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Q1 Goals: A Recap

In an effort to change up my goal-making this year, I decided to focus on quarterly goals rather than monthly. It’s crazy to think that the first quarter of this year is already coming to a close. This first quarter was all about “A Fresh Start” and kicking the year off right so that I could have a successful and happy 2018. I know that the first three months can definitely set the tone for the remaining months, so, let’s see how it went!


Spend Less

My goal was to spend less than I did in January-March 2017. During that time, I had spent $1140.90 on frivolous items and $1748.47 on necessary items, for a total of $2889.37.

For the same time period in 2018, I spent $252.81 on “unnecessary” items, and $1802.20 on necessary items for a total of $2055.01. That’s $834.36 less!

I say “unnecessary” for the one category, because none of it was frivolous. That amount includes Trillia Planning (day planner sticker sub that I am continuing to receive), items to finish my closet project, a tote to hold our Christmas tree, a new shower head etc. They aren’t necessarily things that I needed, but they were not splurges either.

To be honest, I was hoping to have spent less than I did. I found that in January and March I ended up doing quite a big stock up on groceries, which was a large chunk of that money. I also had an oil change done, though thankfully the two other times I brought my car to the shop it was covered by warranty.

Overall, I’m pretty happy. I definitely did great in the one category of spending. Using my money saving tips for grocery shopping is sure to help this next quarter!

No shopping

My ultimate plan is to do a No Spend 2018. As mentioned above, I have done pretty well with that. Below is a list of items I was allowing myself to purchase in the first quarter, and the results of that.

  • Subscription boxes: Trillia Planning (monthly) & My Balanced Box (quarterly) – I am still receiving Trillia Planning, and I get a ton of use out of the stickers. For my own sanity, I need to use my day planner for anything and everything. The stickers make that so much easier. I cancelled the other one, and I may get it once I see spoilers. The last box just wasn’t ‘wow’ enough for me to continue at this time.
  • Black Skechers – Mine need to be replaced. I’m still wearing the old ones, but I actually found a pair in my closet that is black but didn’t work for the gym anymore. They are perfect for everyday wear though! No purchase needed.
  • Black sweats – I have capri length bottoms, but no casual/comfy long pants. I purchased a pair of Under Armour sweats that are SO comfortable. I wear them basically every weekend, some evenings and have worn them over my pants when I walked to work a couple of times. Most of this purchase was covered by a gift card, and the rest was money VERY well spent.
  • Home purchases – I mentioned above that I spent some money on my closet project, a shower head and organization. We are still making our house “our own” and purchases like this are helping that along.

If I succeeded in not spending money, I was allowing myself to purchase an Aerial Hoop and Hammock. It’s been decided that at this time it doesn’t make sense, we don’t have the best set up for having these. Instead, I bought myself a SurfSet board! It’s a great workout and it’s nice having an at-home option. It leans up against the wall when it’s not in use and I’ve used it almost weekly since getting it. I’m totally happy with my decision to make this purchase.

Health & Fitness

Eating Healthy

I made a lot of recipes from scratch, including a bunch of new ones. This did raise my grocery expenses a bit, but it was some good meals! I also didn’t snack as much as I had in the past, though I still did my fair share. I definitely still need to work on that area.

Keep an Inventory

Yes! You can find out more about this by reading my grocery shopping tips, but I have kept an inventory of what we have in stock for groceries. It helps so much with meal planning and grocery shopping!

Meal Plan

Yes! I have been planning two weeks at a time and basing my grocery shopping around that. It sure is handy to have it all planned out ahead of time.


I’m still working on this! It’s an 8-week program, but I decided early on to do each week twice. I’ve also taken a break once in awhile due to being sick, or just knowing that my body needs some lower-intensity workouts. I will be done this in time for running my 5k at the end of May, as long as I can make it past the 20 minutes of straight running.


My goal was a total of 60 workouts, which ended up being a combination of using my SurfSet board and going to the gym. There are still a couple of days left to this month, but I am on track for a total of 62 workouts.

Stand More

Around Christmas time I got an Oristand for work, it’s a cardboard standing desk that folds up flat for easy storage. I had planned on using it at least 3 days a week, and at the start I did. As the months have gone on, I haven’t used it as much. I also haven’t felt the need to use it as I haven’t been feeling as tired and my back hasn’t been getting sore anymore. I do want to start using it more though and will work on that.


Wear My Closet

You can learn more about what this means by reading my no shopping post. In short, it basically means wearing all the clothes that I own before repeating any. I’m still working my way through this! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel though, and I’ve rediscovered some favourite pieces of mine.

Catch up on Jane the Virgin

Yes! I am really enjoying this show. I’m all caught up and have been watching the new episodes weekly as they are added to Netflix. I’m going to have to find another new show to watch now!

Finish My Closet

Yes! You can find out more about that by checking out my closet tour!

3 Fun Nights Out

We have been SUCH homebodies. We have gone out for a few meals, but that’s about it. A concert that I had bought tickets for last year ended up being cancelled, which was highly disappointing. I’m definitely looking forward to the warmer weather coming and being able to go do some fun things.


Plan posts for the first half of the year

Yes, somewhat. I’ve got general ideas, but some I’m not sure of the direction to take with some of those. There should be some good things coming over the next few months though!

Grow my social media following

Honestly, I haven’t really. I also haven’t really put in a ton of effort to do this. I can definitely say that I’m in a bit of a winter slump and I’m ready for the snow and cold to go away. That being said, I did post a bit more on Instagram than I had been and I engaging more with others. I want to keep doing that more, I really do enjoy that platform. You know, outside of the whole “follow/unfollow” trend that so many people and businesses do.

Blog Partnerships

My hope was to get at least three blog opportunities with other companies. I did not get a single one. I’m okay with that though, I have been putting effort into writing some good posts and I’m happy with the material I have come up with so far this year. I also have some great things coming, and you will be seeing some fun and interesting companies featured here in the future.


Not the best month for development, but hey, I survived winter! That counts for something. Unfortunately, the season seems to be hanging on a little bit longer but I’m getting hopeful for the end. I know that life stops being in a bit of a holding pattern once winter is gone, and I can’t wait for that. I think that these past three months have definitely got me on track for a good year, though there are still some areas that I can do better. I’m most proud that after three months I can honestly say that I have not wasted any money! That’s such a change from previous years.

Check back next week when I start looking towards the next three month!

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