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What I’m Looking Forward To: 2018 Edition

I don’t know about you, but I feel a HUGE change in my mindset once the weather turns nice. In winter, I focus more on just getting through the day-to-day life. Once spring hits, everything changes. I start looking forward to things and plans start to come together. I thought I’d take some time today to share with you what I’m looking forward to over these next number of months!

In no particular order…

  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

I have been a long-time fan of Jurassic Park. When I was younger, the movies would equally thrill and terrify me, but in the best way possible. The first two were my favourite, but there was nothing wrong with the third one. I couldn’t have been more excited when it was announced that there would be more Jurassic movies, and starring Chris Pratt, to boot!

Needless to say, I have been eagerly awaiting this Jurassic World sequel. I have a Cineplex gift card, and I have points that I can redeem for further gift cards by doing surveys on Web Perspectives. I’m going to save as much as I can, and then treat my husband out to a fun date at the movies. I’m hoping it plays in the VIP theatre so we can have a bit of a more special experience!

  • 5th Wedding Anniversary

Seriously, 5 years! How have we been married for 5 years already?! Based on how we are I don’t think we will do anything too exciting to celebrate, but it’s still special that it’ll be anniversary #5. It’s also on a Friday, which means we can hopefully do something a bit out of the norm for us that weekend. We’ll see what happens though!

  • Camping

Last year we didn’t take any holidays because time & money were taken up with buying a house and moving. We are still waiting for Ian’s work to approve his days off, but we are planning one week-long camping trip so far. It’ll be nice to get away for a bit and have some firepit breakfasts!

  • Calgary

I usually try to get to Calgary at least once a year. This year we will be going for a week, and I’ve been looking for some unique things to do that aren’t just our usual stops. There will definitely be some hiking and milkshakes involved!

  • Festivals

Saskatoon is pretty good when it comes to festivals. We used to live in a prime area where we could just walk to a lot of them, but now we will have to drive. Due to this, we likely won’t take in as many as we have in the past, but I’m still looking forward to going and checking some of them out!

  • Garage Sales

Yes, I know, I’m on a No Spend Year. I’ve been doing surprisingly well at this so far and I have no intentions stopping. That being said, I love garage sales. I’ve bought less as the years go on, but sometimes you find things you actually need. Other times, it’s fun just to look around and see what treasures people are parting with.

  • Biking, walking, running

Basically, anything outside! I’ve finally been able to bike to work and go for walks on my lunch break. I love being able to get that extra bit of physical activity outside of the gym. I can also go for runs outside on the weekends, which again, is just a nice break from the gym. Sometimes you gotta mix things up to keep them interesting!

  • Fires & Hot Dogs

One of the best parts of owning a house, having a fire pit! I’m really excited to have some fires this summer in our own backyard. I’m also excited for wiener roasts! We have had one so far over our tabletop propane fire, but there will be many, many more to come. Not to mention bush pies!

  • My third tattoo

It took awhile, but I have my next tattoo *mostly* planned out. It just needs an artists touch to it. I was going to get it done in June, but I just donated plasma for the first time the other day. You can’t donate plasma within 12 months of getting a tattoo. They do compensate you for your donation, so I think I’m going to continue donating a bit to save up some money, and get a tattoo later in the year. It will happen though!

Seriously, there is SO much to look forward to this summer and into fall. I know there are going to be a ton of fun adventures. I’ll do a quick shameless plug to follow me on Instagram, since that’s where you will see a lot of the things that don’t make it into a blog post.

Well, that’s my list. What are you most looking forward to this year?


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