because that’s always a flavour I like. I’m not very into protein-related products though. I don’t do super intense workouts and I’m not looking to bulk up. I eat a lot of eggs, chicken etc and feel as though I get enough protein that way. I’ll probably hold onto this for now, just in case I need to skip a meal and have this instead, but it’s definitely not my preference.

Vega Plant Protein Powder – This powder has 20-grams of plant-based protein, is made up of veggies and greens, 12 vitamins and minerals, probiotics, Omega-3, fibre and antioxidants. I feel about the same with this as the above item. I also just stopped drinking smoothies. I was having one every day for lunch for a number of months, but with the weather cooling, I have switched that up. I’m also not a fan of French Vanilla. I have a friend who is interested in trying this, so it’ll be a gift for her!

Salome Naturals Moringa Sticks – According to their website, the Moringa leaf is the most energy-dense and nutrient-rich plant on earth. This is an ancient superfood with vitamins and minerals. The Earthberry is a blend of raspberry and blueberry and the other is just their regular powder. You can add this powder to shakes, or sprinkle it over your food. Again, I’m just really not into supplements, though these flavours sound great!

Sweetie Products Mineral Soak – This mineral soak has the scent of creamy vanilla, sandalwood and wild berries. I have already tried this out, and really liked the smell of it. We got a bath soak in the last box, but I’ll never complain about receiving more. They give me a good excuse for a relaxing soak in the tub!

Kitsch 3-pack Headbands – Kitsch has some really cute headbands, but those would be more for the style. These particular ones are for sport. They have rubber grips to keep them from slipping. Neat product, but not something I’ll use. My hair is too short for headbands right now, my headphones do a good enough job at keeping my hair out of my way. Plus with my thick hair and bangs, headbands just don’t really do the trick for me, especially thin ones like this. This is another product that will be going to a friend, and I’m sure they will love it! It is a great product, just not something I can use.

Pro-Tech Mini Spiky Massage Ball – This firm ball provides a deep tissue massage and increases circulation. So, it’s a practical and useful item. Totally great. The issue here is that we received the exact same item in the spring box, just a different colour and a different brand. I did reach out to them regarding this and will talk more about that below.

Fitilates 1 Month Online Training – There seems to be a lot of websites popping up lately that offer online classes. They are definitely great for people who don’t want to join a gym or just prefer to workout at home. The downside, is why pay for fitness classes online when there are SO many available for free on YouTube? Personally, I prefer to workout at the gym so I won’t be using this.

Nutritionist in the Kitsch Meal Planning E-Book – So, the idea is that you go to the link and enter in your email address, they then will send you a link to download the guide. I did those steps but never received an email back. I’m not sure if that’s an issue on their end or my end.

Vossity $25 Skincare Gift Certificate – Vossity caries organic, non-toxic and cruelty-free products. They have makeup, skincare, body care, superfoods and products for babies and men. I took a quick look through their website and they really have a great variety of products. There really isn’t anything I need right now, but I’ll take a closer look through in case I find something.

Hello Fresh $50 Meal Delivery Gift Card – I’ve looked into meal delivery services and I think they are great for people who don’t have time to shop for groceries, or want to try something new. Personally, for me, the price point doesn’t fall in line with my grocery budget so I have not yet tried it. These companies are definitely gaining popularity though and I would recommend them based off what I’ve heard about them.

UNA Pizza – 1 Half Kale Salad. This was an item special for the Saskatoon box This is a fairly popular restaurant located on Broadway Avenue, and I’ve heard some really great things about their pizza. I likely won’t end up using this, because kale, but I can see a lot of people being excited about it!

Evoolution – Olive Oil – Obviously there is not any Olive Oil in this picture. That was supposed to be the second item in the Saskatoon boxes, but mine was missing. I did contact them in the middle of October about that and they said they would send one out right away. I still hadn’t received it by this week, so I sent them another email. It appears there was a miscommunication and the ‘shipping department’ thought it could just be sent with my January box. It should be on it’s way to me soon now.

Booster Juice – Free smoothie. This was not on the list for box contents, but I was happy to see it. I love Booster Juice, but don’t treat myself to it very often. I received two of these in the summer box, so I’m guessing this was just an extra.

Epic Wipes – This was another item that I received in the summer box. If you want the full details on it, you can read that post here. Basically, it’s a MASSIVE wet wipe. I haven’t had a chance to use my first one yet, but I plan on saving both for when we (hopefully) go camping next year. It’s going to be totally handy to have!

Kind Healthy Grains – This seems to have been another extra item. I received a different version of this in the Spring box. I can’t eat mixes like this since my stomach reacts poorly to oats, but my husband LOVED this mix.

Final Thoughts

Warning, this might get a bit long-winded!

I found this whole box to just be really confusing. First, there was the missing Olive Oil. Then there are all the extra items. My suspicion is that since the Saskatoon-specific items were a bit lacking this quarter, they included a few extras to make up for it. All the extras were something that will be used/eaten, so I have no complaints about that. I am a bit frustrated that I have not received the Olive Oil yet, and I’m really hoping they pull through with that.

Now, the spiky massage ball. I did send them an email to express my frustrations on the box curation. Last quarter we received a Mood Mist, which was an EXACT item that we previously received, just in a different scent. I much prefer the scent we got the second time, but to receive the exact same item within a calendar year is very frustrating. Same goes for the massage ball. I was told that it was an oversight on their part and that they have a different person picking items for boxes than when they first started.

I can understand that but it’s a fairly large oversight, especially when this company hasn’t actually put out that many boxes. I really loved this box when I first started to receive it. It stood out to me because it was different than a lot of the other boxes. More and more lifestyle boxes are becoming beauty heavy, and fitness boxes are too protein & supplement heavy. This was such a great middle ground. I also liked that the first box I received was focused on Canadian brands, I loved seeing them support local companies, which is so important to do.

The Saskatoon aspect of this box was definitely lacking this quarter. I had a feeling that would happen because we aren’t a huge centre for a lot of fitness studios & wellness stores. They say they have some great things lined up for January though, so I’m curious to see what that means.

Overall, I do think this box was well curated. It did still have a good mix of items and they really represent “balance”, with items to take care of yourself both physically and mentally. Not all the items are for me, but I can see why they included them and I think a lot of people will benefit from them.

I’m definitely going to stick with the Saskatoon box for their winter box in January, but depending on what happens, I may downgrade to the regular box.

I do also want to give them kudos. I’ve had a few questions and issues over my time with them, including this box being sent to my old address even though I confirmed my new one with them. They are always very quick to respond to me and attempt to remedy the situation. I do appreciate that, and it’s customer service like that which will keep me supporting a company.

tl;dr – There have been some issues with the contents of the box, but they seem to be aware of them and are working on making sure they don’t happen again. They are a great company, the boxes are well curated and they have excellent customer service.

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