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Clip ‘n Climb YXE

My sister and I spent time in Calgary during the summer when we were younger. We would stay with my grandparents and we had some favourite places that we would visit regularly. Some I still go to once in awhile,  like the zoo and Heritage Park. Others don’t exist anymore, like Easy Street. That was easily one of my favourites, it had ball pits and those maze tunnels with slides. I always had fun there and I’ve always wished there was something like that for adults.

While I still haven’t gotten that wish, a new business is opening up in Saskatoon that definitely has the potential to fill this void. An aged 4+ (15-150kg, at least 3’3 tall) centre is officially opening on Saturday, April 28th. It features a number of climbing challenges with different colours, textures, and lighting throughout. There are challenges for all ages, so whether you’re a child or adult, there is something for you. How great does that sound?

I definitely recommend that you check out this new Saskatoon business! It’s something unique to the city, and it’s great to support local companies. They are even looking at hosting fitness classes in the future, which I know is something that I can get behind!

I first stumbled upon Clip ‘n Climb on Facebook or Instagram. I can’t quite remember which one, but I was instantly drawn in by all the colours. I started to do some research on it and find out everything that I possibly could. I only got more excited the more I looked! Ian and I had the opportunity to visit Clip ‘n Climb before they officially open to the public, so here is a little sneak peek at what you can expect!

First, some background. The very first Clip ‘n Climb opened in 2006 in New Zealand. Since then, it has taken the world by storm with over 100 locations worldwide, each of which is independently owned. The owners of Saskatoon’s location are a married couple, Aron and Stéphanie, who first visited a Clip ‘n Climb in Ontario. They enjoyed their time climbing and eventually decided to bring this to Saskatoon. We had the opportunity to chat with them a little bit, and they both seem like great people!

There are 24 climbing challenges, some of which are double-sided, equaling a total of 28 climbing opportunities. Some of these include the double-sided inflatable wall where you can try to shake off your friend on the other side or the two timed walls where you can race your friend and see who is the fastest.

Along with the climbing challenges, there are also two super challenges, available for an additional cost of $5 each (discount available if you want to try both).

The Leap of Faith has a 1-foot long platform and is two-stories high. You jump from the platform and attempt to grab onto the punching bag. The bag is movable so they are able to space it at a distance where you can reach it. It can move quite far out if you really want to challenge yourself.

The second super challenge is the Vertical Drop Slide where a trapeze pulls you up a slide, over 30ft from the floor, and then you need to get the courage to just let go and slide. It definitely looks like it takes some guts to try this one!

Every climbing session is 1 hour and 15 minutes long. The first 15 minutes is spent being fitted with a harness and receiving instructions on how to use the belay, and then you receive a full hour of climbing time. I always appreciate when places don’t cut into your time with instructions! There is a limit to the number of people who are able to take part each hour, so it’s best to book your slot online or call ahead of time. It’s limited to 35 people, so with the 28 total climbing options, you definitely get your money worth!

Clip ‘n Climb developed a patented TruBlue auto belay and paired it with a BelayMate technology, which is easy to use for both children and adults. You’re completely self-sufficient and it’s 100% safe. It will not let you leave the ground unless you are properly hooked up. The best part of this technology is that it allows you to spend the full hour climbing the different walls, rather than having to stand on the ground while your friend or child takes their turn first. Instructors are available on the floor if you need any help, and to ensure that safety protocol is being followed. Since it’s magnetic, it automatically adjusts to your weight. This means that an adult or a child, regardless of weight, will lower to the ground at the same pace.

Clip ‘n Climb will be open from 4-10pm during the week and 10am-10pm on the weekends. Thursday night is an Adults Only night, which is a great option if you prefer to try something like this without kids around. They have options for birthday parties, fundraisers, corporate parties and group bookings. They have partnered with Ringers Pizza to provide pizza for parties, and they take care of all the work! There is also a mezzanine where you can relax and watch the action below. General admission is only $18.75. Make sure that you have closed toed (non-marking) shoes and comfy clothes that you are able to easily move around in.

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