About Me

Welcome to Andi’s Attic!

Much like an attic, you will find a little bit of everything here. This blog used to be primarily subscription box reviews but has been transforming into something much bigger since the beginning of 2017. You’ll find fashion, health & fitness, reviews, adventure and general life topics. Who doesn’t want to learn to be healthier, find new places to shop or discover new activities to try? With the aide of high-quality photos, courtesy of my husband, I share only the best with my readers!  

Who is Andrea?

Full-time Office Administrator, part-time blogger. I love to write and share my passions with others! I’m a 20-something from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan who has been happily married since 2013. I love anything to do with fashion & fitness, I’m always searching for the best deal and the next new challenge to tackle.

Who have I worked with?

I have done some freelance writing for companies such as Yogi Approved and NuZest. I also love partnering with companies! I have worked with some such as Taco Bell, Sobeys, Brighton Development, and more. 

I am a Brand Ambassador for skinnypasta. If you want some healthy pasta that is FAST to make then they are the company for you!

Interested in working with me?

You won’t be disappointed! Email andisattic@outlook.com to request my media kit or to send me your proposal. My stats are constantly rising and I am always striving for the best!

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