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Home Tour: Closet

The first home I had was a 600sqft apartment style condo. It was small, but it was all mine. I’ve always loved bright colours, so I picked one wall in each of the three rooms to have some fun with. I’m talking fun in the form of blue, green and orange. It was bright, bold, and perfect.

The second place I lived in was another condo, but we always knew that would be a temporary home. We didn’t do anything to improve it and didn’t even change the paint colours from the previous owner. There was never much of a point.

In August we bought and moved into our house. This feels like a much longer-term home for us, and we are ready to make some changes to it. Thankfully, other than the shingles, there isn’t too much major that needs to be done. We do want to change the paint colours and flooring, and some other cosmetic changes though.

When we first started to house shop, I knew I needed a walk-in closet. I was willing to make a sacrifice if I *had* to, but that was definitely not the ideal scenario. Thankfully, the house we ended up buying had the perfect closet! It had a big octagon window that let in natural light, shelves, hanging space, everything that a girl could want. The only issue? It was rather boring in its all-white state.

I’ve grown past the stage of wanting blue, green and orange walls, but I had to have some fun with the closet. My original plan was to do a turquoise blue, but I couldn’t find a paint chip that had the colour I was picturing. I eventually settled on this bright, bold, almost Smurf blue. I was a bit nervous when we were painting it, but once we got the white shelving and the clothing in, it seemed much less intense.

I have all of my clothing and accessories in my closet, Ian has most of his in the dresser in our bedroom. The layout of the shelves works perfectly to hang my tops, sweaters and the few dresses I have. On the shelves, I have my bottoms, workout clothes and some other basic and casual clothing. The space on the bottom rod gives me enough room to tuck away my laundry hamper and the rolling cart.

I found this rolling cart at Marshall’s and instantly fell in love with the colour. It doesn’t *quite* go with the paint colour, but I couldn’t care less. On the bottom row, I have a few fitness items. A couple water bottles, a hat I regularly use for running, my running belt etc. The second row has some scarves that don’t hang nicely and toques (beanies for those non-Canadians reading this). On the top row is where I keep my makeup related items, held nicely by some old Birchboxes. This makes it easy to grab what I need and doesn’t take up valuable space in the bathroom drawers.

I keep my socks, underwear, sports bras etc in a black three-tiered drawer fabric cart. I did this at our previous place too, and it’s a nice way to keep those items out of the sight-line of anyone who may wander into the closet. Those unmentionables can just stay unmentionable!

I used to keep miscellaneous items in shoeboxes that I had collected over the years, but those just looked cluttered and messy. Fabric or plastic totes are a great alternative. You can find them fairly cheap at the dollar stores, and the uniformity pulls everything together. Plus, my Birchboxes from when they were still shipping in Canada. Those are great for holding smaller items!

I used to keep my eyeglasses in a box (Zenni Optical is to thank for my collection) but I found that I rarely changed them out. It’s just not convenient when they are hidden away like that. I did some brainstorming, and this was my favourite idea that I came up with. All it is is some wood with twine strands across it. Super easy display, and easy to organize! You could also do this with a bulletin board or a canvas picture.

Underneath of my eyeglasses are my earrings. This was another project I did some brainstorming on. All I needed was the plastic canvas that you can find at most craft stores and a picture frame that I could just slide it into. I cut the plastic down to size and voila, it was done. I no longer have to spend time searching through a jewellery box trying to find which earring looks best or trying to find it’s pair. I hung this to the wall using a flexible metal strip that was actually part of my wedding bouquet. It’s nice to be able to re-use something like that!

Finally, my favourite part of my closet, the copper piping. I’ve been seeing so many things online about this trend and I have been loving it. I knew I had to incorporate that. The first way I did this was with my curtain rod. I made it long enough to stretch across the open wall and attached it to the wall using some T-shaped connectors and elbows.

It pained me a bit to cover up this window, but there was a two-fold issue with this. First: if I was changing in there, people might see in! No one needs to see that. Second: When we removed the shelves for painting, we noticed that some had turned a bit yellow. This means sun damage. There is NO way that I’m allowing that to happen to my clothing! Therefore, a curtain was a sad necessity here. It’s thin enough that it still allows some natural light through but thick enough that it shouldn’t cause any damage.

Using the excess pipe, I wound some twine around it and dropped it down with a clothespin on the bottom. This is a great way to hang your hats. There was even enough space to include a couple of Ian’s in this! The clothespins don’t leave a mark on the hats, and it’s nicer than hanging them on hooks. I learned in my old closet that they don’t really like to stay on 3m hooks.

Lastly, my purses and scarves. These are a t-shaped connector like I used with the curtain rod, with a pipe sticking straight out. Staggering them is a great use of space and an easy way to display your purses. It also works to hang infinity scarves.

I am so happy with the final product of my closet! I may still change a few things, like shortening the curtain, but overall everything is working well for me.

Now, onto the next room!


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