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Candy Experience January 2018

In a twist of irony, one week after I write about four ways to avoid junk food, I’m reviewing a candy box. This just drives home a firm belief of mine though: treats are necessary, in moderation of course. I love candy, and while I try to focus more on healthy eating, everyone deserves a treat sometimes! Candy Experience is a great way to treat yourself, so let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

Candy Experience was previously known as Candy Box, and I reviewed a couple of boxes for them last year. I was more than thrilled when I found out they wanted to send me another box to try out. I will never say no to candy. Especially when it’s predominantly gummy candy. Anyway, the details:

The company is a family-owned business based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba and ships within Canada. They offer two sizes, The Original Box and The Personal Box.

The Original Box contains up to three pounds of candy with 6-7 different flavours and options. It costs $29.95 with $9.95 shipping.

The Personal Box is the newest of the options. It has up to two pounds of candy with 5 different flavours and options. This option costs $21.95 and $9.95 shipping.

The boxes contain sweet, sour and spicy as well as candy from North America and from around the world. The monthly subscription cost goes down when you subscribe to a 3, 6 or 12 month period. It’s important to note that all candy comes in a resealable bag, so you don’t have to feel as though you need to eat it all in one sitting!

One of my favourite things about this box (other than the candy) is the little, added details. On the inside of the lid was a handwritten note from the owners. I remember this happening in my boxes last year, so I believe that this is a regular occurrence.

They also include a paper with all sorts of information. This has the product details (with ingredients and nutritional information on the backside), a note from the owners and it lists last month’s winners for sharing on social media and signing up for the newsletter. It also says that they are hoping to add some new features in 2018, including new packaging, more candies that aren’t found in Canada, a candy store on the website and more. I’m excited to see these changes!

All Sour Watermelon Slices – These watermelon slices are the perfect summertime treat – in the winter! Just like biting into a slice of real watermelon, each piece is bursting with sweet, fruity and tart flavour. I’ll definitely welcome any item that reminds me of summer during these long, cold winter months. I’m a huge fan of this candy and was happy to see it included. It has a great watermelon taste and a great sweet and sour balance.

Strawberry Milkshake Bottles – A yumtastic strawberry and cream chewy candy. This bottle-shaped candy reminds you of a strawberry milkshake! I feel like these are a fairly polarizing candy, you either love them or hate them. They are a bit weird, and a bit more plastic in texture than other candies, but there is just something about them. Likely the whole “strawberry milkshake” thing. I mean, can you go wrong?

Zachary Orange Jelly Slices – This classic candy is bursting with a sweet and citrus orange zest. As soon as you bite into it, you are hit with a blast of delicious and refreshing citrus flavour. Bam! Then you have another… I’m all about the citrus right now. Christmas Orange season seemed much to short this year, so I am welcoming an orange flavoured candy with open arms.

Awesome Blossoms – Blooming with succulent fruity tastes, these delicious gummy flowers come in 3 shapes: daisies, tulips and sunflowers! Flavours include cherry, blue raspberry, strawberry, grape, orange and mango. I like that there are so many different flavours included in this, and they seem to be quite strong. Sometimes the flavours are really subtle or everything tastes the same, but that is not the case here!

Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzel Balls – Creamy rich milk chocolate surrounding a salty, crunchy pretzel ball…does it get better than that? They have it all, a sweet & salty flavour, with a smooth and crispy texture. Can I just say how happy I am that they include a milk chocolate item? I’m not having any of that dark chocolate that seems to show up in most boxes. Bring on the milk. I love preztels and I love chocolate, so I think it’s safe to say that this is one of the best combinations out there.

Sour Bobcats – One of our most popular candies from the past makes another appearance. Sour Bobcats are a chewy, fruity and sour addicting confection. Flavours include cherry, lemon, orange and lime. These are very similar to Sour Patch Kids in flavour and texture. I think the only difference really is the shape, though even that is similar. Trust me though, I’m not complaining.

Goetz’s Vanilla Mini Cow Tails – Dessert in a wrapper! They are made of delicious chewy caramel filled with a delectable cream centre. Cow Tales are sure to put a smile on your face. What’s there to say? These are amazing. Cow Tales are one of those treats that I never really give a second thought to. I don’t see them in the grocery store and instantly want to buy them, but they are seriously so good. I think they deserve more thought.

Final Thoughts

Well, it should come as no surprise that I loved this box. It’s such a fun surprise to get in your mailbox! This was the personal box, and it delivered exactly what it said it would. There were 7 types of candy included and it was a great variety of flavours. It had sweet, sour and savoury options, with some being a combination of three!

It’s also worth noting that everything tasted fresh and new. I’ve tried some other subscriptions (not this one) where it seems like the candy was sitting around for awhile before being put into the box. That’s definitely not the case here, which is great to see!

January’s box is now sold out, but you can sign up for February’s today! Boxes ship on the 20th of the month and remember, everyone deserves a treat! This can make a great treat for yourself, or a great gift for a friend!

*This box was provided to me free for review purposes, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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