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Q2 Goals for 2018

I am ready for this second quarter of 2018. Winter weather has been dragging on for about 7 months now, and this quarter means warmth. Last quarter I focused on “A Fresh Start” but I have really struggled to come up with a theme for this quarter. I had ideas floating around in my head along the lines of doing more, seeing more etc, but none of those felt like a solid theme.

Due to this, Quarter 2’s theme is going to be ‘Back to Living’. Don’t be mistaken, it’s not that I haven’t been living, I’ve just been hibernating. We haven’t really done anything or seen many people for a bit too long. I’m ready to get back to the time of BBQ’s, walks outside, local events, just experiencing more in general. It’s time to start leaving the cave a bit more often.

So, here are the goals I’m setting up for myself to help stay on track with my year-long goals and so that I can start enjoying the inevitable warm-up.


Spend Less

In 2017 I spent $3425.34 between April and June. $1330.99 was on frivolous/unnecessary purchases and $2094.35 on necessary items. We shouldn’t have any out of the ordinary expenses during this time, we won’t start taking holidays until July, so this quarter should be pretty standard expense wise. As a reminder, my whole purpose is to save money so that I can experience more things rather than just having more items, like yet another top to hang in my closet.

No Shopping

In continuing with the last three months, I will be working towards a no spend year. Last quarter I pinpointed a few exceptions, but ended up being creative and not needing to spend on most of those items. This quarter I have only one real exception: a tattoo. I’ve been wanting to get another one for awhile and recently decided on a design. I’ll also continue receiving my monthly subscription Trillia Planning, which sends me stickers for my day planner.

One follow up exception will be garage sales. The season is coming up, and there are some things I would like to find for our house. I’m going to be very careful to not just buy junk/decor ‘just because’, but to actually purchase things that are needed and will be used. If nothing else, it’s fun to go look at what others are selling!

Health & Fitness

Complete C25K

I mentioned this in last quarters recap, but I’ve been working my way through this program. I was doing each week twice and got stuck on running 20 minutes straight on week 5. I did make it past that just the other day, and I’m now on week 6. Getting closer to the end! I’ve never really pushed myself like this with running, but I’ve found that having an exact time to work towards really helps.

Beat my 5k Time

I will be running in the Saskatchewan Marathon for the fourth time this year. Last year I ran it in 37.15 minutes. I ran another 5k last year and I did that one in 35 minutes. I would love to beat the 35-minute mark, but my main goal will be to beat 37.15.

Bike to Work

One of the reasons I’m eager for the weather to warm up and the snow to melt, I want to start biking to work! I’ve lived closer to my work since August, so I had about a month last year that I was able to bike. I’m going to make sure I can take advantage of that this year. It’s a great workout to follow up my regular gym routine and the fresh air and feel of the sun really help my overall mood. Another bonus, I’ll save money on car expenses!!

Walk at Lunch

Along with biking to work, I can’t wait to start going for walks during my lunch hour. I saw on my Facebook memories that two years ago I was walking in +20C weather, this year it was -27C with the windchill that same morning. It’s no wonder I’m feeling so antsy for the warm weather! Anyway, a walk is a great way to lift my mood and get me through the afternoon slump.

Refrain from Eating Junk

This will probably always be on my goal list. I thought to eat healthily would be easier than not spending money, I’m surprised to find that it’s actually the other way around! I really need to focus on this goal this quarter. I know it’s what I have to do to really reach my health goals.


In keeping with my goal of last quarter, I hope to work out at least 20 times a month, so 60 times total through the second quarter. Biking to work and walking at lunch does not count as a workout.


5-year Anniversary

June 1st will be 5 years since Ian and I got married! We haven’t done much for our anniversaries in the past, but this one falls on a Friday. My hope is to do something that’s not just a regular weekend for us.

Me Day

Often when I have some alone time, I usually end up just watching TV or cleaning. I’d like to do something that’s different than that! I’m hoping to have at least one (maybe two) days where I can do something fun, but not treating myself too much. I am on a no spend year after all!

Visit Somewhere New

Business, restaurant, sightseeing. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s something new. With the warmer weather coming, it’s a great chance to start venturing out again and doing some exploring.

Plan our Vacations

Ian and I each get three weeks of vacation, and I’d like to get those somewhat planned. At least two of the weeks anyway. We won’t be taking anything before July, so having them figured out by June is a good deadline. I need some fun things to look forward to!

No lofty plans for these three months, but I’m looking forward to spending more time outside and being active outside of the gym. Plus, this quarter leads up to July & August, which are definitely my favourite months of the year. Good things are coming!

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