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Q2 Goals: A Recap

It’s crazy to think that we are already half-way done this year! I gotta say, I’m really liking doing quarterly goals as opposed to monthly goals. I feel like I’m more focused on what I want to accomplish, and I have more time to put into each area.

My overall focus this year was to experience things, and my main focus for April-June was to start having a life again. I tend to hibernate in winter (can you blame me?) and I start getting antsy when Spring hits. I’d say I did pretty well at this. I didn’t do a lot but I was semi-social (more than the first quarter, at least) and I’ve been enjoying life in general.


Spend Less

To recap: In 2017 I spent $3425.34 between April and June. $1330.99 was on frivolous/unnecessary purchases and $2094.35 on necessary items.

This year, I spent a total of $2190.16.

$422.01 were on items I *technically* could have done without (treats, new phone case etc) and $1768.15 was on necessary purchases (groceries, vehicle expenses, phone bill etc). This means that I spent $1235.18 less than I did in 2017.

I’m super happy with this result. That is some significant savings. I’m also happy that I was able to lower the amount that I spent on what I deem as necessary purchases. I honestly didn’t think I was doing so well through these few months. I knew that I was treating myself a bit more than I usually do, but then that’s the whole point of doing this No Spend! Treating myself in ways that I wasn’t normally able to due to budgeting down to the dollar.

We also had a last minute drive out to Regina, which ran me a bit extra for gas and some food-related purchases throughout the 24(ish) hours that we were there. I didn’t have to worry too much about the money though, because I knew that I had it.

(Disclaimer, this does not include the $660.29 that I have paid for our campsite in July and half the cost of our Airbnb we will be using in Calgary. I am considering that money out of my savings and I am tracking that separately).

No Shopping

I’ve been doing great with this! We have even gone to some garage sales and my purchases have been super minimal, basically all just food like Rice Krispie squares. You can find out everything that I’ve bought in the first half of this year by reading this post. My biggest expense this quarter (aside from the necessities) was definitely relating to getting a new phone. My phone bill will also be going up a bit each month, which is a shame, but it is what it is. It’s worth it to have a phone that actually works well. As mentioned above, I also had some travel related expenses. The most expensive part of our two trips is definitely booking the accommodations, so once that’s done it will be fairly inexpensive overall.

Health & Fitness

Complete C25K

I was doing really good at this through the first quarter of the year, but not so great this second quarter. I actually haven’t run on the treadmill much at all over these three months. I’m generally more active this time of year (biking, walking, running outside etc) so I was more focused on weight training at the gym rather than cardio. Because of this, I mostly stopped working through the program. I’ve still done the odd day, and I do plan on finishing it. It’s just going to take longer because of my change of focus. I’m okay with this.

Beat my 5k Time

This is actually hard for me to determine this year, which is really frustrating to me. Here’s the deal: when you run a race you have two times. One is your official time, which is from when the gun went off until you cross the finish line. The second time is your chip time, which is when you physically cross the start line, and then when you cross the finish line. Well, this year they moved the 5k start line and they did not chip it. This means that the only time I have is from when the gun went off to when I crossed the finish line.

The start of the race wasn’t good. A lot of the people around me were walking, and there were also some kids that scattered and I couldn’t get around. This caused me to lose a bit of time before I could even start running.

My official time in 2017 was 37.39 with a chip time of 37.15. My official time this year was 37.30. Based on this, I did for sure beat my official time this year. I also feel *almost* confident saying that it took me more than 30 seconds to cross the start line, based on how the run started. This means I may have hit the 36-minute mark. I can’t say for sure though, and I find that really frustrating. I do have zero doubt that it took more than 15 seconds, which means I did beat my time.

Here’s a breakdown of my stats:

  • Gender: 2017: 179/336 (53%) | 2018: 232/399 (58%)
  • Age: 2017: 24/44 (54%) | 2018: 32/49 (65%)
  • Overall: 2017: 296/520 (57%) | 2018: 423/640 (66%)
  • Time (official, not chip): 2017: 37.39 minutes | 2018: 37.30

Overall, I’m not upset with my performance. I ran a lot of the race and walked very little, which was a huge goal of mine. I feel as though I ran better than last year, and really, that’s what matters in the end.

Bike to Work

BIG yes to this! I would say that I have biked as often as I possibly could. The weather took a while to warm up, and there have been some days where the weather was too iffy (wind or storm wise), but other than that, I have biked. There were a few days that I probably could have biked, but we didn’t have any running water at work (long story) so it was easier for me to drive. That allowed me to go home at lunch to eat and use the bathroom.

Walk at Lunch

Eh, not so much. I did a lot at the start but then tapered off. Some days were just too hot, and some days I was just too lazy by the time lunch rolled around.

Refrain from Eating Junk

A neverending goal for me. To be honest, some weeks were great and some weeks were not. I am definitely improving and eat junk a lot less, but still too much. To be clear, I will never entirely give up eating junk, nor will I try to. I just need to get better at moderation.


I did really well with this through April & May, but June has been an epic fail. My goal was to workout (either at the gym, at home or running outside) 20 times per month. I did hit 40 workouts by the end of May, but I only did 8 through June. That’s really bad for me. I’ve found myself to be extremely tired in the mornings and getting up at 5am just hasn’t been an option. I also haven’t been able to do Saturday workouts because I have been donating plasma those mornings. To be fair, this number does not include the days that I have biked to work, which is a 5km round trip. Had I included those, I would have far exceeded 60 total days between the three months.


5-year Anniversary

My hope was to do something that was a bit out of the norm, but we didn’t really. That being said, it was a really great weekend in general. We had supper at our favourite restaurant on the 1st and then had a fire at our close friend’s house the next evening. It was also just a relaxing and generally fun weekend. I have no complaints about how it was spent.

Me Day

Nope, and I didn’t really care. I did have some time to myself over the three months but didn’t do anything special with it. I did my Richard Simmons workout video a couple of times, and just mostly relaxed. It was nothing special, but it was still nice.

Visit Somewhere New

I left this open-ended and I just wanted to visit somewhere new, regardless of where it was. The only new thing I can really recall was a restaurant that I went to for a work lunch. Though, I did start donating plasma which was something new for me. So maybe that counts?

Plan our Vacations

Yes-ish. We are going camping the first week of July and spending a week in Calgary at the end of July/beginning of August. We don’t have anything planned for what we will exactly be doing, but we do know how long we will be there, and where we will be staying. I have no doubt that it will be some nice holidays! I do still have one more week that I need to book off still, I’m just not sure when to do it!

Ultimately, I feel pretty good about these few months. My highlight was definitely seeing Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. I’m not fully committing to this statement yet, but it might just be my favourite of the franchise. I’m also really happy with my spending habits and that I’ve stuck to my No Spend for 6 months already. I’ve got a number of things to look forward to over the next few months (more on that in another post) and I’m really happy with this year so far! I just need to get back to working out.

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