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Camping at Duck Mountain Provincial Park

Ian and I recently got back from our first week of holidays this year. We set up our tent for a week of camping at Duck Mountain Provincial Park near the Saskatchewan and Manitoba border. We hadn’t heard much about this campground but decided to give it a whirl after our first choice was all booked up. We ended up with a campsite that was just steps away from the boat launch on Madge Lake. The view was amazing, and I have no doubt that I took one too many pictures of it.

I started to write about some of our camping essentials, but then I decided that I’d rather first talk about some of my highlights from the camping trip! I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I normally do on a holiday, but then we also really didn’t do much at all. It was definitely an uneventful holiday, which was probably needed for both of us. So, without further ado, here are some of my favourite moments!


Not even kidding, this was one of my favourite things. We recently found a really good applewood smoked bacon, and I could eat it every day. Thankfully, I had that option while we were camping. There were two days that we had to go into Kamsack for breakfast due to weather, but other than that we ate bacon, eggs, toast and hashbrowns each morning. It tastes great cooked over the fire!


I always enjoy a good adventure, and hiking is no exception. We didn’t have the most successful hike due to some poor signage and a wrong turn, but thankfully we turned back to the car before we were in too deep. There were a lot of small lakes along the way and I saw one deer, a lot of bumblebees and even a couple of frogs! This trip really gave me a chance to play with my new S9 and the camera on it, and I got some great shots!

Ice Cream

I’m a serious ice cream fiend, and I had it multiple times through the week. The store at the campground had Chapman’s ice cream, and pictured was a birthday cake & cotton candy combination. SO GOOD!

Mini Golf

It’s a camping tradition, you have to mini golf. There was a nice course not too far from the campground, right on the highway. There were only two other groups ahead of us so we were able to take our time and not rush through. I even got a hole-in-one on the 18th hole! Ian got two through the course, but we don’t need to focus on that. They also had a little confectionary at the course with all sorts of treats and they offered electric bike rentals! We didn’t get a chance to use those, but maybe next time.


I’m not a huge fan of card games, but that changes when we go camping. I love sitting under our gazebo, beside the fire, just relaxing and playing cards. We stuck to Phase 10 and Cribbage, but we also had a bean bag toss game that we would set up once in a while. We would turn on the radio and just enjoy each others company and try to beat each other as much as we could!

Madge Lake

The boat launch for Madge Lake wasn’t far from our campsite and I absolutely loved that. We had some amazing views of sunsets and of rain clouds & storms coming in. It was so interesting to see a wall of rain coming closer from over the lake.

Wiener Roasts

One of my favourite meals during summer is hot dogs, roasted over the fire. We had a few of those through the week but I’m thinking I’ll have to have a few more at home before summer ends!

As much as I enjoy camping, I was definitely ready to get home after a week of being outdoors. Nothing beats a nice warm shower and getting rid of layers upon layers of bug spray, sunscreen and dirt for another year. There were a lot of mosquitos, spiders and other unidentified insects at the campsite, and I still felt them crawling all over me for a few days after we got home. Complaints aside though, Duck Mountain is a beautiful park and I’m so glad that we ended up staying there!

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