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4 Road Trip Essentials

Some of my favourite memories are from road trips. Over the years, I have taken a lot of different trips to different locations with different people. Some drives were short and only a few hours long, and some were longer, even to the point of being a few days long. It seems like road trips are one of those things that you either love or hate, there is no middle ground. From my personal experience, I can say that there are some very key factors that will make or break a road trip.

Here are my four essentials for any good road trip:

Willing Participants

The number one factor in whether or not you will have a good road trip boils down to the people you are with. I’ve been on trips with all sorts of people and it sure does change the tune of the drive. Some have been relaxed, they enjoy the drive and are willing to make random stops at different roadside attractions. Others only have the destination in mind and even bathroom breaks or fuel stops are nothing but a hindrance. Seriously, avoid those types of people if you can. Even if you love road trips, those types of people are guaranteed to drag you down.

Good Music

I’ve gotten pretty lucky with recent road trips that my husband will (more-or-less) allow me to choose the music. Sure, there are some songs that he will skip, but he still allows me to sing (badly) along with all my favourite 90’s tunes. I’ve been on a few road trips where people have had questionable music tastes, or just prefer the quiet, and that can really change the feel of a long drive. Trust me, you need good music that everyone in the vehicle can appreciate. Alternatively, you could also listen to an audiobook or podcast, if that’s more your speed. Anything that helps the time go by!


I’m not a huge fan of buying snacks along the way unless I find something unique at a convenience store. They generally just cost more and aren’t always all that convenient. You never know when hunger or cravings may hit, so it’s helpful to have a well-stocked arsenal in your backpack. I like to have various options that cover both sweet and savoury options. Chips, beef jerky and gummy candy are often my go-to choices, but other easy to eat snacks like nuts and crackers are also good options. For a healthier option, no mess items like carrots or berries can be prepped ahead of time and kept cool in your cooler.


Just like with snacks, it’s good to have a stock up of beverages in case you get thirsty. Water is a great option, but also drinks like Gatorade or pop that can help give you a bit of pep are great to have. Just be careful not to drink too much, bathrooms aren’t always the most convenient when you need them and sometimes a stop on the roadside isn’t an option.

With these four essentials covered, you’re sure to have a fun time on your drive. Just make sure you don’t forget comfy clothing, a charging cable for your phone and some form of navigation! Even the best road trip can take a bad turn by getting lost or stranded. Then again, those can also be the best trips!

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