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5 Ways to Be Healthy while Staying in a Hotel

Even though it still feels like winter, summer is coming. Summer often means taking trips out of town for a much-needed vacation. It’s commonly thought that it’s too difficult to stick to your healthy habits while travelling, especially while staying in a hotel. It’s easy enough to stick to a routine when you’re at home and can stock your fridge full of nutrient-rich foods, but that all falls to the wayside when it’s no longer easily accessible.

Here are five ways to ensure you’re sticking to your well-learned healthy habits, even while staying in a hotel.

Location, location, location

Whether you’re driving or flying to your destination, who wants a hotel that’s nowhere near anything you want to do? Doing some research into the area can make all the difference in how active of a trip you have. Being close to amenities like shopping and restaurants means that you can spend 5 minutes walking, rather than 20+ minutes trying to find a parking spot or waiting for a cab. It may seem more convenient to stay close to the airport or the outskirts of a city, but you’ll likely regret it by the time you need to go anywhere. The cost of your stay may be a bit higher closer to city centres, but the money you save on cabs will quickly balance it out.

Fitness centre

I don’t always have time for a workout during a trip, but I always check to see if there is a fitness centre. I love going for outdoor runs at home, but I’m less inclined to do that when travelling. Being unfamiliar with your surroundings can be dangerous at times, especially if you’re focused on your run and have music on. You may not be aware of issues in the area, or you might even get lost! Having the option to workout right in your hotel can be a great motivator to stick to your regular workout schedule and a safer alternative. Plus, it’s a great activity to keep you busy if you have some downtime or are awake before the rest of your party.

What about breakfast? 

There are two other things I also check when I’m booking a hotel room: if they offer free WiFi in the room, and if there is a continental breakfast included. We all know the cliché that breakfast is the most important meal, but this is even more important when you don’t have a guaranteed source of food throughout the day. It’s important to look into the breakfast before you decide to rely on this option though. Some hotels will have an abundance of bagels and muffins, but not much else. This can be dangerous because you will start to feel hungry earlier in the day, leading you to grab whatever quick bite you can. Finding a hotel that includes protein-rich food, like eggs and bacon, will keep you feeling full for longer. This means you’re less likely to default to the nearby McDonald’s when your stomach starts to growl!

Keep healthy snacks handy

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a fun-filled vacation or travelling for a work, meal times aren’t always guaranteed. Your morning breakfast may keep you going for a while, but you will eventually need to eat something more. In order to save yourself some calories (and money!), have a couple of snack options with you instead of buying the bag of chips or hot dog. My two go-to options have been BBQ chickpeas (made from a local Saskatchewan company) and beef jerky. Both options have strong flavours, are filling and help keep my energy up. Bonus: they easily fit into a purse or backpack without taking up much room!

Keep your mini-fridge stocked..with water

I drink a lot of water throughout the day (100 oz on a bad day), so I need to make sure that I always have some on hand, no matter where I am. Hotel rooms don’t usually offer easy access to water, outside of the bathroom sink or bathtub. I don’t know about you, but I just can’t fill my water bottle up from those faucets.  This can make water consumption a bit difficult when travelling. Thankfully, grocery stores and convenience stores make it easy by selling bottles by the caseload. Sure, your mini-fridge may be stocked full of fancy alcohol and juices, but you’ll feel a lot better sipping on the water and your wallet will thank you too. You can also carry a water bottle with you and have the hotel restaurant fill it for you when you’re heading out for the day.

It can be a lot of fun to take a trip and stay in a hotel. It’s refreshing to get away for awhile and forget about everything else. It’s a break from normalcy and routine, and you can have some new experiences.  It’s not so refreshing to get home and feel sluggish because of all the bad food you ate or alcohol you drank. These simple tips can make all the difference and they still allow you to indulge. There is no reason you can’t still enjoy that big meal or have some cocktails in the evening, but you don’t want to completely abandon all the healthy habits you’ve worked so hard to acquire.


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