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Q3 Goals: Find Adventure

It’s time for my goals for quarter 3 of 2018! I honestly don’t understand how we are already halfway through the year. It’s seriously going by so quickly, and I’m not ready for it to almost be winter again. I know that we are technically a ways off for that, but it’s going to be here before we know it. This quarter is going to be focused on just enjoying life and finding adventure. These are the warmest months of the year, and the last hoorah before it gets cold again. I want to make sure I make the most of it. I want to experience things and spend time outside.


No unnecessary spending

This one is standard for this year. I want to continue doing zero unnecessary or frivolous spending and focusing on experiences. We are going to Calgary for a week and it’s possible I may buy some clothing. I will think very hard before I make that purchase though and decide if they really fill a hole or if I’m just wanting more clothes. I’ll have to be very careful!

Spend less

As usual, I want to spend less then I did from July-September 2017. During that time, I spent a total of $3580.83. I had spent $1779.41 on frivolous purchases and $1801.42 on necessary purchases. There are some added expenses in July because we had a camping trip in the first week (which is why this post is going up a week late!) and our trip to Calgary at the end of the month. I have been saving up my money from donating plasma to help with some of those expenses.

Health & Fitness

Try two new kinds of workouts

It’s been awhile since I’ve tried a new type of fitness, so I’d really love to do that this quarter. I do need to look into drop-in rates at gyms and see what type of classes are available (I’m not a fan of classes available at my gym). This will take a bit of research, but I’m excited to mix it up a bit!

Active 60 days

I anticipate that July & August will be similar to June, in that I don’t get to the gym often. Because of this, my goal is to be active for at least 60 days through the three months. This includes biking to work, walking 10,000+ steps in a day, or any other type of physical activity that’s beyond the norm. Something like vacuuming the house does not count. I expect that by the end of September, if not the beginning, I’ll get back into my regular routine.

Complete C25K

I’m hoping to get to the gym enough times to complete C25K. I find it too difficult to track this while running outside since I listen to my music on my iPod and don’t use my phone.

Bike to work

I want to continue biking to work as much as I possibly can. By the end of this quarter, I will likely have to start driving again, so I really want to take advantage of this as much as I can. It’s been so nice to do!

Reach the top of a mountain

A couple of years ago, Ian and I hiked up a mountain near Calgary. We made it really far, but I just couldn’t reach the very top. To be fair, it was extremely steep. We will be going to Calgary in July/August and I found a mountain that I’d like to hike up. I’ve read it’s fairly steep but doable. So we’ll see how this goes!


Try new things

Seriously, summer is the time to try new things! I’m used to doing the same things all the time, going to the same restaurants, attending the same events etc. It’s time to mix it up! Especially when we go to Calgary, I’ve gotten into the habit of sticking to the usual places, but this trip is going to be different. I’m ready to do new things and visit new places.


I’m super excited to have upgraded my phone from the Note 3 to the S9. The camera on this phone is SO good, and I’d really like to get into the habit of taking more picture and getting better at taking said pictures. Hand in hand with this goal is also posting and engaging more on Instagram. We’ll see how this goes! I’ve already started working on Instagram, and I’m really happy with some of the pictures I’ve been able to take.

Launch new site

I’ve been working on some things behind the scenes the past while. Here’s the deal: I love to write and I love to blog. There really isn’t anything in it for me though. I share posts and a handful of people will read them (some posts gain more traction) and sometimes I find myself getting down about the numbers. I get disappointed by the lack of views, lack of engagement etc. I start to write posts because I feel as though I have to do at least one a week, and sometimes I’m not even all that happy with what I produce.

Due to this, I’m scaling back. I’ll be hosted through WordPress and it’s going to save me a lot of money. I’m just getting things all set up before I launch. Things will look different but it will still have the same focus. I’ve transitioned a lot from when I first started to write (next to no subscription reviews anymore) and I’m excited to keep exploring new topics and my passions.


I’m starting to enjoy interacting on Twitter more lately and want to continue engaging on there. Even if it’s not blog related stuff (honestly, it’s mostly The Challenge and LivePD related) I’d still like to be more active.

Try three new recipes

So far this year, I’ve mostly stuck to the same monthly meals. This is more than enough variety and it’s nice not having to think of new items every single month, I just repeat the recipes every four weeks. That being said, I still like to try new food. I’m hoping to try at least three new recipes. That’s only 1 per month, so that should be totally doable.

Overall, I’m excited for these next 3 months. I hope to do a lot and really make the most of the warm weather, like I mentioned above. I want to end this quarter on a high note, especially since after this there are only three more months until the end of the year! At this point, I know I’m not as close to my overall goals as I would like to be, but that’s okay. There are still six months to work on it.

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